Mr. Robot is the story of Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) a cyber-security engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night.His life gets turned upside down when he receives an offer by a secrete group of hackers who call themselves “fsociety” to destroy the very corporation he is paid to protect. The secret activist group has one goal to wipe out all the consumer debts by destroying all the data of Evil Corp, the largest tech organization in the world.

Mr. Robot is exclusive to USA Network in the United States, while Amazon Prime Instant is the place to stream online if you are in the United Kingdom. Australian Mr. Robot fans can catch the new season 2 on Presto the elite online streaming service for Aussie cord cutters

Despite the fact that Mr. Robot is focused on taking back your privacy from large corporations, the producers choose to geo-restrict the live streaming of the show, depriving many fans of their right to watch the show. Thanks to the VPN (Virtual Private Networks) you can watch Mr. Robot online from anywhere in the world. Here is the list of top 5 tested VPNs to watch Mr. Robot online from any region on USA TV’s streaming service:

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Mr. Robot Season 2 is Now Online

how to watch mr robot season 2

The silent hit show of USA network Mr. Robot is set to mesmerize you on July 14, 2016 with its Season 2 premier. The story will pick up from where you left it on season 1, when fsociety made E Corp bleed, but it failed to completely destroy the corporation by miscalculating its ability and power to manipulate the government policies and funds in its favor. The second season is expected to be as much classy and unnerving as its predecessor.

Mr. Robot’s second season will being with unrest and paranoia in fsociety and E Corp, and the events will unfold in a way to mesmerize you. Until USA Network air the first episode of season 2, enjoy the trailer of season 2:

How To Watch Mr. Robot Online Without Cable

If you want to watch Mr. Robot online without cable outside the US & UK, then you will definitely need a VPN. Mr. Robot will premiere on USA Network on July 14, 2016, but many fans may not be able to watch the show because they do not have a cable subscription.

You can easily watch Mr. Robot online without cable with Amazon Prime Instant & USA Network online. However, if you are not located in the US, UK, Austria, Japan or the EU, then you may also need a VPN to unblock Mr. Robot online.

Watch Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime outside UK

Amazon Prime Instant though is a great service for online video streaming, it is geo-blocked. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can easily watch Mr. Robot but only if you are located in US, UK, Germany, Japan or Austria.

Unfortunately, the first season of Mr. Robot has created great hypefor the show around the world, and placing geo-restrictions on the sleeper hit of USA Network Mr. Robot is like an evil corporation stripping people of their right to watch their favorite show.

Fortunately, you can unblock all Mr. Robot online streaming services with a VPN. Access expert VPN reviews listed above and choose from our exclusive tested services to unblock & watch Mr. Robot from anywhere in the world.

To watch Mr. Robot online on Amazon Prime, you need to connect to a VPN server located in UK, US, Germany, Austria or Japan and watch the show.

Watch Mr. Robot on USA Network outside USA

The best way to watch Mr. Robot on the same day of its release is to watch it on USA Network. To do so you need VPN with servers in the US. Simply subscribe to one of the top VPN providers we have suggested above, connect to one of the many servers located in US, and watch Mr. Robot on the same day of its release.

Tip: You also need USA Network subscription along with a VPN.

In a Nutshell

The bottom line is Mr. Robot is being broadcasted online in selected countries only, despite the fact that Mr. Robot has a fan base in every corner of the world. If the show is not releasing in your country, or will release sometime later, then the only way to watch the show on the same day of its release is through a VPN.

If you incur any issues leave us a message below and we will do our best to sort out the problem for you. If you liked the post and the solution worked perfectly for you, do remember to share with friends.

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