The 10th season of the Indian Premier League has officially kicked off bringing together some of the best international t20 cricketers. The IPL will be played from the 5th of April to the 21st of May and will feature the same 8 teams from last year. As the highly fame devent kicks off fans are flocking the internet looking for convenient ways to watch the IPL t20 live all over the world.

Follow our guide to get access to IPL schedules and watch IPL t20 live streaming over both official & unofficial sources.


Where You Can Find ViVO IPL T20 Live Broadcasters In HD?


Primarily an Indian sporting event, the IPL is broadcasted all over world in partnership with top broadcasters list in the table below.


CountryBroadcasterWatch channel from any country:

(Recommended for all countries)

South AfricaSuper Sport
UKSky SportsExpressVPN 
Middle EastOrbit Sports


Use a VPN To Watch From Other Broadcasters on this list

India Hotstar


Sony Network, ESPN and SKY Sports will broadcast the IPL in full HD so make sure your subscription includes the event. Just in case there is no satellite TV broadcaster available in your region there are several other sources you can use to watch the IPL live online instead of television.


Watch IPL Live T20 Streaming On Set Max


Being the official TV broadcaster of the IPL 2017, Sony Max does not offer IPL live streaming service on its SonyLIV web streaming service, that honor is taken up by HotStar’s apps & website. You can although watch the Extra Innings t20 show to catch up to all the latest matches, scores and catch analysis from top pundits including Sunil Gavaskar, Navjot Sidhu and Ajay Jadeja. The brilliant aspect of Sony LIV is that the shows and highlights on the website are not geo-restricted and you can watch all videos without a media un-blocker.


How To Watch IPL Live T20 Streaming in HD


The IPL is also available to watch online through multiple services including, HotStar, the official partner of the VIVO sponsored cricket league. I have listed all online channels where you can watch IPL 2017 live streaming in full high definition and no ads.

  1. HotStar – official streaming partner
  2. WillowTV
  3. Cricket Gateway


Watch VIVO IPL 2017 Live Streaming on HotStar


The official partner to watch IPL live streaming in India is the renowned HotStar VoD service. HotStar is an India exclusive online streaming service where you get more than just sports and includes a massive library of movies & TV shows,in addition to its exclusive content from HBO and streaming of the English Premier League.


How To Watch Vivo IPL 2017 Live Streaming on HotStar

Fans can watch IPL live streaming on HotStar over PCs, iOS devices and Android devices. Although IPL is free to stream live on HotStar do remember that it is a dedicated Indian streaming service and will be geo-restricted to viewers residing outside India. For instance you will receive the following message even when watching highlights on HotStar:


ipl app

The workaround is simple, you will need a VPN service to bypass the geo-block and watch live IPL streaming on HotStar. Here is what to do to unblock & watch IPL 2017 on HotStar outside India:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service (Check out our tested providers with servers in India)
  2. Connect your VPN service to a server in India (Use either OpenVPN or PPTP protocols)
  3. Log-on to HotStar’s website or download one of its mobile apps
  4. You should now be able to watch IPL live & highlights on HotStar


Watch IPL Live Online T20 on iPhone


Usually its Apple users who question just “how do I watch the IPL live on my iPhone?”Worrying is a thing of the past, the future is here. iPhone users can enjoy watching the IPL live online in HD without a worry anymore. The best apps to watch the IPL live on the iPhone are:

  1. HotStar app – will require a VPN to unblock, , India exclusive
  2. SkyGo app –will require a VPN to unblock, UK exclusive
  3. CricketGateway app – $30 IPL subscription (Check restriction on their original FAQ)

My suggestion is instead of wasting $30 on a single subscription, just use an un-blocker to watch IPL 2017 live streaming with HotStar or the official IPL app.


Where to Watch IPL 2017 VIVO in USA


IPL fans in the USA can enjoy the full IPL 2017 tournament streaming in HD with the official streaming partner of North America, WillowTV. There are two issues with WillowTV though, one is that the service is subscription based and two that it is only available to buy with cable provider subscriptions & SlingTV.

Since not everyone these days keeps tied to expensive cable subscriptions, there is an amazing SlingTV deal to get Willow TV for cheap. Those looking for a good deal to watch IPL 2017 in USA will love this exclusive SlingTV offer from SlickDeals:


watch vivo ipl live in usa on sling/willow tv

Since it is a US based streaming service you will require no VPN to unblock anything. All you have to do is subscribe to SlingTV through the offer listed on SlickDeals. The SlingTV subscription will cost you $10 per month and will allow you to watch the complete IPL season 10 live in HD. Since the tournament ends on the 17thof May, $20 is an excellent deal for Willow TV that usually costs $15 per month (2 months x $15= $30) to subscribe on its own. Check out this exclusive deal on Slick Deals and watch IPL 2017 streaming in the US in full HD.


How To Watch IPL 2017 T20 Highlights


Usually, all TV broadcasters replay the highlights of IPL matches the following day. IPL Online streaming fans will be delighted to know that IPL match highlights are available to watch over HotStar, IPL official website & apps, WillowTV, but, not on the official YouTube channel. Highlights are usually uploaded as soon as the innings end for one team.


watch ipl 2017 matches highlights

Do remember that HotStar, and Willow TV are geo-restricted and will require a VPN to even watch IPL 2017 highlights. IPL’s official website offers unrestricted access to fans who wish to watch selected IPL highlights without going through geo-restriction headaches.


Where to Watch IPL Live Online Free


It is recommended to stick to one of the official streaming broadcasters of the 10th IPL season. There are is a long list of unofficial streaming services that you can use to watch the IPL for free, but, remember these are annoying websites with more advertising than match time. Constant popups, speed drops, buffering and channel blocks will annoy the living daylights out of your mind.

Just in case you wish to watch the standard definition IPL streaming online for free there is a range of service you can use to do so, below is a list you can look up on Google. Since most free links are either closed down or removed after the day’s broadcast a permanent link cannot be embedded.

  1. in–Standard definition & High Definition streaming
  2. New TV World – Standard definition only
  3. UStream – HD only
  5. Facebook –streams usually banned due to infringement

*Note*: is not responsible for any malware & spyware that infects your devices when streaming over the above sources. These are unofficial streaming channels can be banned over the copyright owner’s request, have possible malware, carry popup ads, and hence are not recommended sources to watch IPL 2017 live streaming.


Can I Watch VIVO IPL Live On YouTube?


No, the official IPL YouTube channel does not broadcast live matches. The channel is a source to get access to latest promos, news, updates, auctions and other back stage coverage of the tournament.


Watch IPL Live T20 On Android Mobile Devices


IPL fanatics who wish to watch all the matches even when on the go will love that there is an official Android app for them available on the Google Play Store. The official HotStar app can be downloaded from the Play Store to watch IPL live coverage, highlights, get new updates, participate in social discussions and much more.

With a simple 3G/4G internet connection you can catch up with highlights plusenjoy all pre & post match analyses with top cricket pundits of the IPL. For live viewing I would recommend using a WIFI connection since the stream quality id highly dependenton the broadband speed you have.

Be cautious of one thing though, if you are outside India you will not be able to download the official HotStar app from the Play Store. It will instead show you this fake app with the same name, the trick is to identify the developer. The “hot star tv – go solo” app by Hot Star Digital Media Ltd is not the official app of the broadcaster as shown below.


watch ipl live on android devices

On the Left – Fake Hotstar app indicated by  the fake developer name

On the right – Official Hotstar app by Novi Digital Entertainment

You can download the official HotStar app from the India Google Play Store (developer of the original app is Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.)by using a VPN to access the India Play Store. There is however an easier way to download HotStar app without a VPN:

  1. Visit either GetJar or APKMonk to download the official HotStar app APK
  2. Install the HotStar app, but don’t launch it!
  3. Connect your VPN service to an India VPN server
  4. Once connected, launch the HotStar app
  5. You should now be able to watch IPL matches live streaming & all highlights


How to Watch VIVO IPL 2017 in Australia


It is an odd occurrence but there is no TV broadcaster that I found to watch the IPL in Australia.The official streaming provider to watch the IPL online in Australia is, but it will cost $30 (US) to subscribe to the IPL t20 2017. There is a better alternative for Australian IPL fans to watch their favorite t20 matches for cheaper.

There are two alternatives you can use to watch the IPL in Australia, the best case is to use HotStar app or use the SlingTV special offer both listed above.


watch ipl live in australia


Watch IPL Live T20 in Australia with SlingTV


If you like spending money however, you can always subscribe to watch the IPL on Sling TV in Australia. Since SlingTV is a USA based streaming service, you will require a high speed VPN with a US VPN server. The World Sports Package can be bought for $10 per month using the Slick Deals offer shown above. This will give you full access to WillowTV, the official IPL streaming broadcaster for North America.

  1. Connect VPN to USA server
  2. Go to SlickDeals –WillowTV offer and subscribe
  3. Once subscription has been process your details will be emailed
  4. Login to SlingTV
  5. Enjoy watching IPL on WillowTV from Australia


In a Nutshell


I hope the detailed guide will help you decide where to watch the IPL and catch all the highlights of the IPL if you miss the live action. If the article helped you and found you the best option to stream the IPL live online, do remember to share using the social buttons. In case you face any issues, do let me know and I will try my best to get a solution for you.

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      Hi Harpreet, thanks for your comment. You can watch IPL in Philippines by streaming online. You can choose from different channels but Starsports and Hotstar are free. However, you will need a VPN to access these two channels as they wont work in Philippines. Here is what you can do:

      1. Select a VPN from the table above.
      2. Once you have purchased the VPN, download the software (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.) on which ever platform you want to use.
      3. After installing the VPN software, connect to the Indian server offered by the VPN.
      4. Then access Hotstar websites or app and stream IPL matches in Philippines.

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