After the amazing conclusion of ICC T20 World Cup 2016, it’s time for the glamorous tournament from the world of cricket, Indian Premier League. Yes, IPL 2016 is right around the corner, and it’s going to be one amazing display of cricket subsequent to the T20’s.

The tournament starts from April 9th 2016 and will continue on till May 29th 2016. It is a one of many spectacles where we’ll see great players from all around the world team up with each other and show off their dazzling cricketing skills.

How to Watch IPL 2016 Live Online

The IPL 2016 will be broadcasted on various media networks. However, most of these media networks are geo-restricted and if you do try to access these media networks out of their host countries, you will be redirected to a webpage with a “content not available” message.

To overcome the problem of geo-restrictions, you should use a VPN service. A VPN, also known as virtual private network, is an internet gateway tool that enables you to bypass geo-restrictions of media networks and websites, and live stream IPL from anywhere in the world.

Since IPL is one of the most anticipated cricket tournaments, there have been a lot of international media networks teaming up for its live broadcast. To help you out, below listed are different channels you can use to watch IPL live online and the respective VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions.


CountryRespective BroadcastersUnblock with a VPN
IndiaStar Sports & Hotstar (FREE) PureVPN($4.16/month)
AfricaSuper Sports
United StatesESPN
United KingdomSky SportsTotalVPN ($4.99)
AustraliaCricket GatewayExpressVPN (8.32/month)
New ZealandSky Sports


Simply, start-up one of your suggest VPN softwares and select a server that’s based in the host country of the broadcaster. After this, you will be able to watch IPL 2016 live streaming from anywhere across the globe.

Watch IPL Live in USA

If you’re a die-hard cricket fan living in The States, you can catch all action from IPL on ESPN and ESPN GO. However, if you’re an expat or someone who’s traveling outside the U.S, you won’t able to watch IPL live due to geo-restrictions.

For that, simply connect to one of our listed VPN services, choose a server that’s based in U.S, and watch IPL 2016 live from anywhere in the world like it was never a problem.

Watch IPL Live in UK

If you’re a cricket fan living in the U.K and want to vouch for your favorite cricket superstar in the IPL, then you can watch IPL live on Sky Sports TV. However, you will be geo-restricted if you’re traveling outside U.K.

To tackle this, use one of listed VPN services above and connect your internet connection through a server that’s based in UK. After that, you’re all good to watch IPL 2016 live streaming.

Watch IPL Live in Canada

Canada is not far behind when it comes to the number of cricket of fans in a country. If you’re in Canada, simply log-on to Sportsnet website and watch IPL live and uncut, except if you’re a Canadian expat. Don’t worry; we have a solution for that as-well.

All you’re required to do is use one of our listed VPN services and connect to a server that’s based in Canada, so you can watch IPL live on Sportsnet, regardless of wherever you are.

Watch IPL Live in Australia

We cannot deny Aussies’ love for cricket.  If you’re looking forward to watching your favorite Australian cricketer perform some smashes and howzat, then you can watch IPL 2016 live on Cricket Gateway. Unfortunately, Australian expats will be deprived of this privilege.

Don’t worry, by simply connecting to one of our recommended VPN Services, you can bypass all types of geo-restrictions and watch IPL 2016 live on Cricket Gateway without a hassle.

Watch IPL Live in New-Zealand

Now, fans of the Kiwis can also get their game on at Sky Sport live streaming. Log-on to their website and live-stream all the sixes, fours and wickets directly on your TV or mobile screens, even though people living outside New Zealand will not be able to access Sky Sports due to geo-restriction.

For that, select one of the VPN services listed above, connect to a server based in New Zealand and watch it all live and uncut on Sky Sports from anywhere in the globe.

Watch IPL Live In South-East Asia

In South-Asia, there are different broadcasters for IPL according to different countries. You can watch IPL 2016 live in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei on their respective broadcasters. Plus, if you’re someone who’s outside of the country for a while, you can still watch IPL 2016 live just by using anyone of our VPN services suggested above.

Watch IPL Live on Hotstar

Now if you are looking for a way to stream IPL online but don’t want any kind of subscription, then Hotstar is your best option. Hotstar is a premium streaming service that allows its users to watch all sporting events live. Plus, when it comes to cricket, Hotstar has got your back with the High-Definition transmission of your favorite cricketing event.

However, Hotstar is geo-restricted to viewers who are residing outside India. And, if you do try to access Hotstar and try to watch IPL online, you will face the following error:

ipl on hotstar

Although with the help of a VPN service, you can penetrate through Hotstar’s geo-restriction. Just connect to one of our suggested VPN service, unblock Hotstar, and watch IPL on Hotstar live and in HD.

What’s Currently Hot in IPL 2016

As we all know, Virat Kohli will be the heartthrob of every person with even a little bit of love for cricket. Things don’t just end-up on the bat of Virat, even Carlos Brathwaite is expected to come in guns-blazing this IPL, giving him a place in the Delhi Daredevils. Also, Zaheer Khan will be resurrecting his cricketing career by leading the Delhi Daredevils this year.

Talking about Kolkata Knight Riders, SRK might have a few tricks up his sleeves this time as he put’s Gautam Gambhir as the front-man.

As far as Gujrat Lions are considered, Suresh Raina is expected to give surreal result as the captain of the team. Nothing can be predicted, and nothing is permitted in this exciting installment of the IPL 2016.

By the way, here is the promo for the IPL 2016 Cricket Tournament, so you get a taste of what’s coming in this iconic cricket tournament:

In Conclusion

On April 9th 2016, you will witness the greatest showdown in the history of cricket.  We suggest that you get your gloves and cricket bats ready, because things are about to get real serious. And to watch it all happen live and uncut, you can select your TV provider above, along with one of our suggest VPN services and watch IPL live from anywhere in the world.

Also, if you’re a cricket fan who’s always on the go, then you catch it all happen in the majestic cricket stadiums of India on Hotstar mobile app. Plus, if you’re not living in India or are outside India on vacations, then by using one of your suggested VPN services, you can watch IPL on Hotstar app from anywhere in the world.

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    • /z! says:

      Hi Harpreet, thanks for your comment. You can watch IPL in Philippines by streaming online. You can choose from different channels but Starsports and Hotstar are free. However, you will need a VPN to access these two channels as they wont work in Philippines. Here is what you can do:

      1. Select a VPN from the table above.
      2. Once you have purchased the VPN, download the software (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.) on which ever platform you want to use.
      3. After installing the VPN software, connect to the Indian server offered by the VPN.
      4. Then access Hotstar websites or app and stream IPL matches in Philippines.

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