Here’s a great news horse racing fans: The Grand Nationals Horse Racing 2016 is here. After the last year’s unbelievable conclusion, things should take an enthralling turn this season of The Grand Nationals Horse Racing. The event will take place in the Aintree Race Course, Liverpool and the will start on 7th April 2016 till 9th April 2016.

Where To Watch Horse Racing Live

The board of Grand Nationals 2016 have teamed up with Channel 4 to officially broadcast this amazing event. Horse racing fans can watch the race on Channel 4 and watch it all happen live and exclusive on their online live stream player.

However, if you’re a UK expat or simply a horse racing fan who lives outside the UK, you won’t be able to watch Grand National live online, as it’s geo-restricted to the viewers of UK only. Here’s what happens when you try to watch horse racing live outside UK:

watch grand nationals 2016 live

How to Watch Horse Racing Live Outside U.K

With a VPN, you can overcome all types of geo-restrictions and watch your favorite media network or live sporting event from anywhere in the world. A VPN, or a virtual private network, is an online security tool that enables its users to bypass geo-restrictions and media blockage with the help of IP cloaking and military-grade data encryption.

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Simply by using one of your recommended VPN services, you can Grand Nationals live from anywhere across the globe. Connect one of your suggest VPN services to a server based in UK and catch The Grand Nationals 2016 live streaming on Channel 4  in your most comfortable posture.

Grands Nationals: A Flashback

Last time, Many Clouds left everyone in awe with his remarkable performance. However, Saint  Are, the infamous jockey of The Grand Nationals, still managed to nab a second place in the race, followed by Monbeg Dude. As unexpected the results were last time around, we are expecting to see some agility in our fellow jockeys as they plan to take on Many Clouds and his blazing-fast horse.

As unexpected the results were last time around, we are expecting to see some agility in our fellow jockeys as they plan to take on Many Clouds and his blazing-fast horse.

Here’s a little recap of Many Clouds grand celebration of his victory:

In Conclusion

Things are getting fast and furious on the Aintree Race Course. Many Clouds left other jockeys to temper with fear and envy. If you ask us, this event is the one where you place your bets, sit all quiet and witness the greatness as it comes.

Like we stated above, you can catch all the action live on Channel 4, and if you’re a netizen living outside UK, you can watch The Grand Nationals 2016 live streaming using one of our suggested VPN services above. Plus, you can watch horse living live on your smart-phone as well by simply installing the application of our suggested VPN services and tuning into channel 4 from anywhere across the globe.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments section below!

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