“They have no idea what’s going to happen” – Bran Stark

Get ready Game of Thrones fans, Season 6 airs on April 24th 2016 on HBO and just like you, we can’t wait as we also have no idea what’s going happen this season. Game of Thrones has grown exponentially in terms of popularity and can be measured by the number of its viewers. By the end of season 5, Game of Thrones has averaged 19.8 million viewers and is set to break the 20 million barrier with its upcoming season.

Sadly, this impeccable number does not count the people that are blocked from the viewership outside USA. So if you are GoT fan and have the follow questions: Is Jon Snow still alive? What will happen to Daenerys? Will the White Walkers march across Castle Black? Then with the help of our guide, you can watch Game of Thrones outside US.

Check out the details on the latest episode “S06E08 – No One” here. 

Where I Can Watch Game of Thrones Outside USA

There are many people who are being deprived of Game of Thrones just because they live in a region where HBO in not available online. These viewers are left with options of either subscribing to expensive local TV deals,  downloading the torrents of the show, or wait for the DVD release.

All these options are ill advised. The first option would mean that you would end up paying ridiculous amounts (usually for a year) to watch Game of Thrones. Similarly, downloading torrents is illegal in numerous regions and is considered a crime. If you wait for the DVD then this means that your show would be spoiled at least a million times before the release.

But fret not; we have the perfect solution to your problem, a VPN. With a VPN you will be able to access HBO NOW (a standalone service by HBO) or HBO Go without any hassle. Below listed are some VPN services that have numerous servers in USA, allowing you to subscribe to HBO NOW from anywhere and stream all the episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6 online.

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4.0 / 5.0
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Thousands of torrent downloaders have officially received copyright infringement notices from HBO for torrenting the latest season of Game of Thrones. As GoT Season 6 gains popularity as the most pirated TV show torrent in internet history, rights owner HBO seeks to crush any attempts to stop that from happening. HBO is readily removing all popular GoT Season 6 torrent links from ranking torrent trackers including KickAssTorrents, Torrentz and ThePirateBay to name a few.

Setup Guide to Watch Game of Thrones Outside USA

  1. Choose a VPN provider from the above mentioned table.
  2. Purchase the plan which is feasible the most.
  3. Download and Install the VPN client on your device.
  4. Connect via the VPN client you installed.
  5. Once you have connected via the VPN go to the HBO NOW or HBO Go.
  6. You can either login or subscribe to their service.
  7. Once you have signed-in, you can look for Game of Thrones in the TV section.
  8. Click on it and enjoy Game of Thrones outside USA online.

How to Subscribe to HBO NOW Outside USA

To watch Game of Thrones online, HBO NOW should be your first choice. You can download HBO NOW app from Apple App Store,  Google Play Store, Amazon or on your Roku device. Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll need to subscribe to HBO NOW and that can be tricky if you don’t have any contacts or a valid billing address based in USA. Since that is not possible for everyone, you can choose a different payment method (other than credit card) or fake your billing address and ZIP code.

Choose a Different Payment Option

HBO offers you to pay for its service through credit card or PayPal. Using the latter option, HBO would not require you to present a billing address based in USA. Just setup an account on PayPal using your existing credit card. Then connect to a U.S IP address from your VPN and download the HBO NOW app onto your device. While being connected to a VPN (U.S. IP address), subscribe to HBO NOW using your PayPal account.

Fake Your Billing Address & ZIP Code

If you select credit card as your payment option, you would need to enter a billing address and a ZIP code that matches. Here are some simple steps you can use to enter this information:

  • Enter your street address as per normal. Example: 155 Highland Street, XYZ.
  • For the ZIP code, select the current digits from your postal code and add zeros at the end until you have a five-digit number. Example: 15500
  • You can check this ZIP code from USPS Tool.
  • If the code does not match, add a ‘1’ at the end. Example: 15501
  • For the city and state, enter the information you get from the tool. Example: 15501 –> Somerset, PA.  
Save Money on TV Plans & Watch GoT Online

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the methods to watch Game of Thrones online is by subscribing to expensive TV deals. In countries where HBO is not available, various cable providers offer different TV packages which would include Game of Thrones. However, these packages are very expensive to purchase.

To save money on such costly TV plans, we recommend that you purchase a VPN from above and get HBO NOW. This would mean that you would be paying $4.16 a month for a VPN and $14.99 a month for HBO NOW. Not to mention, HBO NOW offers the first month free. This is considerably cheaper compared to purchasing a TV deal from your cable provider.

5/16/2016 Latest Episode: S06E08 – “No One” (Skip this heading to avoid spoilers)


This week’s GoT feels like a bit of a calm before the storm, which is probably the only positive thing one can find to say about it. Well that, and also the fact that it served as the catharsis that purged all the side-plots that the show was taking nowhere with its limited runtime compared to the expansive epic in the books, so it was only a matter of time.

Also, here’s the preview for next week’s episode – S06E09 “The Battle of the Bastards” AKA “GET HYPE”:

5/9/2016 S06E03 – “Oathbreaker”- Well we all know YOU-KNOW-WHO woke up last week to everyone’s delight. This episode kept on giving in the spirit of fanservice by going right ahead and hanging two characters that everyone had spent 13 months hating with a vengeance: Olly and Ser Alliser were hung till their faces were blue and Jon Snows’ fans’ were ablush with joy! We’d attach a gigantic screenshot of the scene were it not for spoiler reasons for those who wanted to skip ahead from this bit.

Other highlights, however, did generate just as much amusement. First off, Joffrey’s days of desperation against Tywin Lannister are now echoed again when Tommen Baratheon confronts the High Sparrow. How many of you caught this moment?

game of thrones season 6 episode 3

Also a nod in this episode was a shout-out to Mothers Day, with a long speech from the High Sparrow about the divine origins of mothers’ love for their children. This is just one episode after THIS thing happened, by the way:

watch game of thrones

And here’s the preview for next week’s episode – S06E04 “Book of the Stranger”

How to Watch Game of Thrones in Australia

Bad new Aussie fans, there is no easy way to watch Game of Thrones in Australia without running your wallet dry. Foxtel holds the exclusive rights to broadcast GoT season 6 and other services are restricted from showing the latest season while it is still on air.

However, Foxtel offers a ‘Premium Drama Combo’ subscription that costs around $25 per month. This adds up to $300 for a year, plus you need to pay extra for equipment and installation. Expensive isn’t it? To relive this cost, Foxtel has lowered this cost to $5 per month for the next three months, but there is a catch.


This price is only available for new subscribers, those looking to renew / reactivate their Foxtel account or anyone who has not added this package to their current deal between 18 April 2016 to 29 April 2016. So all existing customers would have to pay the original price for the package.

Similarly, if you are looking forward to watching Game of Thrones on iTunnes or Quickflix, then you’ll have to wait for the entire season to be aired. On a positive note, you can binge-watch the whole season at once, but there are high chances that your season would be spoiled by this time. Therefore, the way to watch GoT Season 6 in Australia at cheap prices by using a VPN and subscribing to HBO NOW or HBO Go.

Alternate Ways to Watch Game of Thrones Online

We have pondered upon using HBO NOW for legally watching Game of Thrones online. However, if you are looking for alternatives then here are a few to consider.


Hotstar is an online streaming app developed by Novi Digital Entertainment. The app allows you to watch Game of Thrones Season 6 online only for $3.00 per month and you also get one month of free trial. However, Hotstar is geo-blocked and only accessible in India. You can unblock the app using anyone of the VPNs listed above. Just connect to an Indian server and stream Game of Thrones online on Hotstar.


NOW TV is a UK based service and is another way to watch Game of Thrones online. You can subscribe to NOW TV for £6.99 per month or select their 3 months package £13.99 to watch all the episodes of GoT season 6. Unfortunately, NOW TV is only restricted to viewers residing in UK. If you are located outside UK and looking forward to subscribing to the service, then you do so by using a VPN. By connecting to a server based in UK, you can unblock NOW TV from anywhere.

The Build Up

SPOILER ALERT! Season 6 of Game of Thrones could not come any quicker for all GoT fans. Like everyone else, we are also patiently waiting to see the fate of Jon Snow. The last season ended on a high note as Jon Snow was stabbed numerous times and left to die in the cold at Castle Black. However, after much speculation and fan made theories, we just cannot wait to see what the creators of Game of Thrones have in store for us.

The new season will throw more drama, unexpected turns and twists, bloodshed, violence, and dragons. You can catch all the episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6 online on HBO. Just follow the above mentioned simple steps and enjoy Game of Thrones outside USA on HBO NOW or HBO Go.

So what do you think will happen in this season? Will Jon Snow live? Let us know in the comments below.

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