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Funimation is a US based anime entertainment company, and is a leading distributor of English dubbed & foreign anime is the country. The leading title for Funimation is ofcourse its official licensed property Dragon Ball Z with other famous anime including Digimon Adventure, Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop. Funimation now partners with VoD streaming giant CrunchyRoll and has expanded its services to the UK & Ireland. We have highlighted different ways on how to watch funimation on roku.

Funimation has also established its own proprietary streaming platform by the name of FunimationNow. Subscriptions are available for $5.99 per month and can be used over Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Roku, AppleTV, Windows Phone, Amazon, PlayStation & Xbox.You can also go with Funimation’s free service which comes with limited titles to watch, ads, 1 simultaneous stream and HD viewing.


funimation now premium and free pricing account subscription


There is however one problem that you may face since Funimation is available only in the USA, UK & Ireland. The official FunimationNow website & streaming service are blocked to access from outside either of the three countries mentioned above. Animefans who wishto marathon their favorite animated movies will require a VPN to unblock Funimation outside the US, UK & Ireland.

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Watch Funimation on Roku


Roku device owners with an appetite for Anime will love the FunimationNow app available on the Rokustore. You can start watching Funimation on Roku streaming box in a few steps if you already have an account with the anime VoD service.


roku funimation now app


You can subscribe or sign up to the free & premium Funimation subscriptions directly through the app, in addition to enjoying the huge library of anime series. Anime are indexed allowing you to enjoy series categorized in Favorites, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Action, Horror &much more. The Roku is quite brilliant it tailors recommendations based on what you watch and shows in your play list.

You can also read the Funimation blog through Roku to catch up on latest upcoming series, cast announcements, and latest episodes.You can join like minded anime fans on the official Funimation forum to discuss favorite topics, get teasers, fan banter and much more.


join the conversation on funimation forum


You can also join Funimation on social by joining its Instagram, YouTube Channel, Facebook page, Pinterest, Tumblr and, Twitter profiles. You can start watching Funimation on Roku streaming box today with the free subscription and enjoy latest anime series in HD.


Watch Funimation on Roku 4K Ultra


The release of the Roku 4K Ultra boxmarks a new age for the company. Roku device owners will now experience 4K video up-scalingallowing all video to be played in the highest HD quality. Added with a monster Quad Processor and improved wireless internet connectivity now positions Roku as a direct competitor of the revered Apple TV box.


funimation roku 4k ultra


Roku 4k is also powered by a remote that can be used for gaming, offers a 3.5 mm head phone jack plus has a unique “lost remote finder” feature.


roku 4k lost remote finder


You can download &watch Funimation on the Roku 4K Ultrafrom the Roku app store and start watching Funimation instantly. Just in case you are outside the US, UK and Ireland simply use a VPN to unblock Funimation on Roku. Do remember that the Roku box is not programmed for VPN or DNS configurations, so you will have to setup VPN on your router.

Check out our complete guide on how to setup VPN on a router, alternatively you can share the internet connection from a Windows PC/laptop. I would recommend beginners and even intermediate users to go with the share connection option.


Share a VPN from your Windows PC


Sharing a VPN connection from a Windows PC is simple and has been used since Windows 7 hit the market. You can do it with a simple Windows version 7, 8 and 10 computer, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Command Prompt (cmd.exe)with Admin rights
  2. We will now check if your Windows offers virtual router sharing
  3. In the command prompt type: NETSH WLAN show drivers
  4. Locate Hosted Network Support from the configuration listed
  5. If Hosted Network Support = Yes then you can create a virtual Wi-Fi network from your Windows device. If the feature is set to No, you will require a USB wireless adapter to do the job.


netsh wlan show drivers


6. Next, type in the command prompt: NETSH WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=ENTER A NAME FOR YOUR NETWORK key=ENTER A PASSWORD FOR YOUR NETWORK(Complete this step very carefully)

  • ssid will be the name given to your virtual network
  • key will be the password for your virtual network


router ssid key


7. You have now created a Hosted Virtual Network from you Windows PC, let’sget it started and working with your Roku box

8. To start the Hosted Virtual Network, type in the Command Prompt NETSH WLAN start hosted network.


the following helper dll cannot be loaded


9. The Virtual Network should now be running, it’s time to enable internetsharing with your Roku box

10. Go to Control Panel >Network and Internet >Network Connections >from the left hand menu click “Change adapter settings

11. Select your ISP broadband connection (it should be the one using your network adapter)


hosted virtual network


12. Click the Sharing tab in the new window that pops up

  • Check “Allow other network users …” option
  • In the home networking connection drop down box select the Hosted Virtual Network that you created


ethernet property sharing


13. You can now connect your VPN app to a USA or UK server and watch Funimation on the Roku box

You should now be able to connect your Roku Box to the Virtual Network from your Roku Network Settings. Remember that although a bit lengthy this is the easier way to connect your Roku box to a VPN.


Watch Funimation on Roku 2 & Roku 3


You can also watch Funimation on Roku 2 & Roku 3 streaming boxes exactly the same way on the latest Roku 4. Simply download the Roku FunimationNow app from store, subscribe and start watching. In case you are outside the US, UK or Ireland do remember you will need a VPN to bypass the geo-restriction to watch Funimation on Roku.


How to Get Funimation Subtitles on Roku


This may come as a shock news for Funimation viewers but the provider is now removing all subtitled anime series from its library. While some anime with subtitles remain, most shows will be replaced by English dubbed versions.

The previous $7.99 per month subtitlesubscription plan was reduced to $5.99 per month with subtitle support completely removed. This change was possibly due to issue with Funimation subtitles on Roku and other devices. Some users have complainedabout delayed subtitles whileothers have informed that the subtitles were wrong altogether.

Those of you who still wish to read subtitles while watching Funimation on Roku can subscribe to Funimation through Crunchy Roll. The renowned anime provider has partnered with Funimation and now offers a large chunk of Funimation’s anime library through its Roku app.


funimation subtitles on roku using crunchyroll


CrunchyRoll for Roku offers a much larger library compared to FunimationNow plus you can catch all anime with latest subtitles on it. CrunchyRoll subscriptions are also better value for money with more anime series listed, subtitles, high quality HD playback and more. Check out the subscription plans on CrunchyRoll’s official website.


crunchyroll subscription pricing


Funimation Roku App Freezing & Slow Issues/Problems


The primary reason your Funimation app for Roku is having problems is because you are outside the geographical regions that the app is allowed in. Currently, FunimationNow for Roku can only be accessed in the USA, UK and Ireland.

In case you have used a VPN and Funimation still has issues on your Roku box, you can contact:

  1. Funimation official FAQ & Contact Page
  2. Funimation Twitter Page

Funimation moderators are usually very proactive and always available over their website support section,the Twitter account response may depend on working hours though. Browsing on Reddit I also came across a unique error with the Funimation app on Roku. Several Funimation users on Roku have complained that the video stream breaks on the FunimationNow app. The audio keeps playing then the scene either repeats or the video scrambles back on.


funimationnow app issues


The problem was reported 5 months ago and yet there is no comment from Roku or Funimation support on that page. The issue has not been mentioned on the official FAQs of neither brand nor has it been ever highlighted in blogs.


In a Nutshell


I hope the detailed guide to watch Funimation on Roku streaming box will help you easily install the service and start watching your favorite anime. Just in case you are outside the official streaming regions, simply use a VPN service to watch Funimation on Roku. For VPN options have a look at our list of tested providers in the table above, in case they don’t work for you leave us a message and we’ll find you other options.

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