Watch Channel 9 VoD Streaming Outside Australia

watch channel 9 outside australiaAustralia’s highest rated network historically and currently rated second amongst top TV networks, Channel 9 is one of Australia’s premier free-to-air commercial broadcasters. Although their slogan is “Welcome Home”, International viewers are greeted by this message when they arrive on the Channel 9 VoD streaming & catch-up service webpage.

how to watch channel 9 outside australia

Channel 9 is geo-restricted to international viewers who access the online streaming & catch-up service with a foreign IP address. Only an Australian IP address can allow full access to the Channel 9 video streaming service. To unblock Channel 9 from outside Australia, streaming fans will require a VPN service with an Australian VPN Server.

A Channel 9 VPN unblocker will issue you an IP address from an Australian ISP, allowing you full access to the archives, live streaming and other features of the service.

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Guide to Unblock Channel 9 outside Australia

You can watch Channel 9 outside Australia all you require are the right tools. After Australia embraced the same censorship & geo-restriction rules followed by the USA and UK it has been a headache for international netizens to access news, TV Shows, movies and other media hosted within Australian cyberspace.

The most important tool you will need is a VPN to unblock Channel 9. Access our expert reviews of Channel 9 VPN in the table above and find the best one for your region. Here is how to unblock Channel 9 from anywhere outside Australia in a few clicks.

Step 1 – Connect Your VPN to an Australian Server

We have used Ivacy VPN for our test.

ivacy channel 9 vpn

Step 2 – Check your Channel 9 VPN Provider’s Reliability for DNS Leaks

I checked using (pictured left) and (pictured right), No DNS Leaks were observed.

how to watch channel9 online

Step 3 – Go to your browser and access

unblock channel 9

You will now be able to access the Channel 9 streaming website and all its features.

What to look for in your Channel 9 VPN?

Not every VPN provider can be categorized as an ideal service to unblock Channel 9 outside Australia. Certain factors play a crucial role when unblocking geo-restrictions, especially those for Australian website. These include:

Australian VPN Server

Your chosen Channel9 VPN unblocker must offer an Australian VPN server with reliable IP address and must not leak your DNS while accessing the website and when streaming on it. Ivacy VPN, PureVPN and IP Vanish VPN are leading contenders for this category.

We used Ivacy VPN during our tests and found the brand quite convincing and reliable. During a 5 hour test, the connection dropped once but we managed to keep safe with Ivacy VPN’s ‘internet kill switch’ and ‘auto reconnect features’.

Cutting Edge VPN Apps for Desktop & Mobile

Given the 4 major operating systems being used today an ideal Channel 9 VPN unblocker will have leading apps for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac devices. This makes it easier for users of all levels to easily install, configure and unblock Channel9’s VoD streaming from anywhere with a click.

High Speed Network Infrastructure

Not all VPN providers offer high speed servers, for instance, Total VPN promises 1 Gigabit/Sec bandwidth when connected to their servers. Ivacy VPN offers specialized servers optimized to allow high speed HD streaming, torrent downloads and VoIP communication software.

Some providers may restrict users from streaming, these are usually small scale VPN services that are only meant to unblock websites and can be used for low bandwidth consumption like on social media. Ensure that your Channel 9 VPN provider has a high speed infrastructure to deliver HD streaming without having to degrade video quality.

See You Again Soon

It was a privilege taking our valued users through the unblocking process of Channel 9 Australia. We hope our guide helped you easily unblock Channel9’s VoD service without much hassle. In case you experience problems, simply leave us a message in the section below and we will try to sort out the problem for you.

If you found the guide helpful share it with friends and let everyone browse free and secure with the best VPN for Australia.

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