CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is the granddaddy of Canadian television networks. It is one of the oldest television broadcasters to come out of Canada. Offering popular television shows to movies, news, sports, and various other forms of content, CBC is the best source for your online entertainment.

CBC has evolved over the years and allows users to stream online. It also has its own radio channels in English and French language. You can also listen to the radio shows and music online or use the apps offered by CBC to catch up with all your favorite shows.

Unfortunately, CBC is geo restricted and is only accessible within Canada. This is bad news for all expats, students studying abroad, or anyone traveling outside Canada. If you do try to watch any show on CBC online outside Canada, you will see the following error being displayed on the top left-hand corner:

Watch CBC outside Canada

Watch CBC Online Outside Canada

To unblock CBC outside Canada and bypass the problem of geographic restrictions, you should use a VPN service. With the help of a VPN, you can spoof your IP address and stream on CBC online from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the best VPNs you can use to watch CBC online:

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Once you have selected a VPN from above, just connect to the Canadian servers offered by the VPN. This way you will adopt a Canadian IP address as your internet traffic is routed through the VPN servers located in Canada, hence unblocking CBC from anywhere in the world.

Shows to Watch CBC Online

Among the numerous Canadian channels that you can use for streaming online, CBC offers wide variety of content to watch online. CBC hosts content from all kinds of genres; you can catch up with the latest happening from around the world on CBC News.

If you are in the mood for some sports then CBC Sports offers you the best from the world of NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, Tennis, Soccer, and various other sports. Using CBC Radio, you can listen to your favorite songs, band, album, or choose different genres of music.

Other than this, CBC also offers kids programs, documentaries, arts, and some of the best TV shows you can watch. Here are some shows you can watch online on CBC outside Canada:

  • 22 Minutes
  • Absolutely Canadian
  • At the Table
  • Backstage Pass
  • Camelot
  • Coronation Street
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Firsthand
  • Halifax Comedy Festival
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Land and Sea
  • Strange Empire
  • The National
  • The Nature of Things
  • X Company

Devices to Use for CBC Live Stream

Now that you know how to watch CBC online outside Canada using a VPN and some of the best shows to stream on CBC, here are the devices that you can use for watching your favorite show. CBC is compatible on various devices and platforms.

You can watch CBC online on all your Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows OS devices. CBC has exclusive apps for each of these platforms and you can download it from the respective app stores.

Watch CBC Online on iOS Devices

CBC offers different apps for iOS devices. You can choose from CBC TV, CBC Radio, and CBC News apps for your iOS device. We tested the CBC TV app for iOS devices and found it very slick and easy to use. All the options are right where you want them to be.

Watch CBC outside Canada

However, if you are located outside Canada, then you won’t be able to stream content on CBC using your iOS device. This is where we would advise you to use a VPN for iOS.

Each of the VPNs listed above are compatible on iPhone and iPad; you can use their exclusive apps or manually setup a VPN on your iOS device. This way you can stream shows, movies, news, sports, and other content on CBC online while on the go.

Watch CBC Online on Android Devices

Similarly, CBC offers wide variety of apps for Android devices. You can listen to radio using the CBC Radio app for Android. CBC also offers apps for music, news, sports, and TV for Android devices. We tried the CBC Radio app and found it is very well built.

Watch CBC outside Canada

However, geo restrictions will be a hindrance for anyone living outside Canada. Due to the content license issues, CBC content won’t play on any Android device outside Canada. To bypass geo restrictions, you can use VPN apps for your Android devices. The above mentioned VPNs are compatible on Android devices; some offer exclusive apps as well or you can configure them manually onto your device.


In a nutshell, CBC is the right place for all online streamers looking for quality content to watch from Canada. It hosts wide variety of shows and provides multiple sources for online entertainment.

If you are a cord cutter and looking for options to watch Canadian shows then CBC is the correct choice for you. Using the different apps or simply streaming online on your PC, you can catch up with all your favorite shows on CBC.

However, geo blocks will place roadblocks in your streaming pathway. This is where using a VPN comes into play. You can lift the geo restrictions with the help of a VPN while staying protect from numerous cyber threats at the same time.

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    Hi, I just shot myself in the foot by switching from Buckeye Broadband where I could get CBC on our tv to at&t u-verse. I will save me close to $200.00 a month but with u-verse I can only get Murdoch Mysteries. I thought Ovation would show all CBC broadcasting. Is there anyway to get CBC through my Roku or can I spoof for my computer? No way can I watch on my phone. And I really don’t want to miss the Olympics, Escape to the Country or Best Canadian Baker. Can you give any suggestions?
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