How to Watch American Horror Story: Cult Season 7 Live Online Streaming

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If you are in search for a horror TV series that will astound and spook the crap out of you, then you should add American Horror Story (AHS) to the top of your watch-list. The show is a mixture of various cult horror films, compiled into one-hour sequences, stretched over a multitude of episodes. With plenty of twists and mind-blogging scenes, AHS takes you on a journey, leaving you with your heart in your mouth. As the suspense and mystery unravel, you will find yourself binge watching to rid of the heightened anticipation.

How to Watch American Horror Story


How to Watch American Horror Story: Cult Season 7

Ever since its launch in the US, the horror TV show has been airing on the cable television channel FX. The channel broadcasts every episode to its customers on a weekly basis. For the 7th season, you will have to keep your excitement in control, until every next Tuesday. If you do not have a subscription that gives you access to the FX network, it is high time you get one.

How to Watch American Horror Story: Cult Season 7

Many providers have connections with Fox International Channels. Some of the best include Xfinity, DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, Charter Spectrum, Verizon, Dish, and Cox. If you are not sure about the timings, you can always check the FX TV schedule. Generally, each episode will air around 10:00 pm or 11:00 pm – which is not to mention – the perfect time for a horror flick!


How to Watch American Horror Story Cult Season 7 Using A VPN

If you are not located in the US, watching the latest episodes of “American Horror Story: Cult” can somewhat appear to be a hassle. However, we have a solution for that too. You can always establish a private connection to a location in the US to gain access to FX and watch AHS: Season 7.

How to Watch American Horror Story Cult Season 7 Using A VPN

Subscribe to a VPN service like ExpressVPN, Ivacy, or PureVPN, all of which offer remarkable security and geo-unblocking features. Connect to a server located in the US and signup for an account on the desktop website of FX Networks. You can even download the FXNOW application and enjoy watching the reality TV show with the utmost level of convenience on your smartphone.

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How to Watch American Horror Story Episodes on Free Live Online Streaming

If you do not have a cable subscription and plan to save up some money, there are plenty of ways to enjoy watching American Horror Story, without paying a single penny. Some of the best online streaming sites for watching all seasons of the hit American Horror TV show include,,, and All websites have categorized each season by number.

How to Watch American Horror Story Episodes on Free Live Online Streaming


How to Watch American Horror Story on Popcorn Time

As another option, you can consider downloading the open-source, online movie/TV show streaming service that offers a huge collection of pirated films, Popcorn Time Using Popcorn time vpn listed here: The software is a fusion of typical streaming technology and BitTorrent clients, allowing users to stream HD content. As compared to other websites, the application offers an incredibly beautiful and non-spammy viewing process.

how to watch american horror story on popcorn time


How to Watch American Horror Story on Kodi

If all options fail, you can consider downloading Kodi using kodi vpn. This open-source, home-media entertainment application makes it easy to access paid content around the world by just a few click of a button. Simply download the Covenant add-on and enjoy browsing through a limitless collection of TV shows and movies, among which include the heart throbbing, mind-blowing, and frightening American Horror Story!

how to watch american horror story on kodi


How to Watch American Horror Story on Netflix

If you are a user with a Netflix subscription, watching American Horror Story is simple. Just search the TV show in the navigation bar or click on this link. Although the online streaming website does not provide all seasons for watching, you can binge-watch at least 5 seasons. If you are located outside the US, you might want to consider connecting to a VPN.

How to Watch American Horror Story on Netflix


How to Watch American Horror Story on Hulu

Since Hulu is only accessible from the US, users located outside cannot access the website for watching any content. The only solution for watching American Horror Story on the streaming site is to establish a connection to a US server using a VPN. By masking your IP address and encrypting your traffic, you will easily be able to bypass geo-restrictions and watch AHS freely!

How to Watch American Horror Story on Hulu


Not Your Average Horror TV Series

We joke not about how serious the scriptwriters have worked to fool us in each episode, and in such miraculous ways, it is uncanny. TV dramas need the audience to feel connected to the characters, much like “Breaking Bad”, “Mr. Robot” and Game of Thrones. However, American Horror Story gives a new spin on typical television writing by opening the door to bewildering character development. The style keeps the viewers intrigued, similar to a hook line reel.

In simple words, watching American Horror Story equals to the sensation of falling from a height. Your body begins plummeting, and you have no grasp, as to where gravity will drop you. Each season is unique in its own way with no stopping on the excitement and thriller that follows. Now, if you have not watched any season of the series before, we would advise you to get started. For those who already have, and reached the ending of the season 6, there is more good news for YOU.

Season 7 of the hit horror TV show is out!!! Worry not, as we will not leave you stranded on how to watch “American Horror Story: Cult”. Read the guide above to begin a journey of goosebumps and green shits.



Have an Amazing Binge-Watching Experience!

And with this, we have answered the long awaited question on How to Watch “American Horror Story: Cult” and the previous seasons online for FREE. Now, all you have to do is choose an appropriate method. We wish you have an amazing Binge-watching experience! Do not forget to help others out in need and share the article with your friends.

Have an Amazing Binge-Watching Experience!

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