AbemaTV is a Japanese Video on Demand streaming service available on PCs, smartphones, tablets, web browsers and select streaming boxes including the Google Chromecast, Amazon FireTV and Apple TV devices. The AbemaTV is a free to watch service for and offers a massive library of catch up TV &live TV channels including:

  1. AbemaNews
  2. Anime24
  3. Edge Sports HD
  4. FRESH!
  6. Vice
  7. Sports Live
  8. New TV Anime
  9. Foreign Drama,plus many more.


Although AbemaTV offers a huge programming schedule its specialty lies in the late night original Anime specials.The upsetting fact however is that AbemaTV is geo-restricted to viewers outside japan, and does not play videos if you access the service from a foreign IP address & location.


how to watch abematv outside usa on apple tv


You can always change your IP address virtually with a VPN or Virtual Private Network to unblock AbemaTV outside Japan. It is safe,fast and the only remaining choice if you wish to stream video from geo-restricted services like AbemaTV, Netflix US, BBC UK, Fox Australia and SkyTV Europe.

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How To Watch AbemaTV on Apple TV Outside Japan


The AbemaTV service is compatible with the Apple TV streaming box and its app is available to download on the iTunes App Store. You can also download the AbemaTV app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod from the App Store.

There are two ways to watch AbemaTV on AppleTV:

  1. Install AbemaTV app on your AppleTV
  2. Install AbemaTV app on your iOS/MacOSxdevice and mirror to the Apple TV

Do remember that AbemaTV is a Geo-restricted service and will not play outside Japan or without a Japanese IP address.

abematv japanese app on apple tv


How To Install AbemaTV Streaming App on Apple TV


If you wish to access AbemaTV outside Japan directly from your Apple TV then simply download the app to your Apple TV device. Once the app is installed don’t launch and play yet, now it’s time to setup your VPN service with a Japanese VPN server on the router.

  1. Signup to a VPN service (choose from our tested options if you’d like)
  2. Make sure you have a spare router to use, “don’t use the ISP router to configure VPN”
  3. Follow our router setup guide for AppleTV
  4. In case you have a different router check out this super router guide
  5. Once you have rebooted the router connect WI-FIto the Apple TV
  6. Launch AbemaTV app and start watching


How To Use/Access AbemaTV App on iOS Devices Outside Japan


Installing the AbemaTV app on your iOS (iPod, iPhone &iPad)device and mirror to the Apple TV is easier since you won’t have to go through the router setup phase. Setting up the VPN on your iOS device is much easier and then all you have to do is mirror your iOS device screen using AirPlay to the Apple TV.

  1. Install the AbemaTV app on your iOS device(s), don’t launch the app yet
  2. Install the VPN provider’s app for iOS or configure VPN manually on your iOS device
  3. Make sure both the Apple TV and your iOS device are connected to the same network
  4. Connect VPN to a Japan server
  5. Launch the Abema TV app now
  6. Tap the AirPlay and then select your Apple
  7. TV device to stream on the TV screen
  8. All videos should now be unblocked, Enjoy!


How To Unblock AbemaTV Outside Japan in 4 Easy Steps


You can access AbemaTV on your desktop web browser in no more than 4 steps, it’s that simple.Follow our guide below and you will have AbemaTV unblocked outside Japan in the next 15 minutes. There are 3 prerequisites that you must have before going ahead with the unblocking:

  1. Compatible Web Browser–Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 11 or above, Edge
  2. High Speed Internet connection –4 MBPS & Above
  3. VPN Service that offers a server in Japan

Let’s unblock AbemaTV outside Japan now:

  1. Connect your VPN to a Japan server

abematv outside japan

2. Launch a browser window and check your IP address on IPLocation


abematv vpn

3. Once confirmed, log on to AbemaTV

abematv logon


4. You should now be able to access all AbemaTV entertainment, Enjoy!


access abematv entertainment


In a Nutshell


I hope you will now be able to unblock & access AbemaTV outside Japan without any further issues. If you do face an issue do let us know and we will do our best to fix it for you.In case you have suggestions or feedback for improving my blog, do let me know in the comments section below.

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