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4oD is one of UK’s premier video on demand online video service that offers access to TV shows, and news from Channel 4, More4 and E4. The service is free to use and has unlimited access to all achieved online content from the Channel 4 network. It has an additional Catch Up option to watch TV show and news highlights from the past 30 days.

4oD is based in the United Kingdom and is geo-restricted for viewers in other parts of the world. To access it, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can choose from our list of the 5 best VPN service and unblock 4oD today:

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How to Watch 4oD Abroad with VPN

4oD was rebranded by Channel 4 in September 2015 to All 4 across all online platforms, desktop & mobile. The All4 website & apps, offer Now the feature giving you access to live TV broadcasts while the On Soon feature will show upcoming promos and allow you to set reminders for upcoming episodes. Since 4oD or All4 is geo-restricted we put VPN providers to the test to unblock the service and stream the service live.

We tested All4 without a VPN using our local IP address the website was accessible, but streaming services were blocked by the geo-restriction filter. We could click on videos but they could not be played.

watch 4od anywhere

The video stays stuck at 00:00 if you try to stream the videos from outside the UK

We used the legendary PureVPN to unblock & watch 4oD streaming connected to the provider’s London server. Once connected to PureVPN the video began to stream seamlessly without any lag.

Sign up to 4oD/All4 using VPN

When signing up for an All4 account using VPN, you need to connect to a UK server on your VPN app before beginning the sign up process. The sign up process requires you to enter a UK based postal code you can find UK postal codes easily on Google search. To sign up you need to:

  • Connect your VPN to any server in UK (We chose Berkshire for our test)
  • Go to the All4 (4oD) website and click sign up
  • Google search “postal code Berkshire
  • Enter your personal details and the postal code
  • Confirm your email
  • Log in and to watch All4 with your new VPN service

Note: Always have your VPN connected to stream videos.

How to watch All 4 on Apple TV in USA and France

For the streamers that want to watch All 4 on Apple TV and live in USA and France, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Configure your VPN on your router (Here’s a step-by-step guide to manually configure your router)
  • Connect your Apple TV to the router after the VPN is configured
  • Search for All4 app on the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Install the app
  • Sign up through the app
  • You need to enter a postal code of the UK area with your VPN is connected
  • Confirm your email
  • Sign in and enjoy all the original shows available on All4

How to watch All 4 on Sky

Sky TV has now added All4’s archives to its Catch Up TV service in the On Demand section. To watch All 4 on Sky, you need to:

  • Sign up for a Sky ID (For users outside UK, you can follow this guide to create a Sky ID)
  • Connect your VPN to a UK server
  • Login to your Sky account
  • Go to On Demand
  • Search for Catch Up TV
  • Select All4
  • Stream or download your shows


Set reminders for shows, stream recent episodes, or watch oldies on All 4 without being blocked by geo-restrictions. Unblock & watch 4oD/All4 TV shows & archived content with a VPN outside the UK. Choose from a huge list of entertainment and enjoy hours of TV shows and documentaries without having to worry about being blocked off based on your location.


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