Android devices are relatively unsecure with many known vulnerabilities within the popular operating system. The issue really occurs when you try to access geo-restricted services and websites like BBC iPlayer from the UK, HBO Now of USA, Fox Sports of Australia and many other geo-restricted services.

Then there is the issue of apps on the Google Play Store not appearing if you are not located within the prescribed region. This usually applies to all regions now since Google has dedicated an app store for every country. So, in case you can’t find Netflix, HULU, HBO, SKY and other apps on your Android device’s Play Store know that its Google’s restrictions.

A VPN for Android OS not only enables you to unblock blocked websites & apps, but also protects your data, IP address, location, identity, and device firmware.  If you search for a VPN on Android Play Store, you will found a never ending list of VPN providers offering you seamless security, access to blocked websites, and absolute protection. However, not all Android VPN providers uphold their privacy commitments.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of leading VPN for Android devices to unblock blocked websites that also make you anonymous and protect your traffic.

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Blocked Websites on Android

The number of devices using Android operating system is on the rise, and according to a report on Wall Street Journal, Google says it has 1.4 billion active users. Android is the most popular operating system for smart phones and tablets being used across the world to access the web. Countries including China, India, USA and Middle Eastern nations restrict their netizens from accessing websites and media from around the world.

For instance, China restricts all social media platforms and news websites for its netizens while Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Kuwait and Qatar not only censor news & entertainment but also block off health and well-being websites.

Similarly many regional websites also restrict their content for people living in a particular region. For instance, HULU, HBO and Netflix choose not to offer their video-on-demand streaming services to people living outside United States.

Whenever you send a request through your ISP to access a website, the website queries your IP address traces your location and then blocks access to the website. Your IP address tells the website your geographic location, and based on your geography you may not be able to access many websites or videos on your Android devices.

How to Access Blocked Websites on Android

A VPN effectively cloaks your IP address, and assign you a new IP address from its server needed to access the blocked website on your Android phone. A VPN changes your location on the basis of the server’s location. This means, if you wish to access BBC iPlayer (UK based streaming service), simply connect your VPN to a UK VPN server. This will unblock all geo-restricted website and services based in the UK on your Android device.

unblock websites on android

If you notice in our test above, we unblocked BBC iPlayer to watch Murder in Successville using PureVPN. All we had to do was connect the brilliant PureVPN app to a UK VPN server and it did the rest for us. The show was unblocked and we could watch it directly in the Android device browser plus we could also download the BBC iPlayer Android app and watch the TV show through the official app.

You can choose from our list of VPN from the above access blocked websites on Android phones from anywhere in the world. Our recommended VPNs will also guard your identity, location, IP address and data transfers.

Benefits of  VPN for Android Phone

Android OS has many known vulnerabilities, and hackers and cyber criminals invest very little efforts and resource to access your Android devices. Moreover, government surveillance initiatives by the NSA, UK, Australia, China, Canada, New Zealand, Israel and many other countries are also watching your online activities. A VPN for Android also allow you to avoid government surveillance and prevent severe cyber-attacks.

Some other benefits of using best VPN for Android include:

  • Protection over public Wi-Fi hotspots,
  • Easy to use apps for Android on Google Play Store
  • Enhanced IP address & location security,
  • Secure & encrypted file sharing,
  • Online anonymity & IP Security,
  • Robust network security.


Hope you find our solutions to unblock blocked websites on Android devices helpful. If you need more information or face any issues do not hesitate to comment, we will be happy to help you access you favorite blocked websites on your Android device. You can also follow us on Twitter @VPNBest to stay updated about latest news, trends and events in the world of privacy.

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