VOOT is an exclusive Video on Demand streaming service from Viacom 18, one of India’s largest & fastest growing media networks. The service gives access to leading TV shows including the renowned Bigg Boss reality series, movies, reality shows, documentaries, cartoons, animated movies and plenty of original content from VOOT itself.

Unblock Voot Outside India

VOOT is known for its brilliant android app now available on Google Play. The Voot android app offers excellent social engagement features, a top notch recommendation service, social sharing on all available platforms and the ability to send shout-outs to your contact lists.

As mentioned above the service is an exclusive for Indian viewers only. This means that you cannot access the service from anywhere outside India, unless you use a VPN or Virtual Private Network and hide behind an IP address from India.

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How to Watch Voot In USA

PC users can easily watch hundreds of TV shows, cartoons, and movies on VOOT by simply logging on to the provider’s website. Now, do remember that the website will give you access but play none of the media in case you are accessing the website from outside India with a foreign IP address.

To unblock VOOT you will require:

  • A high speed internet connection
  • A VPN service
  • Mobile device or PC

To unblock VOOT outside India, here is what you do:

  • Clear your browser cache and close it
  • Connect your VPN to an India VPN server

voot unblocked via purevpn

  • Re-open browser and go to VOOT.com
  • Access the complete Voot video library without any restrictions

How to Watch VOOT in Canada

Canadian streaming enthusiast can watch VOOT from the comfort of their homes, on the go, at work, at school and everywhere for that matter. All you require is a mobile device (tablet, smartphone)/ PC, a VPN service (why not check out this BVP Exclusive offer from PureVPN) and an internet connection.

Simply connect your VPN service with an Indian server and watch VOOT in full HD playback from anywhere in Canada. Follow the steps provided above. Do remember that your choice of VPN will matter when it comes to speed, video quality and server stability.

Always test your VPN provider through a free trial or money back guarantee offer. Canadian users’ are recommended to test their VPN provider’s speed and streaming quality before committing in the long run. Keep in mind that not all VPN providers work the same for every city and country.

How to Watch VOOT in UK

Unblocking VOOT in the UK is easy as eating cake.

  • Clear your browser caches and saved files
  • Connect your VPN service to an India server
  • Go to IPLocation.net or WhatismyIPaddress.com, to confirm your IP address
  • Open a new browser window and access VOOT.com

Make sure of the following:

  • Your VPN provider offers servers in India (PureVPN, Ivacy VPN , ExpressVPN)
  • Your VPN provider has high speed streaming servers
  • Your VPN provider offers desktop & mobile apps
  • Your VPN provider offers live help throughout the day
  • You have a high speed broadband connection

In a Nutshell

Enjoy VOOT from anywhere in the world and catch all the action from the Bigg Boss House with Salman Khan in season 10. Access the full archives including movies, tv shows and much more. In case you are geo-restricted by the website consider using a VPN.

Have a look at our exclusive $35 Per Year PureVPN offer or consider choosing from the provider table above. In case you have any questions or any issues leave us a comment below and remember to follow us @VPNBest.


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