If you are tired of using your expensive traditional phone plans then TextNow provides an excellent alternative. It is a free app that works on all Wi-Fi enabled devices and offers unlimited calls and texts. For those that do not have connectivity to Wi-Fi internet, then TextNow offers a paid package through which you can make unlimited calls and texts.

The paid package is called TextNow Wireless and is the world’s first all-IP cloud based mobile service (as claimed by the website). Unfortunately, TextNow is only accessible in United States and Canada. This poses a problem if you try to download the app outside US or Canadian play stores.

Similarly, many schools and universities have blocked TextNow due to the internet restrictions and selective filters they have in-place. This is where you need a VPN service to unblock TextNow.

Unblock TextNow from Anywhere

There are many ways through which you can unblock TextNow but nothing works best than a VPN service. The ability of a VPN to mask your identity and change your virtual location is what allows you to unblock TextNow from anywhere. Below listed are some of the best VPN for TextNow you can choose from.

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To unblock TextNow app, all you have to do is connect to US or Canadian servers offered by a VPN. This creates a secure tunnel through which all your internet traffic is passed through. This in turn masks your original IP address and replaces it with the IP address of VPN server, showing your location to be within USA or Canada.

Download TextNow App from Outside US & Canada

Since TextNow app is only available in US and Canadian play stores, you will need a VPN to download TextNow. With a VPN by your side, you can change the location of your play store (iOS & Android) to United States and Canada.

Google Play Store and Apple Play Store work by tracing your location based on your IP address. When you use a VPN and connect to servers located in either US or Canada, your location is automatically changed. This way the play store recognizes your location to be within the allowed region and grants you access to download Text Now app.

Bypass Internet Restrictions with VPN for TextNow

One of the problems with TextNow is that you cannot call internationally if you are traveling or living outside USA or Canada. This is because TextNow calls are supported for US and Canadian residents and only work on US or Canadian phone numbers.

Similarly, there are internet restrictions placed in schools, universities, hotels, and other institutions. They filter the internet content that passes through their network. Since TextNow is an internet based phone carrier, access to TextNow is also restricted under such circumstances.

This is where a VPN for TextNow comes to your aid. The wide spread of servers located across US and Canada allows you to bypass these internet restrictions and unblock TextNow no matter where you are located.


TextNow is the next upcoming thing in the world of online communication and it already has an extensive user base. Founded in 2009, TextNow has over 50 million users. However, with the service only available in US and Canada, TextNow can further expand its consumer base.

Our list of VPN for TextNow mentioned above will help you unblock the service from any corner on earth. It will also help you download TextNow app and also lift the internet restrictions placed by various institutions.

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