With social media websites taking the internet by storm, their use throughout the world has sky rocketed in the last decade or so. Services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, and many more have emerged as the leading the channels for social communication, enabling people to connect each other across the globe.

Social media has provided avenues for various businesses to provide solutions to their customers. It has opened an avenue for obtaining quick information about various products and services. It allows users to voice their opinions, spread information like wildfire. If that’s not all, social media provides employment opportunities for thousands of people.

Unfortunately, all these benefits are cut short as many of these social media websites are blocked in various countries due to internet censorship laws. Some institutions have also blocked these services within their premises. So how do you access social media websites? Use a VPN service.

5 Best VPN to Unblock Social Media Websites

There are many VPN services that you can use for unblocking social media websites. To help you select, we have shortlisted the five best VPN providers you can choose from. These providers will help you overcome the problem of geo blocks, internet censorship, and other restrictions that are in place for accessing social media channels.

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Countries that Block Social Media Websites

There are numerous countries that are considered enemies of the internet. This is because of the strict internet censorship laws they have implemented and blocked access to various social media websites. Among the various social media channels, three services come under scrutiny from time and time again; these include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The prime reasons that are associated for banning or blocking these social media services at ISP level include anti government campaigns, social uprising, civil disobedience, terrorism, hate speeches, and negative word of mouth against government officials and politicians. However, with a VPN by your side, you can access these websites from within these regions.

Here are some of the major countries that have blocked the following social media websites:

  • China: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, & Instagram.
  • Turkey: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
  • North Korea: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, & Instagram.
  • Iran: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & Google Plus.
  • Pakistan: YouTube
  • Vietnam: Facebook
  • Germany: YouTube
  • Tajikistan & Afghanistan: YouTube
  • UAE: Facebook, Flicker, Twitter’s Periscope
  • Russia: Facebook (certain pages)

Unblock Social Media Channels at School or Work

Now are feeling bored at work or school? Want to know what your friends are sharing on Facebook? Or do you want to watch a video on YouTube to lift the boredom? There are many institutions that block social media services on their intranet.

Such restrictions are very common at various workplaces and educational institutes (schools, colleges & universities). You can overcome these internet restrictions using a VPN service. The 5 VPN providers listed above also provide exclusive apps for your handheld devices. So whether you are using a Smartphone, tablet, or PC, with a VPN you can access social media channels without any difficulty.

Access Social Media Services While Traveling

One of the biggest challenges faced by many travelers is their inability to communicate back home via social media. This problem is further intensified if you are traveling to any of the regions where major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are blocked.

This is where you need to pack a VPN service with you while traveling abroad. A VPN will help you unblock all restricted social media websites. It will also help to keep your identity and sensitive data safe from hackers, spammers, and other malicious goons operating on unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, cafes or airports.


To sum everything up, the use of social media is increasing at a rapid rate as more and more internet penetration takes place in various regions. A report compiled by ‘We Are Social’ concluded that there are more than 2 billion active social media accounts as of 2015.

This statistic is said to increase in the coming future and with more users using social media services, pressure from governments and law making agencies over their appropriate use will also continue to increase.

Hence, using a VPN becomes that much more important for unblocking social media websites from any corner on earth. It will help you bypass geo restrictions and internet censorship blockades while keeping all your personal activities safe from online surveillance and cyber attacks.

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