Reddit is a leading entertainment, news, and social networking website established with millions of users’ from across the world. Users’ can post text comments, direct links, photos, memes, offer product & service reviews, communicate in addition to providing advice for various issues across various areas of interest.

unblock reddit

While the forum is open to users from all regions of the world, some governments restrict Reddit within their cyberspace, particularly Russia, China and North Korea.Usually, Reddit enthusiasts in these regions and those restricted by their work & school networks use Virtual Private Networks to access the social platform.

Why You Need To Unblock Reddit

Reddit is not a typical social network where users can post routine selfies, unless you’re trying to be sarcastic. The forum is home to some of the cleverest, funniest, vibrant, and up to date online communities. It is divided into sections called “subreddits.”

Eachsub-Reddit allows users’ to posts a thread of comments & media including links, photos, surveys and plain text comments. Every thread is rated for quality through voting and the best ones are exclusively displayed in the top bar of the site.

At times Reddit bans certain topics upon special requests that are linked to social issues, terrorist attacks, or anything that a government may not like. The most recent example was the Orlando nightclub attack. Reddit began to ban posts related to thetragic event after the FBI mentioned that the attacker could be a Muslim terrorist. After this, the platform began to ban all posts that mentioned the attack or the attacker’s name within minutes of posting.

In case you haven’t experienced Reddit due to network or national restrictions at work, at school or in your region then a Virtual Private Network can help you unblock Reddit instantly. For your convenience, we have tested and assorted the best China VPN providers to unblock Reddit below:

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How To Unblock Reddit

Here’s a step by step guide on Reddit VPN. We used PureVPN to demonstrate the process.

Unblock Reddit with VPN

Step 1

Connect to the VPN service and select any server in the US, UK or any other server from Europe.

step 1

Step 2

Open to confirm that it is unblocked

step 2


Click on Sign up and this will complete your process of unblocking Reddit.

step 3

Make sure that every time you sign in to your Reddit account, you must connect to your VPN first.

Note: Reddit has also banned in ukraine, read our Ukraine vpn blog for more information.

In a Nutshell

If you have reached this far then you would have been able to unblock Reddit with Reddit VPN from anywhere in the world and can join the internet’s biggest social forum. If you found it helpful, share our blog post with your friends to help others too.

If you have any issues or questions in unblocking Reddit or installing and running a VPN, please leave us a message in the comment section below.

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