How to Unblock Kodi in UK And Watch EPL/Football Live Streams

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Kodi has been home to a massive library of entertainment channels including movies, TV shows, documentaries, animation &cartoons, and of course everyone’s favorite sports. There are a large number of unofficial sports streaming add-ons for Kodi including those for cricket, football, athletics, American football, Ice Hockey, UFC and the list goes on and on. Have a read through our detailed guide on how to unblock Kodi in UK. Learn to bypass all geo-restrictions placed by copyrgiht holders in the United Kingdom especially on Premier League live streaming channels.


Kodi Boxes Banned in UK

The United Kingdom will become the first country to officially ban Fully Loaded Kodi boxes pre-configured with English Premier League streaming channels. On 6th March 2017, 65 year old Malcolm Mayes was served with a £250,000 penalty for selling fully configures Kodi boxes for £1,000 each.

Copyright holders BTSport, Sky Sports and Virgin Media have also been given legal approval to demand blocking of servers that are used to broadcast official Premier League streams for free.


kodi boxes banned in uk - our perspective


How To Unblock Kodi And Watch Banned Add-ons in UK

Warning! Don’t install add-ons before reading our Kodi VPN Guide

Kodi has come under severe scrutiny. Authorities are hot on their tails to hunt down Kodi users. Check out our Kodi VPN guide to find out how to stay anonymous. Learn how unblock Kodi add-ons and secure your privacy from copyright holders.


how to unblock kodi in uk


Before we begin unblocking EPL channels let’s just clear something up, consider it a real time fact check, Kodi is not banned in the UK. Kodi boxes loaded with pre-configured Kodi add-ons are now banned from being sold as they accompany a hefty fine. Now, on to unblock EPL channels on Kodi in the United Kingdom … author laughs maniacally!

Once matches begin on weekends, copyright holders will be empowered to block all servers that are used to host the IPTV streaming of English Premier League matches. The real issue is not Kodi, it is infact the IP address you are using that instantly places a block on your ISP to deny the connection to Kodi’s Premier League streams, a classic case of IP based geo-restrictions.

You can bypass this block instantly and unblock kodi depending on the device you have, it’s a bit different for streaming boxes
This clever hack allows you to hiding your IP address with that of any other neighboring European country and access the banned Kodi channels on your media center. We have reviewed over 5 high speed VPN services for you to choose from, here is a list of our top 5 while more can be found in our website’s Kodi VPN Reviews section:

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How to Unblock Kodi Banned Channels on Windows in UK


Kodi Windows users’in the UK will consider themselves the luckiest, since there is more support for the OS than any other devices. For Kodi Windows, you can unblock kodi by:

  1. Launch your VPN service
  2. Connect to a server in Luxembourg, Netherlands etc.
  3. Launch Kodi
  4. Go to your desired add-on and start streaming EPL football


How to Unblock Kodi Boxes Banned Channels in UK Using Router


Unblocking banned Premier League channels on Kodi Boxes requires you to configure the VPN service on a router. Remember never to setup the VPN on the provider router (it normally doesn’t allow you). You can follow our guide on how to setup your VPN on a router with our guide here (remember to use a server close to the UK, consider one from Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands).

In case you have an issue on how to unblock kodi in uk, send us your router make & model and we will try to provide you with perfect setup guide.

Once you have configured the VPN on the router, simply restart it then:

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Go to Videos
  3. Stream your favorite EPL channels without any problems


Why Kodi EPL Channels IPTV Streams Blocked By SkyTV


After much controversy, Sky Sports officially called it and got legal approval to ban all servers that are used to deliver IPTV streams of EPL matches for free.Previously, Sky had the ability to ban one server at a time which would allow the broadcaster to move on to another server and start streaming again.


Why Kodi Channels IPTV Streams Blocked By SkyTV


This time the official EPL partner and copyright holder of EPL’s online streaming has taken matters seriously. After continual violations of its copyrights, a UK court have banned the sale & use of fully loaded Kodi boxes that have channels pre-configured ready to use by simply plugging into a TV.


Why Kodi Football Channels IPTV Streams Blocked By BT Infinity


BTSport is also the official partner & copyright holder of the English Premier League together with SkySports. BTSport will also ban all servers used to broadcast for all customers using their BT Infinity broadband service. Since all BT Infinity users are on UK IP addresses, their activities will be monitored and when they access the Kodi EPL streaming the ISP will deny access to the server.


Kodi Channels Blocked By BT Infinity and Penalty Fines


In a Nutshell


Hope you got those Premier League Streams unblocked by hiding behind a different IP address. Just in case it didn’t work for you, let us know and we will do our best to crush those geo-restrictions and unblock kodi in uk. If you liked the article simple hit one of the social buttons and share it now. Help all your friends unblock their favorite EPL streams on Kodi and enjoy football unrestricted.

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