Launched on 7 April 2015, HBO NOW is a standalone, over-the-top subscription, VOD service that allows subscribers from the US to access original TV series and theatrically released motion pictures online. The VOD is as a competing service to Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. It allows users to watch their favorite content on all digital media players, tablet devices, smartphones, and personal computers.

Developed by MLBAM (who are also the creators of WWE Network and Watch ESPN), the online streaming-service boasts quite a huge following. The VOD initially had over a million of paying subscribers in July 2015. Those numbers have now increased significantly with over two million paying subscribers by February 2017. The problem: HBO NOW is only accessible in a limited list of countries.

If you want to learn How to Unblock HBO Now in Canada and other locations, read this detailed guide below:


HBO NOW Country Availability

As a VOD service, HBO NOW imposes strict geo-restrictions similar to Hulu and Netflix. Only residents from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and the United States can visit the website and gain access to complete HBO content. (Read our another guide on how to watch hbo now outside usa) The service itself cannot offer the VOD outside of the country, as its Terms of Use explicitly forbids it from providing access to those outside the United States.


Is HBO NOW Available In Canada?

The service itself is not available in Canada, but you can gain access to HBO content via Bell’s Streaming platform called “CraveTV”. The catch: this app only gives you access to the network’s back catalogue. As a result, subscribers cannot watch new programs like Silicon and Game of Throne, as Bell has an exclusive contract with HBO, which likely will not change anytime soon.

This means, cord cutters that are not located in the US or do not have a subscription to any traditional cable service – have no official way for using HBO NOW in Canada. This is quite the shame, considering that most people are even willing to pay for the content available on the VOD. Nevertheless, if you are tired about seeing messages like “HBO NOW video not available in your region”, we do have a solution!

If you want to get HBO NOW in Canada, you will need to sign up for a VPN service. This will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and mask your IP address, making it appear as if you were located in the US. At the same time, VPNs secure your entire browser and internet traffic with military-grade encryption. This ensures governmental agencies and local ISPs cannot spy on your internet activity.

The only problem you will likely face is during the signup of HBO NOW. You must make the payment with a U.S credit card. As a result, you will need to take a few steps for tricking the VOD (by entering a fake U.S. address, zip code, and phone number) or either you can tell a relative/friend in the US to make the payment for you.

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How to Unblock HBO NOW in Canada on Apple TV

When signing up for a VPN service, it is imperative that you choose one that supports simultaneous connections on multiple devices. This way, you can watch HBO NOW by pretending to be using a U.S. internet connection, even on your Apple TV. Simply enter the wireless network settings offered by your VPN service into the Apple TV. You can even use a DNS for unblocking HBO NOW on Apple TV.

Fill out both: the primary and secondary DNS fields, depending on what proxy service you are using. Once the process is completed, your Apple TV will now trick the VOD service into thinking you are actually located in the United States. Next, all you have to do is navigate and link your HBO NOW subscription to the TV.

How to Unblock HBO NOW in Canada on Apple TV


HBO NOW Canada Shows

There are plenty of entertaining HBO NOW Canada shows to watch. Among the top, include Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, The Wire, Sopranos, True Detective, True Blood, Deadwood, and Tonight with John Oliver. Once you have gained access to the HBO NOW website, you will also gain an exclusive and extensive list of many more amazing TV shows and movies!


How to Watch Game of Thrones on HBO NOW Canada

In Canada, the only official way to watch new HBO content like Game of Thrones is to spend over $20 per month for a movie network package. This does not include the cost of a regular digital cable TV plan, which typically ranges between $40 and $50. The easiest and probably least expensive medium is to get a VPN subscription that hardly costs around $6 per month, use it to connect a server in the US, and subscribe to the VOD itself by paying $14.99. Read our updated guide on watch game of thrones online.

Watch Game of Thrones on HBO NOW Canada

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