Minnesota based gaming magazine, Game Informer, is a top resource for gamers in the US and around the world to get latest news, blog posts, editorial reviews, strategy guides and more from the online gaming world. Game Informer now boasts a readership of an estimated 7 million readers (US statistics) in 2014 alone for their print version.

The Online version of Game Informer was released back in 1996, and has taken strides to become one of the leading online gaming magazines today. After being abandoned by parent company GameStop in 2001, GameInformer.com was revived in 2003 with a new design and brilliant new features including a game reviews sections, news updates plus both editorial & user blogs.

Game Informer Geo-restrictions

Sad news for GameInformer.com readers though, the website has now been geo-restricted by parent company GameStop. Restrictions apply for users accessing the website from Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe (only accessible in the UK), Australia & New Zealand, South America and Africa. So, technically anywhere outside USA you will find GameInformer.com geo-restricted.

unblock game informer

GameInformer.com Geo-Restriction in Play

Unblock Game Informer

Loyal GameInformer.com readers need not worry, you can unblock GameInformer.com from anywhere in the world with a Virtual Private Network or VPN. Since there are no complex graphics or interactive content involve a simple & wallet friendly VPN service should do the job

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Since GameInformer.com is only available to access through US IP addresses, I would recommend using a VPN provider with multiple US servers so you never encounter issues unblocking the website.

game informer blocked in europe

A User’s thread on Reddit regarding the Game Informer Geo-block

How to Unblock Game Informer outside US

Unblocking GameInformer.com is no more than 3 clicks. All you require is a decent VPN service that offers a US VPN server. To unblock game informer we have prepared a proper illustrated guide to help you through the process and enjoy your beloved gaming news, blogs, reviews and guides from anywhere in the world.

To unblock the Game Informer website, begin by connecting your VPN service to a US Server:

vpn unblocking gameinformer

I use PureVPN as my default provider

Go to your browser window, you will now have full unrestricted access to GameInformer.com

region gameinformer


Enjoy GameInformer.com from anywhere in the world and enjoy your favorite blogs, news updates, guides and more on Game Informer today. Also get saving coupons and discounts for your favorite games from GameStop.

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