Ever wondered that you are being watched but you cannot see who is watching you? Sounds like a plot from a classic horror movie? Well the fact is that in this digital age, there are many malicious entities that are watching your every move and they can make your life a living nightmare.

Whatever that you do over the internet, is either monitored by your government, other surveillance agencies or your ISP. If that’s not all, cyber criminals are lurking in the shadows to gain access to all your private and sensitive information.

With that being said, your only chance of survival in this horror infested world is to use a VPN for Mac. It will protect you against various evils present over the internet and also grant you access to uncharted territories of the internet. Using our guide, you can easily setup VPN on Mac and remain safe at all times.

How to Setup VPN on Mac

You can setup VPN on Mac using two different methods. The first method is that you can download and use a VPN client or software exclusively for Mac. Secondly, you can configure the VPN service manually on Mac using the steps listed below. The choice between the two methods depends on you.

Using a VPN client for Mac is the easier of the two methods as all you have to do is download the VPN software, install it on your Mac, and use the VPN. However, if VPN software does not work for you, then you can setup VPN on Mac manually. Here are the steps for configuring a VPN for Mac:

Go to Apple menu and click ‘System Preferences’.

How to setup VPN on Mac

Now click ‘Network’ under the heading Internet & Network.

How to setup VPN on Mac

A network connection service list will open, click on ‘+’ icon at the bottom left of the screen to add a new VPN connection.

How to setup VPN on Mac

Click on the ‘Interface’ drop down menu and select ‘VPN’.

How to setup VPN on Mac

A new option will appear ‘VPN type’. Select the protocol you want to use from the drop down menu (PPTP or L2TP over IPSec). Enter the ‘Service Name’ you want for your connection and click ‘Create’.

How to setup VPN on Mac

Once the new connection has been created, enter the Server Address, Account Name, Encryption, and other authentication information given by your VPN provider. Enter the ‘password’ under ‘Authentication Settings’. If you selected L2TP protocol, then you can enter the Shared secret key under ‘Authentication Settings’.

How to setup VPN on Mac

Now click ‘Advance’ and check the option ‘Send all traffic over VPN connection’ and hit ‘OK’.

How to setup VPN on Mac

Click ‘Apply’ and that’s it, you are done. Hit ‘Connect’ and you will now be connected to your Mac VPN service.

How to setup VPN on Mac

Best VPN for Mac

Now that you know how to setup VPN on Mac, here are some of the best VPN providers for Mac. There are numerous VPN services that are currently operating in the industry but to make it easier for you, we have narrowed the list down to top 5 VPNs for Mac.

These VPN services are easy to setup on Mac and many of them provide their own VPN client. A VPN will keep you anonymous over the internet by masking your true identity. It will also keep your sensitive information safe over the internet by tunneling it through secure protocols and encrypting it. The numerous servers offered by each of these VPN service will allow you to bypass geo restrictions and unblock any website from anywhere on earth.




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Authors Recommendation

A VPN will provide you with many benefits. We have already mentioned some of these benefits above as it will grant you complete online privacy and unrestricted internet accessibility.

Online privacy should of paramount importance to you as governmental surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ constantly record metadata in bulk. These agencies are not just restricted to US and UK, they have collaborated with many other similar companies around the world that monitor and track your every action.

Our recommendation is that you use a best VPN service to remain anonymous over the internet and not let anyone eavesdrop on your private life. It will also help you unblock content that is subject to geo restrictions and internet censorship. You can setup VPN on Mac by using our step by step guide and secure your Mac network.

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