The iPhone is one of the most famed smartphones changing the way how people communicate and browse the web.There are more than 100 million iPhone users in the US alone, with some 150 million in China.

The situation is not all hunky dory for iPhone users’ anymore as various cyber security companies report that iOS devices will be the next big platform targeted by hackers and cyber criminals. Hence, users should know how to setup best vpn for iphone to improve their online secrecy to cope up with online security issues.

In this article, I will take you through a complete illustrated step by step guide to configure VPN (using L2TP protocol) on the iPhone 6 & 6S manually.


How to Manual Setup iPhone 6/6S VPN


To setup your VPN on the iPhone 6/6s start:

  1. From your Home Screen go to Settings > General > VPN

how to setup iphone 6/6s vpn     2. In the VPN Settings Menu tap Add VPN Configuration

iphone 6/6s vpn configuration     3. In the VPN Configuration Menu, fill the following fields

  • Type – Tap and select L2TP, then go back
  • Description – Give your VPN a name like “Ivacy L2TP”
  • Server – Enter the server you wish to connect through, lists are available on provider websites
  • Account – Enter your VPN username, contact provider if unavailable
  • RSA SecureID – Leave as it is
  • Password – Enter your VPN password, contact provider if unavailable
  • Secret – Enter the secret key provided by theVPN service, contact VPN support if unavailable
  • Send all traffic –Tap and make sure this setting is ON
  • Proxy –Make sure this setting is set to OFF

iphone 6/6s vpn menu configuration

4. Once all fields are completed tap Done on the top right

5. You will now be in the VPN Settings Menu and your new L2TP connection should be ready to use

iphone 6/6s vpn settings menu l2tp

6. Tap the Status button on top of your VPN Connection and it should connect

iphone 6/6s vpn add configuration menu

7. Enjoy Restriction free browsing!


What If iPhone 6/6S VPN Won’t Turn Off


A common problem identified by iPhone 6 users is that the VPN connection does not turn off. After setting up a VPN on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, users are unable to turn off their VPN connections on demand. The solution is quite simple for iPhone 6/6s users:

Go to General> VPN Settings>VPN

After tapping VPN, turn on “Connect on Demand”. Your iPhone6 VPN should now disconnect and you can turn the VPN on & off as required.


In a Nutshell

Hope you will find my iPhone 6 VPN illustrated guide useful, just in case there is an issue leave me a comment below and Iwill find you the best solution for it.

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