The Google Chromecast has been an awesome treat for video & music streaming fans ever since its release in 2013. Google’s wallet friendly streaming device has swept aside competing devices, including the Apple TV, with rapid improvements and design upgrades. Many of Google Chromecast apps however are still geo-restricted leaving us no choice but to unblock favorites like BBC iPlayer, HULU, FOX, Sky Sports and many other using a VPN for Chromecast.

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What is a Chromecast VPN?

Virtual Private Networks are exclusive privacy & unblocking tools that bypass geo-restrictions placed on websites, software and apps by vendors like BBC, Sky, Fox, NBC, ABC, NBA, UFC, Spotify, Pandora Radio and thousands of others based on IP address and location of a user.

what is a chromecast vpn

Chromecast VPN for that matter refers to providers that excel in unblocking Google Chromecast apps while providing high speed streaming. For instance, HBO is geo-restricted to viewers in the USA only. To bypassgeo-restrictions placed on the HBO Now app you can either cast the app directly from your android device with a Chromecast VPN connected on the device or, access the HBO Now app on the Chromecast and configure the VPN on your router.

A Chromecast VPN replaces your IP address& location letting you enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, videos, and music as if you are in the host region. Cloaking your IP address & location with Chromecast VPN services is not only effective and easy but also highly secure.

How to Setup Chromecast VPN on Your Router

You cannot setup a VPN onto the Chromecast since the device doesn’t offer inbuilt support. However, you can choose between configuring your Chromecast VPN on your router and by casting media to the Chromecast using Android devices (Smartphones & tablets) or your Chrome browser.

Setting up a VPN for Chromecast is simple given you have certain details from the VPN provider and know which region you will be accessing to unblock apps. For instance, streaming fans who wish to unblock BBC iPlayer with Chromecast VPN have to connect to a UK VPN server. Those who wish to unblock HBO Now to watch Game of Thrones or Last Week Tonight will be required to use a US VPN server.

Setting Up Chromecast VPN on Your Router

To begin setting up your Chromecast VPN begin by entering your router’s IP address. This can be found by

  1. Go to the Windows start menu, search for “cmd.exe” and execute
  2. At the Command Prompt type in “ipconfig”, the ‘Default Gateway’ is your router’s IP address

how to setup chromecast vpn on router

Now, we will move on to configure your brand new Chromecast VPN on your router.

  1. Make sure your PC/Laptop is connected to the router either with a cable or through WI-FI
  2. Open a web browser (any browser will do), type in the Default Gateway address we searched for above
  3. If you are prompted for a Username & Password, check for these details at the bottom of your router, we have shown an example below.

chromcast router password

  • You should now be logged into your router configuration page (we configured IvacyVPN on our Linksys Router)

chromecast router protocols

Within the Setup/Settings/Configuration (varies by manufacturer) menu change the protocol to PPTP.

  • Next, you will require to enter the Server IP Address, Username and Password (ask your VPN provider for these details)

chromecast router server ip

  • Finish the setup by scrolling down and saving your new configuration

chromecast router setting

  • Reboot your router and you should now be behind the Chromecast VPN server’s protection. Unblock favorite apps and enjoy unlimited entertainment.
In a Nutshell

The Chromecast is the full entertainment bundle but offers restricted apps and media.  However, you can watch your favorite videos, movies and TV series, and listen to the music you love all around the world with a Chromecast VPN.

Select from our suggested list of providers to unblock your favorite entertainment, browse your favorite website and enjoy mobile gaming on your TV screen.

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