The squad of guns and muscles is back to turn things upside-down once again.  This time, we will witness a new saga that revolves around a newly introduced protagonist JD Fenix. The Coalition Studios have released a pre-release beta version for Gears Of War fans to test out the new installment in the franchise. This way gamers can report any physical or graphical bugs experienced during the beta testing, and which can be improved once the full game hits the shelves.

Where You Can Download Gears Of War 4 Beta

Simply, log into your Xbox Live account and download Gears Of War Beta absolutely free. It’s for a limited time, so we advise that you hurry-up. However, if you are a gamer that resides in Japan or China, you will not be able to download the Beta.  Don’t believe us? Here’s a screenshot from the official website of Gears Of War:

How to Play Gears Of War 4 Beta In China & Japan

How To Download Gears Of War 4 Beta

To download Gears Of War 4 Beta, you’ll require a VPN service. With a VPN, you can change your virtual location to anywhere in the world you want to be in. below listed VPN’s have servers located across the globe, allowing you to download Gears of War Beta in Japan and China without any hassle.

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Down Gears of War 4 Beta in China

For all the Gears of War gamers in China, simply use one of our recommended China VPN services listed above, select a server based in Russia or Austria, go to Xbox Live and download Gears Of War 4 Beta without a hassle.

Download Gears Of War 4 Beta In Japan

Similarly, gamers in Japan, with one of our listed VPN services, you can virtually be in anywhere in the world you like. All you’re required to do is select one of our recommended VPN services, connect to a server based in either Russia or US and download Gears Of War 4 Beta straight from Xbox Live without a problem.

In Conclusion

To wrap everything up, Gears Of War 4 is the ultimate hack-and-slash game one can think of. It’s gruesome action and captivating gameplay made it one of Xbox’s prominent titles. Dont miss the chance to play in china and japan using xbox one vpn, you can imagine where things will go on from here.

Plus, with our recommended VPN services, you can download Gears Of War 4 Beta from anywhere in the world, including China and Japan.

Are you hyped for Gears Of War 4? Let us know in the comments section below!

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