DropZone Released on February 17, 2017


how to play dropzone on steam in asia


2 years in development and a further 6 months spent in closed-beta the release of DropZone on Steam Early Access has got gamers flooding Steam for a taste of the highly awaited sci-fi action RTS. Game developers have established in an interview on the Steam blog that the game will remain in Early Access for several more months to enhance & expand features based on feedback from gamers.


how to unblock dropzone in asia


Although gameplay is spot on as reported by various gamers online, much of the graphical and other in-game content is still missing. Developers are constantly adding new elements in the game through weekly patches. You can enjoy the Early Access gameplay streaming on Twitch and also learn new tricks in this how to play dropzone guide.

People are seriously getting hooked on it:



DropZone Blocked in Asia


US & European gamers will have exclusive access to DropZone while the game remains blacked out in all of Asia. I ran to my PC when I found out there was a Sci-Fi MOBA (technically RTS MOBA) in Early Access on Steam but I was welcomed by this message informing me that DropZone is blocked in Asia:


why dropzone blocked in asia?


Including all other users who discovered DropZone is blocked in Asia, So I took to social networks to find out if there was an easier solution that doing this with a VPN or use a proxy server, and I found nothing but this response from one of the developers on Reddit:


dropzone region locked


So, there you have it the game will not be available in Steam Early Access to most of Asia, which includes most of the Middle East and all of South East Asia.But that’s not it not only is the game geo-restricted but also limited to the Windows platform, being unavailable over Mac OSx and Linux.


How to Unblock DropZone on Steam in 5 Steps


I had two choices, shut up, be patient and wait for the closed-beta to end, or,put up,click on my VPN, and unblock DropZone on Steam. So I didn’t exactly what I should have 5 hours ago, I connected to a US-Chicago server with my VPN service and unblocked DropZone on Steam while in Asia.Once connected to the VPN, instead of looking the title up on the Steam clientI logged on to the Steam website and viola, DropZone unblocked. Here is a step by step guide to unblock DropZone in Asia:


  1. Before we begin unblocking DropZone, go to your Steam client top menu and click Steam > Settings >Downloads > change Download Region to a US city. Shut Down Steam now.


dropzone download region steam


2. Connect your VPN service to a United States server (I have chosen a US-Chicago server)

3. Once connected to the US VPN server, go to Steam’s DropZone page, you should now be able to see the PLAY GAME option in the Early Access Game box as shown below.


dropzone early access on steam


4. When you click Play Game, a new box will pop open asking you if Steam is installed or not, just click Yes, Steam is Installed to proceed.


got steam desktop app installation


5. Steam will launch automatically, confirm the download and start the file download process.


dropzone download steam


You have successfully unblocked DropZone in Asia, let the download complete and even though it’s slow let the VPN stay connected. Once your download is complete, shut down Steam and then disconnect your VPN service. You should now be able to play DropZone in Asia without any further prerequisites. Check out our recommended vpn services having servers in USA:

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In a Nutshell


DropZone is finally out on Steam in the Early Access service provided by the gaming vendor. The popular Sci-Fi RTS/MOBA title is currently not available in regions outside USA, select regions of Asia and Australia, being in the beta-test stage. For those in other continents than the ones mentioned there is a simple trick to unblock DropZone in Asia & other regions.

I hope my step by step guide helped you easily unblock DropZone. In case you are facing issues simply leave me a message below and the team respond to you ASAP. Seen you again soon with other neat tricks and guides.


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