The fifteenth installment of the Battlefield franchise will hit stores on the 21st of October 2016 in the US. The new title by Electronic Arts DICE has been labeled Battlefield 1, making it the first major entry of the franchise since Battlefield 4 (2013).

Battlefield 1 will be released over Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin. The PC Deluxe version will be released on the 18th of October, while Xbox One EA Access subscribers get 10 hours of preview game play starting the 13th of October.Battlefield 1 is similar to its predecessors, an action packed first person shooter but set in the events of World War 1 for the first time.


How to Play Battlefield 1 Early


After the designer of Battlefield 1, Daniel Berlin, teased about the in-game dynamics gamers have been swarming the internet looking for ways to get the latest Battlefield title from anywhere in the world.To get the game early before it’s released globally you will need a VPN to buy Battlefield 1 early for outside the UK, USA and Canada.

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Gamers on Windows PC can get early access on the 18th of October 2016 with Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition available for $79.99 on Origin. You can get the Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition for PC from origins official page when it comes out on Tuesday 18th of October, or wait for the standard version to release on the 21st of October. The PC version of the game will not be sold with a disc and will be completely online this time in North America. Even the boxed PC version sold in-store will contain a product code and not a disc.

how to play battlefield 1 early

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers will however have to wait for the worldwide release on the 21st of October. Xbox One gamers will have the unique opportunity to get 10 hours of special preview playing time on their consoles starting the 13th of October.


How to Play Battlefield 1 with VPN

Once it’s released you can always use a Battlefield 1 VPN with the new Battlefield title to easily get connected to the North American& European servers. VPN can be used with Battlefield 1 on both PC and on gaming consoles. While the setup process to play Battlefield 1 with VPN is fairly simple on a PC, it requires configuring the VPN service on router when using a gaming console.


How To Play Battlefield 1 with VPN on PC

FPS fans can use VPN for Battlefield 1 and easily revert from their region to the UK, USA and Canada for better connectivity. This is usually done in two cases either the gamer’s ISP restricts connection to EA servers or the ISP throttles the connection when the user is gaming online. To use a VPN with Battlefield 1, here is what you do:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service
  2. Install Windows PC app or configure your VPN service manually
  3. Once install, sign in to the VPN app
  4. Select a server from UK, USA orCanada depending on speed, click connect (always test your speed on different servers)
  5. Launch Battlefield 1 and get ready to battle


How to Play Battlefield 1 with VPN on Console

Console gamers on the PS4 and Xbox One can also change to regions either for better ping or to bypass ISP blockers. To begin setting up your Battlefield 1 VPN begin by entering your router’s IP address. This can be found by:

  • Go to the Windows start menu, search for “cmd.exe” and execute
  • At the Command Prompt type in “ipconfig”, the ‘Default Gateway’ is what you need

how to play battlefield 1 with vpn on console

Now, we will move on to configure your VPN for Battlefield 1 on your router.

  1. Make sure your PC/Laptop is connected to the router with a cable
  2. Open a web browser (any browser will do), type in the Default Gateway address we searched for above
  3. If you are prompted for Username & Password, check for these details at the bottom of your router, we have shown an example below.

battlefield 1 vpn console     4. You should now be logged into your router configuration page (we configured IvacyVPN on our Linksys Router)

battlefield 1 linksys router setting

Within the Setup/Settings/Configuration (varies by manufacturer) menu change the protocol to PPTP.

5. Next, you will require to enter the Server IP Address, Username and Password (ask your VPN provider for these details)

battlefield 1 router settings

6. Finish the setup by scrolling down and saving your new configuration

7. Reboot your router and you should now be behind the VPN’s and ready to game.


In A Nutshell

Battlefield 1 releases on the 18th of October on PC while the standard PC and console versionswill be release on the 21st of October. Have your PCs & consoles ready for an epic World War 1 classic coming with improved dynamics and controls.

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