Streaming fanatics who have recently install Kodi on their devices usually ask the question ‘How Can I watch Netflix on Kodi?

The answer is yes, you can install Netflix on the Kodi media player very easily using the Netflix add-on for Kodi. In the following sections we provide you illustrated guides on how to install Netflix on Kodi Free for Windows, Mac and Linux Ubuntu.

Read our guide on how a Kodi VPN bypasses geo restrictions and allows you to access content such as the US version of Netflix.

How To Install Free Netflix on Kodi Windows

You can install the alelec repository on Kodi that offers the free NetfliXBMC video-on. Start by downloading the alelec repository zip file from the link provided below to begin installing the Netflix add-on for Kodi free:

  1. Download the alelec repository provided here.
  2. Next, go to Kodi home screen and select System >Settings

install netflix on kodi windows

3. Select Add-Ons then choose install from zip file

install netflix on kodi windows step 2

4. Select the alelec repository zip file that you downloaded in Step 1, double click and unzip.

install netflix on kodi windows step 3

5. Go back to the previous menu then select Install from repository>alelec Kodi repo> Program Add-Ons.

install netflix on kodi step 4

install netflix on kodi windows step 5

6. Choose Chrome Launcher and wait for add-on enabled message

7. Next, go back to the Add-ons menu and click Install from repository > alelec Kodi repo >VideoAdd-Ons>NetfliXBMC, double click then install the add-on

install netflix on kodi windows step 6

install netflix on kodi windows step 7

install netflixbmc on kodi

8. Go back to the Kodi Home Screen, choose Videos> Add-Ons>NetfliXBMC

9. A new window will pop open requiring details, Provide account details including your Netflix Username & Password.

netflixmbc settings

The free NetfliXBMC Kodi Add-on should now be successfully installed and ready to play. In case you are located outside the US and want to use the US version of Netflix a Kodi VPN will be required to bypass the geo-restrictions.

Editor’s Note: Do remember that NetfliXBMC is not an official add-on approved by Netflix Inc. The free add-on is known to malfunction and does not work for a majority of users, use at your own risk. You can find solutions and help on the issue in the official Kodi forum for NetfliXBMC.


How to Install Netflix on Kodi Linux Ubuntu Free

Linux Ubuntu users will have to install Kodi first, which takes less than 5 minutes. The very sleek Kodi media center can be downloaded & installed using the following command lines:

  1. Download the Setup Files
  2. Type,“Sudo apt-get install software-properties-common”
  3. Add XBMC app Repository
  4. Next type,“Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: team-xbmc/ppa”
  5. Update your System for Compatibility
  6. Type in,“Sudo apt-get update”
  7. Install Kodi on Linux Ubuntu
  8. Finally type the setup command,“Sudo apt-get installs Kodi”
  9. Wait for Kodi to complete downloading files and install, Kodi should be ready to launch in 5 minutes depending on your device speed.


How to Install Free Netflix on Kodi Fire Stick App

A number of users find it easier to install Netflix directly in their Kodi app on the Amazon Fire Stick. Although I have tried it several times the app has not worked for me on either Jarvis or Krypton builds. Installing Netflix on your Amazon Fire Stick’s Kodi app is as simple as it is on a PC or Android phone. Here is how to get Netflix on your Kodi Fire stick app:

Install Netflix on Kodi Krypton V 17 in Fire Stick

To install Netflix on Kodi krypton for Fire Stick, you will require the following important pre-requisites, first the Alelec Repository (download this zip file and remember the location) to install the Netflix add-on from.

  1. Launch Kodi on your Amazon Fire Stick
  2. Click Add-ons from the home menu
  3. Click the Add-on browser icon
  4. Now click, Install from Zip File>select Alelec Repository Zip File and wait for Kodi to confirm repository installation
  5. Next, click Install from Repository >Alelec Kodi repo >Video add-ons >NetfliXBMCinstall netflix on kodi fire stick
  6. Wait for the confirmation and you should have NetfliXBMC on Kodi Fire Stick now
  7. To access the app go to the home screen menu > add-ons > video add-ons > NetfliXBMC


How to Install Netflix on Kodi Android Devices

Installing Netflix on Kodi Android is so easy you can have your grandma do it every time she wants to watch something ancient on Kodi. So, to install Netflix on Kodi Android let’s begin by downloading the Netflix app from the Google Play Store:

  1. Click Google Play on your device
  2. Search for Netflix and install

netflix on kodi android devices

The most amazing feature that most of us haven’t really realized by now is that Kodi Krypton for Android now allows using all installed Android apps on your device to be used from within the Kodi console itself. Those who have noticed this will know, for those who haven’t here we go Installing Netflix on Kodi Android.

  1. Once you have installed Netflix on your Android device , launch Kodikodi netflix app
  2. From the Home Screen Menu click Add-ons>Android Apps > scroll down & locate Netflix appnow select netflix app from kodi android
  3. Click Netflix and this should launch the official Netflix app from within Kodi Android
  4. Login and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and other videos

launch netflix app kodi android


How to Get US (American) Free Netflix on Kodi

After Netflix opened its services to over 200 countries in early 2016, we would have assumed it would be useless to unblock the US Netflix with a VPN. But, the catch is not all Netflix libraries around the world carry the same media library & content. For instance, the Netflix Malaysia library does not have the same Netflix Originals as the Netflix US library.

How to get USA Netflix on Kodi

This means if you are in Malaysia you will miss out on all leading Netflix originals and titles added in the current year restricted due to copyright & license restrictions. You will only be able to content from the previous year, so latest series and titles will be added after the year ends.

You can unblock and sign up to the American Netflix library on Kodi with the help of a Virtual Private Network or VPN service that offers servers in the USA. The VPN hides your real IP address and assigns you a new US IP address, allowing you to instantly watch American Netflix movies & shows from outside US.

You can read through our Kodi VPN guide to get some suggestions to unblock American Netflix with Kodi.


In a Nutshell

Netflix is one of the most acclaimed online streaming services that truly fulfills streaming fans appetites. In addition, the renowned VoD service can also be installed on Kodi free to make it the complete entertainment hub.

Watch your favorite Netflix original series, movies, cartoons and documentaries on Kodi free with a click. Unblock American Netflix on Kodi from anywhere in the world and enjoy the best of VoD entertainment on your fingertips. Here the complete best kodi addons list for all your streaming needs.

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