Kodi has emerged as a favorite amongst users who wish to stream media on their PCs, Macs and mobile devices. The service is compatible with a huge range of devices including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi and an array of other devices. We will try our best to summarize this kodi ios setup guide as little as possible.

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Kodi for iOS Devices

how to install kodi on ios

While it is fairly easy and straight forward to install Kodi Addons on Windows PC and Android devices, setting up the media player on iOS devices requires patience and some work. Usually Kodi itself requires that you have a jail broken iPhone, iPad or iPod but you can if you wish install the app without having to jailbreak the device.


How to Install Kodi on iOS

There are two ways you can install Kodi on iOS devices either using a jail broken iOS device or a normal iOS device plus some add-ons. Here is what you will need to setup Kodi on iOS without jailbreak:

  1. iOS device running iOS 5.1.1 or higher
  2. Kodi app installer(place on you mac desktop)
  3. Mac running XCode7 or higher(install on Mac)
  4. iOS App Signer(Download & install file named downloadr17, you will see an ad on top)

Once you have all pre-requisites ready let’s move on and install Kodi Media Player on your iOS device.


How to Setup Kodi on iOS Without Jail Break

  1. Plug in your iOS device to the Mac via USB
  2. Open/ Launch XCode
  3. Click on “create new XCode project
  4. Make sure the Application tab is selection in the left hand menu
  5. Select “Single View Application”, then click next
  6. Fill in details for the app you are creating, fill in:
    • Product Name (try Kodi or Kodi Desktop)
    • Organization Name(try something unique like your name)
    • Organization Identifier (try something unique like com.yourname)
    • Leave all other settings unchanged, Click Next
  7. Choose a location and save this Repository and click Create(consider on your desktop for use later)
  8. XCode will require access to your contacts, do not give it permission and move on
  9. When you click next an error message will pop upsaying ‘No code signing identities found’, click Fix Issue under this message.
  10. Click Add in the next box, then sign in with your Apple ID
  11. When you go back to the main screen a message will pop up saying ‘To fix this issue, select a Development Team to use for provisioning’, you will only have one option to choose, click it.
  12. XCode will now fix the issue and inform you when ready
  13. Open iOS App Signer now
  14.  In the Input File box browse and add the Kodi App Installer
  15.  The Signing Certificate should be your Apple ID
  16.   In Provisioning Profile box browse &add the file we saved in Step 7
  17.   The New Application IDbox will be automatically filled in
  18.    In App Display Namefill in ‘Kodi’
  19. Click  Start
  20. Name the file when the Save As Box appears, save it on the desktop. App Signer will now unpack the data and save the file, finish when the box says ‘Done’.
  21. Open XCode again, click on Window>Devices. Select your iOS device in the left hand menu.
  22. In the right hand window, you will see device details and a small ‘+’ at the bottom. Click this. (Remember to click the plus sign in the right hand device details window and not the one in the left hand menu)
  23. After clicking ‘+’ select the .ipa file you saved in Step 14
  24. Your Mac will now install the Kodi App on your iOS device
  25. Unplug your iOS device from the Mac, you will find Kodi ready for use.

*Just in case you see an error message saying ‘Untrusted Developer’, just click cancel or don’t launch the app yet. Now go to Settings > General > Device Management > Developer App, and click trust on the Apple ID you used to create the app earlier, then click “Trust” again.


In a Nutshell

Hope this works out well for you, in case you have an issue during the process do let us know in the comments section below. Visit us again for more updates soon, let us know if you need us to cover something in particular.

See you again soon!

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