How to Install Gurzil on Kodi in Less Than A Minute

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The recent crackdown against third-party developers on Kodi addons has led to the shutting down of many hit repositories and add-ons like Covenant, SALTs, and Exodus. Though you can still use a few of them from different repos, installing them can prove a difficult task.

The same goes for the Gurzil kodi addon, which was available on Smash Repo (no longer operational). If you are facing trouble, make sure to read this detailed guide on how to install Gurzil on Kodi, along with troubleshooting common issues.


What Is Gurzil Kodi?

The Gurzil Kodi addon is an identical fork to Exodus. It boasts the same exact appearance, while also using the same list of stream sources to its predecessor. Thanks to its easy layout and menu, watching movies/TV shows is an incredibly easy task. The add-on was previously available in the Smash Repo. However, in light of the repository shutting down, you can now install it via Kodi Israel!


How to Install Gurzil on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower

  1. Open the Kodi V17 application and click on the “Gear” icon to access to install gurzil on kodi
  2. From the list of configuration settings, click on “File Manager”.How to Install Gurzil on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower
  3. On the left column, scroll down, and click on “Add Source”.gurzil kodi
  4. Double-click on “None” to enter a URL for a media source i.e. kodi addon
  5. Give the media source a name, such as “Kodi Israel”.gurzil kodi setup
  6. Return back to the main menu and click on “Add-ons”.gurzil kodi settings
  7. On the top left corner of the page, click on the “Package” symbol.gurzil kodi configuration
  8. From the list of options, select “Install from Zip File”.how to add gurzil on kodi
  9. Find and click on the media source you named earlier i.e. Kodi to install gurzil on kodi jarvis version 16 or higher
  10. To install the Kodi Israel Repository, click on the “” file.gurzil kodi configuration
  11. Wait for the repository to install successfully. It hardly takes a few to use gurzil
  12. From the list of repositories, select “”.how to install gurzil on kodi 17.5
  13. Scroll down and click on “Video add-ons”.gurzil kodi app
  14. Keep scrolling until you find the Gurzil Kodi add-on.gurzil kodi 17.5
  15. Press the install button to begin the process.gurzil or exodus
  16. Wait for the “Add-on installed” to install gurzil on kodi 17.3
  17. Access Gurzil from the Video Add-ons menu and enjoy watching free movies/TV shows!

how to install gurzil on kodi 16.1


How to Install Gurzil on Kodi Jarvis Version 16.3 or Lower

  1. Launch the Kodi Jarvis application and go to “System”.
  2. From the list of options, click on “File Manager”.
  3. Scroll down and click on the “Add-Source” option.
  4. Select “None” and enter:
  5. Name the media source “Kodi Israel” and hit OK.
  6. From the main menu, go to ‘System’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Add-ons’.
  7. Select the “Install from zip file” option and click on Kodi Israel.
  8. Wait for the repository to install successfully.
  9. Head to the “Install from repository” menu.
  10. Find Gurzil in the video add-ons of the Kodi Israel Repo.
  11. Press the install button and enjoy using Velocity!


How to Install Gurzil on Kodi Firestick

Learning how to use Gurzil on Kodi Firestick does not require any rocket science lessons. To install the extension, follow the same steps mentioned above. Install the Kodi Israel repository and then find the Gurzil extension from the Video Add-ons section.


Gurzil Kodi Download via Zip File

  1. Download the Gurzil Kodi 17.5 add-on zip file from here
  2. Launch your Kodi Application and select “Add-ons”.
  3. Click on the “Package” symbol on the top left corner.
  4. Select “Install from Zip File” to begin the process.
  5. Find where you saved your file “”
  6. Click on the file to begin the installation.
  7. You will now find Gurzil Kodi 17.5 add-on in “Video Add-ons”.


Gurzil vs. Exodus

It would be unwise to compare the two extensions, considering both of them are identical to one another. Officially, both add-ons are no longer operational, but you can still use them via different repositories. For now, we would say that Gurzil and Exodus are evenly matched.


Gurzil vs. Covenant

Covenant has definitely managed to create a huge reputation. It is the top choice for users, who want to watch free movies/TV shows. However, if you compare the two forks, the quality of service and streams you receive is pretty much the same.


Gurzil Kodi Not Working/Errors/Fixes


Gurzil Add-on Not Installed

If you are facing trouble while installing the Gurzil add-on and constantly receiving errors, things can get frustrating. Follow the steps below to fix the problem.



A common reason for add-ons not installing is using obsolete repositories. This means that support and updates for Gurzil will no longer be available. Consider removing all repos that are no longer functioning and use only the Kodi Israel.


Gurzil Kodi Reviews

Gurzil has managed to develop a huge following. It now ranks among popular extensions like Exodus, Covenant, and Elysium. You can see many users advocating the add-on for watching free movies/TV shows. Below are a few tweets from Gurzil fans!

Gurzil Kodi Reviews


Wrapping Things Up

If you are facing trouble in understanding how to install Gurzil on Kodi 17.3/16.1, follow the above mentioned steps. If the repository method does not work, consider using the direct zip file method. Once installed, enjoy watching your favorite live shows and movies/TV series online FREE of charge.

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