When the iPhone 6 was released Apple’s new tag line was ‘the only thing changed is everything’, a line that basically says everything. The iPhone offers everything including maps, health tracking, entertainment etc. The one thing it does not allow you to do is download torrents. In the sections that follow we guide you how to download torrents on iPhone.

We have finally discovered a way for you to download torrents securely on the iPhone without having to jailbreak your iPhone. But do remember you will require some patience when learning how to download torrents in iPhone.

10 Steps to Download Torrents on Your iPhone without Jail Break

Downloading torrents on your iPhone has been made difficult by Apple Inc., thus requires a longer process but is easier to follow. Use the step by step guide below

  • First, go to iTunes and search iDownloader app and download it
  • Launch iDownloader and then go to the iDownloader Browser
  • Go to any torrent website using the browser and search for the torrent you wish to download
  • After downloading this torrent link, hold & press the download link (2 seconds) to get the options ‘Open’, ‘Copy’ or ‘Cancel’, click Copy
  • With the link copied, in the iDownloader browser go to “zbigz.com
  • Paste the previously copied torrent link in the box given on zbigz website, then tap the ‘Go’ button
  • Zbigz will now create a download link
  • As soon as the download link appears, tap the download button present with a down pointing arrow
  • Once more you will see the options ‘Copy’, ‘Open’, and ‘Download’. Tap “Download” to proceed
  • Your desired torrent will start downloading and it will be stored with the files of iDownloader app.

I suggest you practice this with a few different torrents and do remember to check out our top 10 alternatives to KAT linked in step 3. Happy torrenting iPhone users!

Securely download torrents on iPhone with VPN

Growing restrictions and crackdowns on torrent websites while increased ISP monitoring of torrent users has significantly increased the number of VPN users amongst this demographic. While masses of Windows, Linux and Android users have embraced VPN security, Apple users’ are usually under the impression that they are “somehow” secure since they use an Apple iPhone.

Let me spoil the party Apple fans, you are neither secure nor is your information private. After Apple Inc. proactively handed over the details of Artem Vaulin (alleged KickAssTorrents owner) to the FBI for downloading a music album, there is not much left in the world of privacy but a tool that can secure your everywhere.

iPhone users are not only at threat from the company itself but after the FBI unlocked the iPhone 5S of the terrorist from San Bernardino earlier this year, we have no idea who can possibly have access of iPhone users’ data. This simply means that any given day, the FBI can just decide to penalize iPhone users who download torrents, if they feel like it.

A VPN in this day and age is the primary line of defense for any privacy conscious netizen. VPN for iPhone actively secure torrent users’ by hiding both their IP addresses & real locations. Since torrent clients like utorrent, BitComet, Vuze and all others display all user location, ISP and download data, there is no safety when fetching torrents on the iPhone.

I always suggest you go for a cheap iPhone VPN in case you don’t want to subscribe to something expensive, but consider is your privacy worth more than $35. Have a look at our tested and reviewed VPN providers that are compatible with iPhone devices:

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In a Nutshell

Now that you know how to download torrents on your iPhone without jail breaking your device, enjoy high speed downloads without worrying about device compatibility. Downloads unlimited torrents with the iPhone but do remember to secure yourself when downloading.

Consider using a VPN service when downloading movies, TV Shows, music albums and copyright software. Do checkout our reasons to use a VPN when torrenting on the iPhone above and go through our exclusive editorial reviews.

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