There is no easy way to say it but downloading torrents in Germany is illegal. So if you are planning to download a movie for the weekend via torrent or are about share music files with your friends, you might want to think again.

According to the copyright laws enforced by the Federal Court of Germany, Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), ISPs and other telecom companies are required to handover information about users involved in infringing copyrights.

This includes anyone downloading media through torrents and other P2P file sharing services. Those that are caught or found guilty of infringing copyrights were presented with warnings, heavy fines, and in a worst case scenario, lawsuits. So how do you download torrents in Germany without being caught?

Download Torrents in Germany with VPN

To download torrents and share files safely in Germany, you need a Torrent VPN service. The technology incorporated by a VPN does not allow your ISP from monitoring all your internet activities or allow copyright holders to get hold of your true location.

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How Are You Caught While Using Torrents?

Now that you know how to download Torrents in Germany, here is what goes on in the background that gets you caught when you use torrents. Since BitTorrent and other similar file sharing software break the file into small pieces, you are uploading and downloading the file from other users (or peers).

In doing so, your IP address is visible to everyone downloading the same file. This is what gets you caught as your true location can be traced back by copyright holders. Also, due to the EU Data Retention Directive, your ISP is required to keep logs of all your internet activity for a certain period of time; your ISP knows all the details about what you downloaded.

This is where using a VPN is imperative. What a VPN does is that it masks your original IP address and replaces it with the IP address of its server. A VPN also encrypts all your internet traffic that passes through your network and tunnels it through secure protocols, making you invisible to copyright sharks and your ISP.

Beware of Paying Dues for Someone Else’s Sins

If you have unsecured Wi-Fi network or your internet connection is being shared by other users, you need to protect yourself from DMCAs and copyright infringement notices that you didn’t commit. Yes that’s right, you could be paying for copyright infringements even if you haven’t used any torrents or P2P file sharing.

There have been many reported cases in Germany of students, landlords, and other users being sent fines for copyright infringement while the crimes were committed by others.

The proper thing to do in this case is to secure your internet network. Here is where VPN service provides another benefit. You can setup VPN on your Wi-Fi router which keeps you safe from unwanted DMCA notices, copyright infringement warnings and fines.

Final Verdict

Germany is not a safe haven for torrent users by any means. Copyright infringement is heavily frowned upon in Germany and users that have been victims of such violations had to pay hefty fines. Even those that were caught in this mess inadvertently also had to pay for copyright infringement.

So the next time you are traveling to Germany for studies, vacations, business, or are living in the Germany, using a VPN service to download torrents is a must. It will keep you safe from copyright sharks, DMCAs, and other fines while using torrents in Germany.

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