In the world filled with numerous online restrictions, it is hard to access content of your choice. With strict internet censorship laws in many countries to geo restrictions, both prevent you from accessing various websites from anywhere in the world.

There are many countries that have been the enemies of the internet for many years. They have place tight internet restrictions that block various websites. Many of these websites include different social sharing websites, blogs, and other streaming forums; all blocked due to internet censorship laws.

The other reason why you cannot access web-content is because of geo restrictions or location blocking. There are numerous streaming services and websites that can only be accessed when you are in the prescribed location.

So the question beckons, is there a way to bypass these geo restrictions and overcome internet censorship laws. The answer, get a Amazing Net Neutrality VPN Services.

Top 5 VPN for Accessing Blocked Content

There are many VPN providers that will allow you to access blocked or restricted content from any location in the world. Here are some of the best VPN providers to choose from. Each of these VPN providers will provide you access to blocked content and enable you to conquer internet censorship.

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The wide spread of servers offered by a VPN makes it possible for you to bypass geo restrictions and access blocked websites. What a VPN does is that it creates a connection between its own server located in a host country and your computer.

This way all your internet traffic is routed through these servers, giving you a new IP and making it appear as if you reside in that location. This cloaks your original IP address and provides you access to geo blocked or internet censored content.

Bypassing Geo Restrictions

Now that you know how to access blocked websites using a VPN, you can now easily access streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO NOW, Vudu, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and more. The copyright issues and licensing of content makes these streaming services geo restricted. This means that you cannot access these sites or their content from anywhere in the world, as they will only open if you are located within the allowed geographic boundaries.

However, you can access these websites using a VPN. By connecting to the server from where you can access these websites, you are able to bypass geo restrictions. For instance, if you are located in India and want to watch the latest episode of True Detective on HBO NOW, you can easily stream online using a VPN. All you need to do is connect to the US server (since HBO NOW cannot be accessed outside US), and unblock the streaming channel.

Overcome Internet Censorship

Countries such as China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and many Middle Eastern countries have strict internet censorship laws. These countries have placed internet restrictions and prevent you the freedom of accessing different web-content or share your views over the internet.

They have blocked access to all social media websites, public forums, blogs, and any content that could lead to protest against the government or start civil unrest. Many of these websites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Google Mail, and various others.

In the light of such tight controls in-place by different governments, having a VPN is a must. With the help of a VPN, you can bypass internet restrictions and access these websites. By connecting to the servers offered by a VPN, you can hide your true location and unblock restricted content.

Avoid Mass Surveillance & Unwanted Blockages

If internet restrictions and geo blocking wasn’t enough, various governments perform mass surveillance to filter out content. Many governmental agencies record and monitor all your online activities. They filter out hate speeches, blogs, and other posts against the government or their representatives. They block such websites and may penalize you for wiring such content over the internet.

  • There are many example of this as Chinese government has been notoriously blocking numerous websites and apps. For instance, the popular app called Foursquare was blocked in China following the 21st anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre.
  • Similarly, Russian watchdogs conducted a media crackdown in 2014 where three major news websites and blogs by popular journalists were banned following the Ukraine crisis.
  • Recently, Australian government has passed a bill for against piracy and will block various websites that would lead to copyright infringement. This means that if you are located in Australia, you will not be able to access many torrent or P2P websites.
  • In other parts of the world, surveillance agencies such as NSA in US and GCHQ in UK also monitor the internet activities of their citizens.

To protect against these blanked surveillances and being blocked over the internet, you need to use a VPN. The IP cloaking ability of the VPN will hide you true identity, and will allow you to voice your opinion freely over the internet.


VPN is a brilliant tool that will help you bypass internet restrictions and access blocked content. With the world moving further away from net neutrality and providing similar content for everyone becoming increasingly difficult, your only option is to use a top VPN.

A VPN will not only allow you to access popular streaming websites (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) from anywhere in the world but also allow you internet freedom by lifting internet censorship laws. Our guide lists some of the best VPN providers and selecting from them will help you unblock geo restricted websites and keep your online activity safe from unwanted surveillances.

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