The VPN industry is filled with hundreds and thousands of VPN services, each providing their own unique features and packages. While selecting a VPN might be fairly simple for anyone who values online privacy, choosing the best method for purchasing a VPN can be difficult.

Different VPN providers accept different methods of payment to buy a VPN. To make the process of signing up and buying a VPN simple, many VPN providers offer multiple payment options. Having said that, which methods should you use to buy VPN?

In this post, we will highlight the most commonly used methods to buy VPN services and guide you through their entire process. In addition to this, we will weigh the pros and cons of each method; which in turn will help you decide which methods are the best.

5 Best VPNs You Can Buy

Before we go onto explaining different methods for buying a VPN, here are some VPN services that offers multitude of payment options. They also include anonymous payment options (such as BitCoin), credit card payments, and even some of them will allow you to make bank transfers (depending on your geographic location).

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Buy VPN with BitCoin

One of the most secure payment options to buy a VPN is through BitCoin. Officially launched in 2009, this revolutionary payment service is based on peer-to-peer network (like BitTorrent & Skype) and is amongst the most commonly used crypto-currencies today.

What makes BitCoin so secure is that there is no ‘middle man’ that controls the currency, such as a State Bank. This open source, virtual currency allows you to make anonymous payments without it being traced back to you. To ensure complete anonymity, you should follow these steps:

  • When you register for BitCoin wallet, use a pseudo or disposable account (email address).
  • To stop any transaction being traced back to you, always use new BitCoin address.
  • Never reveal your real name, phone number, address or any other personal information when filling out BitCoin details.
  • Use mixer services when purchasing BitCoin. This will anonymize your transaction for purchasing BitCoin from automated exchanges.

So for anyone that is looking for anonymous payment options then nothing comes close to BitCoin. With a little care, you can make all your transactions virtually untraceable. The only disadvantage is that mixer services cost an extra amount. However, if you can bare this cost, your privacy will remain secure at all times.

Buy VPN with PayPal

PayPal has come a long way and has successfully replaced the conventional methods of payment (such as checks). It is, undoubtedly, the most popular online payment service that you can use today. Even small businesses prefer PayPal, as there are no costs or Merchant Fee involved in setting up an account.

On the user front, you can buy VPN with PayPal with ease. Setting up a PayPal account is fairly simple and once you have your account up and running, you can pay for various services using PayPal.

Having said that, you should consider the following drawbacks about PayPal before purchasing a VPN:

  • PayPal transactions are not entirely anonymous. Resellers can see your real name, and the transaction details are saved at PayPal’s end.
  • PayPal has been known to corporate with law enforcement authorities and provide details about users.
  • PayPal’s legal department is known to be strict over certain activities (especially when used for P2P file sharing) and have blocked accounts of many users.
  • In some countries, PayPal is not support. These countries include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries on US sanction list.

Buy VPN with Credit Card

For many users, the easiest way to buy VPN is through credit card or debit card payments. There are many credit card services that are offered by VPN providers; some of them include VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex.

Apart from the ease of use and convenience for the user, buying a VPN with credit card should be handled with care. For starters, there is no anonymity when you pay through a credit card and you have to enter a lot of personal information for verification purposes.

Secondly, not all VPN services accept payment through credit cards. Some don’t offer this payment option while others don’t accept credit card payments of users from specific countries. In addition to this, some credit card companies (VISA & MasterCard) have banned various VPN providers.

Buy VPN with Perfect Money

Perfect Money is an online service that allows you to make instant payments and make money transfers securely. Many VPN providers offer users to buy VPN using Perfect Money.

The biggest advantage of using Perfect Money for buying VPN is that it offers great diversity. You can turn your real wallet into virtual one and make payments via bank wire, bank transfer, e-currency, BitCoin, e-vouchers, and other similar options.

On the other hand, you will find Perfect Money only a handful of VPN providers. There are few VPN services that offer Perfect Money payment option while others are still adding it to their list of payment methods.

Buy VPN with Gift Card

Another anonymous payment option that you can use to buy VPN is through gift cards. What makes payment through gift cards anonymous is that you don’t have to enter personal details for transactions; you only have to provide the gift card ID number. This automatically transfers the balance on the gift card to the VPN provider, without having to enter transaction (financial) details.

Although this process may be secure and anonymous, some VPN providers may charge you a markup (usually 20 -30%) when you buy VPN with gift cards. This is because the value of the gift cards decrease and VPN providers have to sell them at a lower rate in order to convert them to cash.

Buy VPN with Ali Pay

AliPay is one of the longest running online payment platforms, established with over 300 million users across the world. AliPay charges no additional transaction fee and offers payment through more than 65 financial institutions including Maestro, WebMoney, Visa and MasterCard. Those looking to buy VPN with Ali Pay can expect speedy transactions and proactive payment safety using the escrow feature.

Chinese subscribers can easily buy VPN with AliPay since a majority if its 300 million customers are based in the country. Ali Pay offers its users innovative features like payment safety, the ability to escrow payments (disburse payment after product has been received)and pay bills through the system.

Buy VPN with CASHU

Based primarily in the Middle East & North Africa, CASHU is a prepaid payment method widely used by a huge populace of young adults for online payments. Usually a majority of Arabic users buy VPN with CASHU in addition to purchasing online games, subscribing to VoIP services& add-ons, use on online webstores, conduct online trading and more.

CASHU brings a great deal of ease and security when you buy through it. Since the system is prepaid transactions process faster and are completely anonymous since the service requires no personal details to process payments. Netizens in the Middle East can anonymously buy VPN with CASHU without having to worry about revealing their identities.

Buy VPN with Payment Wall

Initially offered as a method to buy games on Facebook, Payment Wall has come a long way establishing itself as an exclusive payment provider for digital goods and services. Payment wall integrates with over 50financial merchants including AMEX, Discover, VISA, MasterCard, AliPay and GiroPay.

Those looking to buy VPN with Payment Wall will find the system easy, but, the real problem comes up with charge backs. In case a refund is requested, Payment Wall has one of the worst refund policies among various online payment processors. Apart from that, the service is not anonymous either so if you wish the buy VPN with Payment Wall we would consider using alternative services.

Buy VPN with Skrill (Moneybookers)

Created with a focus on low cost online transactions, Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers)allows payments to be made through the internet. Apart from its one click payment system, Skrill also provides robust protection for user identity and keeps financial data safe online. Those of us looking to buy VPN with Skrill will be delighted at the service quality and ease of use.

To buy VPN with Skrill all you have to do is register an account with the service, add a payment method (credit card, debit card etc.)and pay any entity anonymously online. Skrill adds encryption to its processes so it is an ideal method to buy VPN with.


There are numerous payment merchants that offer online payment solutions to different companies around the world. VPN providers have partnered with various online payment merchants and allows users to buy VPN online without any difficulty.

We have covered some of the most commonly used payment methods for buying a VPN. These methods allow users from all around the world to pay for a VPN service (with the exception of few blacklisted countries). To help you select, we have highlighted top VPN providers that offer these payment options and allow you to purchase their service anonymously.

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