China has constantly cracked down on foreign websites, entertainment and social services since late 2006 based on their various cyber laws. Google’s Play Store was banned in China in 2010 after a massive hack on Google’s Chinese based servers, allegedly conducted by the Chinese government. In the following sections we take you on a journey to guide you how to access Google Play Store in China.

how to unblock access google play store in china

Chinese citizens can easily unblock any Google Play Store in China with a VPN service, while keeping secure from the Chinese internet police and the Great Firewall. To help you decide we reviewed 5 VPN providers known to offer “high speed connectivity” and “world-wide servers”to Chinese users.

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Google Play Store Banned in China


Google’s Play Store was banned in China in late 2010 after a massive disagreement between Google and the Chinese government. Google has since moved its Chinese headquarters to Hong Kong, offering a dedicated HK Play Store and search. You will not be able to access Google Play Store in China since it is not pre-installed (or removed by providers) on any Android devices sold in China.

Chinese internet users’ in mainland China cannot use any Google Play Stores from within the country. The most crucial aspect for any Android user is obviously Google Play which installs, updates and Pays for all subscription based services.

Chinese based Android users’ can securely & anonymously unblock their desired Google Play Store from China with a VPN service. DO remember that the Chinese government blocks two common VPN protocols, namely PPTP & L2TP. Consider Best VPN for China service that offers other tunneling protocols including:

  1. IKEv2
  2. OpenVPN
  3. SSTP
  4. Soft Ether

For more information and VPN reviews check out our rankings above and trial out some the best VPN providers available to unblock Google Play Store from China.

google play store banned in china


How to Install Google Play Store in China on Android Devices


Before you can unblock Google Play Store in China, remember that you will have to install Google services on your phone first. Do Not Root Your Android Device! You can install Google apps without Rooting your Android phone or tablet.

There are some settings that you will have to configure in your phone before you proceed, go to Settings > Security >Unknown Sources >click this option on and click agree on the warning. To install Google Services on your Android devices here is what you do:


Install Google Play Store in China through APK File (Safer Method)


  1. Download the APK file for Google Services Framework from the link below
  2. Google Services Framework

how to install google play store in china using apk file

  1. Download directly or Copy this APK file from PC to your Android device, and install
  2. Once installed, the app will ask you to install Gmail &Google Play Store
  3. Allow all apps to install , give them permissions as they come up
  4. Once all Google apps & services are installed you will see the icons on your home screen

Alternatively, you can watch the video tutorial below to easily install Google Play Store on your Android devices:


How to Anonymously Unblock/Access Google Play in China on Your Android Smartphone


China is home to a market of over 300 million smart phone users’ with a diverse range of devices from Samsung, Huawei ,Lenovo, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, MiU and others. Android smart phone users cannot use Google Play Store in China, plus the app is intentionally removed by manufacturers in China.

The quickest way to unblock the Google Play Store from within China is by installing the VPN providers’app on your phone and using the OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN is safer to use in China as the Chinese Golden Shield project cannot block it for users’.

Now that you have installed Google services framework and other Google apps from the steps above, it’s time to access Google Play Store securely from China. Here is what to do:

  1. Connect your VPN app to a Hong Kong, Netherlands, or Singapore etc.
  2. Always check if your VPN is not leaking your IP address on WhatIsMyIP
  3. Tap Google Play Store Icon
  4. Browse through Google Play Store
  5. Never disconnect your VPN when using any Google Services

google play store china vpn


How To Securely Access/Unblock Google Play Store in China on Android Tablets


Android Tablet users like Smartphone users cannot access the Google Play Store in China because of local restrictions. In order to use Google Play store in China, all they need to use a VPN. Installing VPN on your tablet is pretty straight forward, doremember you will have to download and install the VPN app manually. To unblock Google Play Store in China, follow our step by step guide below:

  1. Download the VPN providers’ Android app(use APKMirror or contact provider for APK file)
  2. Sign In with your VPN credentials
  3. Connect to your required VPN server*(Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.)
  4. Goto WhatIsMyIP and confirm your VPN provider is not leaking your IP address
  5. Tap the Google Play Store icon on your home screen
  6. You should now be able to access all Google Play Store apps on your Android tablet

*Remember which ever server you choose, you will access the Google Play Store for that country. SO if you connect to Singapore, you will be able to access the Singapore Google Play Store.

*Never disconnect your VPN service when using Google or any other foreign Social Network App


Final Thoughts


As China takes rigorous steps to strengthen its online monitoring & censorship through various cyber-legislation netizens are hurriedly moving towards using VPN. Like other foreign services accessing Google Play Store in China is no longer impossible thanks to VPN services.

Browse through our 5 best VPN providers, read editorial reviews, look through user testimonials and social comments to know which service is best to unblock Google Play Store in China. If you have any queries then do let us know by dropping a comment in the section given below.

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