One of the biggest names in VPN industry, Private Internet Access (PIA) has been reported to be compromised. When we say compromised, it’s not that they have been hacked by a team of malicious cyber-goons but major security vulnerabilities have been discovered in PIA’s service.

According to the emails received by PIA users, the issue involves ‘port forwarding’ where an attacker using the same VPN (PIA) can direct the internet traffic of the user, regardless of whether the user has activated port forwarding or not. During this process, the real IP address of the user is revealed and exposes them to numerous security threats.

Although PIA launched a quick fix for this problem on all of its VPN gateways, it still reports to have IP leaks in certain cases. For instance, the VPN client for desktop may still lead to your IP being leaked while using PIA. Here is a copy of an email that was received by numerous PIA users:


To completely fix this problem, PIA has launched new updates for its desktop clients on November 27th and is urging users to update them in order to protect against IP leaks. If you are using OpenVPN client or iOS and Android app, then you don’t need any updates.

The total extend of this problem is still yet to be revealed and whether these fixes launched by PIA actually work. Whatever may be the case, PIA has apologized to all its users and has emphasized that it values your privacy above all things else.

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