Imagine the Cost You Have to pay for using GoT Torrents

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Are you still looking forward to downloading the latest episode using Game of Thrones torrents? Do you enjoy watch Game of Thrones online? Did you imagine what might be the consequences of using GoT torrent? If you haven’t then you are in big trouble.

With strict copyright infringement laws and hungry copyright sharks, use of torrent and other file sharing service are under high scrutiny. These services and their users are allegedly known as the pirates of the internet. The copyright infringement agencies will go to great lengths to stop and penalize you or anyone one else for using torrents and P2P services.

Game of Thrones is the most pirated show on earth as it had over 48 millions torrent downloads in 2014. The show kicked off 2015 with a bang in April with its first 4 episodes leaked over the internet. If you were amongst those that did download torrents without a VPN then you have no idea the risks you exposed yourself too.

Threats of using Game of Thrones Torrents without VPN

When you use a GoT torrent to download an episode, you leave a finger print behind over the internet. Without a VPN, these finger prints can be traced back to your true location, exposing you to numerous risks and threats that you might not have anticipated.

DMCA Notices & Legal Action

The use of Game of Thrones torrents could result in DMCA notices from your ISP and copyright trolls. These notices place hefty fines and penalties on the use of GoT torrents and other file sharing services. They may also pursue legal action and you might be exposed to legal liabilities resulting in law suits worth thousands or millions of dollars for copyright infringement.

Blanket Surveillances

Copyright infringement agencies have been pressurizing different governments to track down users of torrents. To comply with this pressure, various governmental agencies conduct blanket surveillances to monitor all your online activity. This violates your privacy and personal space when you use GoT torrents and expose you to unwanted risks.

Cyber-goons & Malware

When you are using torrents, there are numerous cyber-goons looking to retrieve your personal information and other data for malicious purposes. These cyber criminals use malware (hidden within torrents) to gain access into your network and retrieve sensitive information such as your financial data, physical location, personal accounts, and other information.

How to Protect Yourself using GoT Torrent VPN   

In order to safeguard against all the threats and carefree use of Game of Thrones torrent, you need a VPN service. With the help of a torrent VPN, you will be able to remain anonymous over the internet while you use GoT torrents, protect your personal data from cyber-goons, and keep your online privacy safe.

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These are some of the best VPN services you can use as they permit the use of torrents and P2P file sharing services. Each of VPN providers have separate servers designated for downloading torrents. By connecting to these servers for using Game of Thrones torrents, you are protected in two ways.

IP Cloaking: first, your original identity is masked as your IP address is replaced with the IP address of the VPN server. This makes you anonymous over the internet and shields you from DMCA notices as your ISP, copyright sharks, and surveillance agencies will not be able to track you.

Encryption & Protocols: second, using a VPN service, your internet traffic is encrypted as it passes through secure protocols and shared servers. As your online traffic is encrypted, the copyright trolls and your ISP cannot see your internet activity and usage.

Unblock Geo Restricted Websites: as an added bonus of using a torrent VPN, you are able to unblock geo restricted websites. If a torrent website is blocked in your region, you can access it using a VPN service.

Stay Away from Shady GoT Torrent Websites

There are various torrent websites that offer Game of Thrones torrents. According to TorrentFreak, some of the most popular torrent websites include the likes of KickAssTorrents, Torrentz, Extra Torrent, The Pirate Bay, and YTS.  These websites offer Game of Thrones torrents for download.

However, you should be careful as some of these websites might be recording all your GoT torrent activity. Website such Pirate Bay has been closed down several times and has changed its domains from country to country. Similarly, KickAssTorrents also had domain name seizure and changed it from .so to .to.

The closure of such websites and seizure of their domain names means that your privacy and online activity may be at a risk. Copyright sharks are keen on taking action against such services and will penalize the users of such services as well. To stay safe, use a VPN to mask your online identity, protect your internet activity, and stay away from unknown or unreliable torrent websites.


Game of Thrones Season 5 has already aired seven episodes up till now. With only three episodes remaining and the story being build up to a boiling point, you never know what bombshell it will leave you with at the end of the season.

If you are going to use Game of Thrones torrents , then you need to take preventive measures. There are numerous threats and risks, which we have pondered upon in this post, and to protect against these calamites, select a VPN service from above now.

A VPN will not let copyright infringement agencies, governmental surveillance companies, your ISP, and other goons get near you while using GoT torrents and running the risk of receiving a DMCA notice.

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