Google I/O 2016 concluded with the announcement of many next-gen technologies. Among them was the statement that the last year’s ambitious Project Abacus will be a reality by the end of 2016. Project Abacus was introduced to remove the necessity of entering passwords and PINs to verify users’ identity by replacing it with a cumulative “Trust Score”.

What To Expect From Project Abacus?

In a low profile announcement, Dan Kaufman Director of Google’s ATAP team confirmed that Project Abacus will be able to verify users identity on the basis of Trust Score.

The Trust Score is calculated on the basis of users’ location, speed, typing patterns, voice patterns, walking pattern, and facial recognition. Running in the background of Android devices, Project Abacus constantly collects users’ data to calculate their Trust Score.

However, experts have raised concerns that if users’ Trust Score is not high enough then they will have to manually enter the passwords and PINs.

Google maintains that it is difficult for users to remember the passwords, and Project Abacus will change the verification process for good.

Has Project Abacus Been Tested?

Currently in the trial phase in 33 universities of 28 states, in the next step Project Abacus will be tested with several large banks; which is most likely to take place next month.

If trial results are positive, then Google is hopeful that it will be available to developers by the year end. As stated by Kaufman, “assuming it goes well, this should become available to every Android developer around the world by the end of the year.”

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