There is a theory among many travelers that the prices of hotels, airfares, car rentals, and other services are shown based on different geographic locations. Based on this notion, there have been claims that a VPN can help you save money on hotel deals and airfares.

The IP cloaking ability of a VPN service and with multiple servers available, you can change your geographic location using a VPN. To test this theory out, we carried out extensive research and investigated whether a VPN can help you save money or not.

The overall results showed that, you can save money and get cheap deals on hotels, airfares, and car rentals by changing your IP address with the help of a VPN.

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Methodology Used for Investigation

Before we go on to explain the results of our investigation in detail, it is important to establish what methodology was used for our investigation.

We tested numerous travel websites with various servers of a VPN service. Some of these websites include Kayak,, Expedia, Europcar, and few other websites. A travel query was searched for hotels in New York and airfare for Miami to Los Angeles.

Searches were first conducted with the US server of a VPN and were used a base results. Then the same travel query was searched on these websites using servers from other regions. Different browsers were used in incognito mode (private browsing) to negate any chances of cookies from contaminating our findings.

Results for Cheap Hotel Deals with a VPN

From our testing of various websites that offer you hotel deals, we found that some had marked differences in pricing while others showed the same result.

One interesting finding was on when we searched for hotels available in New York City. The first search was performed with US server and then with the Malaysian server offered by a VPN. Following results were achieved:

airfare VPN

The test showed that the Hyatt Times Square hotel would cost us $663 when you search using a US server. When you search the same travel query using a Malaysian server, the same hotel was offered for RM 2,038 which makes it $467 (according to the current exchange rate). By changing the location with a VPN, we would be saving $196 on hotel deals.

Results for Cheap Airfares with VPN

Similarly, we conducted various tests on numerous airfare websites, trying to uncover whether you can get cheap airline fares.

The results obtained from Kayak showed interesting findings. We searched for airfares of a Business class flight from Miami to Los Angeles, first using a US server and then repeated the search using a UK server. Following results were obtained:

airfare VPN

The results show a clear drop in price when you switch your location. Using the US server, the ticket for one person was available for $981, but when we changed our location to UK, the same ticket was available for $721. We would be saving $260 on a business class flight from Miami to Los Angeles by switching our location using a VPN.

Result for Cheap Car Rental Deals with VPN

Using a VPN service, you can also avail cheap car rental deals. We conducted tests on certain car rental deals and one interesting case was found with Europcar car rental website.

When we searched a query for renting a Mercedes for 2 days using a US server, following results were observed:

airfare VPN

The search was repeated but this time we connected to the Australian server and following results were achieved:

airfare VPN

The tests show that when we searched for the car rent using a US server, the deal was available for $233.56. When we searched for the same deal using an Australian server, the deal was worth 529.40 AUD ($376.42). This showed that we would be saving $143 on the car rental deal.


Our extensive testing and investigation clearly show that a VPN helps you save money on hotels, airfares, and car rental deals. There are certain websites that allow you to change website location and get tailored results in your currency.

However, changing location from within website will not guarantee cheaper deals as the website will still be recognizing your true location by identifying your IP address.

So the best method to avail cheap deals for hotels, airfares, and other services like car rentals, is by masking your true location (IP address) through a VPN service.

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