5 Best Germany VPN Services Review ***Updated March 2017***

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Germany VPN Overview

(Last Updated: March 2017) There are many problems in using internet and accessing content if you are residing in or are traveling to Germany. From governmental surveillance to data theft from different sources, you will be exposed to numerous threats while using the internet.

The best defense for protecting your online security and privacy is through German VPN service.

Although censorship is not at all strict in Germany (expect in the case of child pornography) and there isn’t much restricted content to you can’t view.

However there are restrictions over what sought of content that can be published or shared. The censorship laws in Germany consider the discussion of Nazi’s, publishing content against the government, and any denial of the holocaust to be illegal.

The copyright sharks are also someone you need to worry about in Germany. Due to the high pressure enforced by law and their rage against copyright infringers – different ISP’s might be recording your every move.

With the help of a Germany VPN, you will protected against such grime corporations and enhance your internet security.


Top 5 German VPN Providers Review


The VPN market is filled with numerous service providers, each offering their own set of features and combination of services to protect you. Here is our pick of the best Germany VPN that will provide you with wide range of elements and great value for your money.

These VPN services for Germany will keep you safe when browsing over the internet and strengthen your internet network.

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PureVPN (#1 Deutschland VPN Service)


PureVPN is a crusader of the VPN industry and has been providing its privacy services since 2008. Pure VPN hosts over 550 servers across the world,with 43 servers based in Germany (Munich 18 servers, Berlin 18 servers and Hessen 6 servers).


                                                      PureVPN Latest iPad Germany Server App Snapshot

PureVPN has recently released upgraded versions of their Windows, iOS, Android and Mac app with a new user interface and lite CPU usage. PureVPN offers connectivity on up to 5 devices with one account and is compatible with a huge selection of devices including routers, Smart TVs, Apple TV, ROKU, Boxee and many others.

PureVPN is a great option for those looking to secure their devices when browsing, sending emails, and unblocking websites for streaming. The service also offers optimized servers for torrenting and using over IP cameras.


IvacyVPN (#2 Deutschland VPN Provider)


It is the revival of a beast now that Ivacy VPN has been redesigned from scratch under its Hong Kong based management. Now offering 250+ servers across the world,including 4 servers (Frankfurt 2, Berlin 2)in Germany. Ivacy VPN is slowing gaining great momentum amongst privacy conscious users.


Ivacy offers 5 multiple logins with one account and offers compatibility for Windows, iOS, Android Linux and Mac. Apps are available for Windows, Android and Mac which can be downloaded on the Ivacy website. IvacyVPN offers optimized servers for torrenting and is an open advocate of downloading torrents freely.

IvacyVPN also offers a brilliant range of features including split tunneling, auto reconnect, an XBMC/Kodi add-on plus its Strict Zero Log policy is a privacy saver in itself. Ivacy retains no logs of activities, connection time stamps and personal data at any time services are delivered. Ivacy is A great choice for torrent and streaming fans.


ExpressVPN (#3 Deutschland VPN App)


Express VPN is a legend amongst icons,established with over 130 turbo speed servers across 95+ locations around the world. ExpressVPN powers its service with its leading edge apps now available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android while an exclusive Router app is available for easily configuring the service.

Expressvpn deutchsland vpn

ExpressVPN is one of very few providers that still provide access to Netflix with select US servers. The provider also offers optimized P2P file sharing & torrent download servers. ExpressVPN is admired for its turbo speed streaming and high speed browsing. ExpressVPN provides instant support through its 24/7/365 chat support and a brilliant on site FAQ &Tutorials sections, plus there is an email ticket system for detailed issues.

ExpressVPN is one of the top recommended providers available for streaming within the US& Europe. But be aware ExpressVPN is not only DMCA compliant but also retains loads of customer data and connection time stamps.


IPVanish VPN (#4 Deutschland VPN Service)


IPVanish does exactly what its name claims, vanish your IP address and location when online. Driven by its vast network of over 500 servers across 60+ countries, IPVanish is one of the best VPN providers in the world with more than 5 year in the making.

ipvanish deutschland vpn

While the provider establishes its uniqueness over anonymity and user privacy, IPVanish offers a superb service bundle offering dedicated support for gaming streaming and torrents. The service is ideal for netizens looking to securely stream media & download torrents in the USA, Canada and UK. Similarly, it is a leading gaming VPN used by online gamers across the world to ensure high speed lag free gaming.


How To Use German VPN for Germany TV Streaming


Germany is known for its art, nightlife, and beautiful mountains including rivers, beaches, and forests. Therefore, travelers love to explore this amazing Western European country, but they face difficulties when accessing the internet while going to Germany. The German government has also imposed data retention laws through which they can legally record and monitor all your internet activities.

Hence, the need of German VPN service is highly necessary today. German VPN service is a way thorough which you can improve your online privacy and security. It encrypts your internet traffic and also hides your true location. A German VPN also helps you explore and access blocked content and allows you to stream your favorite TV shows from anywhere.


How to Watch Zattoo Outside Germany


Zattoo is a famous TV streaming service having offices in Michigan, Ann Arbor and Zurich. It was founded in May 2005 to promote the live web TV experience to online viewers. The Switzerland based Zattoo offers a range of German,  French, Spanish, Danish, and British programming to its 17 million subscribers. However, this streaming service is geo-blocked in various parts of the world.

So, how can I watch Zattoo outside Germany?

This question can be easily answered if you start using valuable a German VPN service such as PureVPN. This VPN provider gives access to its German users through various servers working in cities like Nuremberg, Hessen and Munich. It also provides the facility of multi-logins upto 5 devices at a time.

If you want to watch your favorite TV shows and programs of Zattoo then you can easily use its dedicated IP to connect with servers located in Germany. PureVPN’s dedicated IP helps users to access blocked content and attain better online streaming.


PureVPN Apps


You can also use PureVPN’s apps to watch Zattoo TV outside Germany. The service is highly compatible on multiple devices such as iOS, Windows, Mac and Android. You can also setup the service on routers and enable VPN connection on all your devices.


How to Watch ZDF Outside Germany


ZDF is a German based non-profit television broadcaster and its headquarter is located in Mainz. It monitors channels like Arte, Phoenix, 3sat, KA, and KI with the collaboration of other networks. Now if you are a ZDF viewer, but you live in a country such as US and want to watch popular ZDF shows such as Dog City, Fraggie Rock and In Plain Sight, then you should know that ZDF won’t work outside Germany.


How Can I watch ZDF outside Germany?


You can simply access entertainment and informative shows of ZDF with the help of a German VPN service such as Ivacy VPN. Ivacy is a VPN provider that has made its own place in the domain of online privacy through excellent features and benefits. It has servers which are located in cities such as Frankfurt and Berlin so you can unblock ZDF shows and programs from anywhere.


Ivacy VPN Apps


The great thing about Ivacy is that it offers attractive apps that can be used on various devices such as Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. Thus, you can enjoy optimum level of online streaming through this German VPN.


How to Watch ARD Mediathek Outside Germany


ARD is one of the most popular German broadcasters that offers different entertainment and sports channels such as EinsPlus, Ensfestival, and others. Unfortunately, all these channels can be only be viewed in Germany.  If you wish to stream these channels online, you would need a German IP address, and the best way to obtain this IP is through a German VPN service.

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider that offers servers in different cities of Germany such as Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Darmstadt. Therefore, you can connect to these servers offered by ExpressVPN and enjoy unhindered online streaming experience.


ExpressVPN Apps


ExpressVPN is extremely compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Router and iOS devices. It’s easy to use interface and quick installation process will enable you to unblock any website outside Germany and also protect your privacy against numerous online threats


Update (05/12/15): Provider Liability Law Passed in Germany

In a promising move the German government relaxed the “provider liability law” (that requires ISPs to monitor activity of customers for misconduct) for public WI-FI hotspot providers. This latest move by Chancellor Merkel’s government set a great precedent for governments around the world.

Previously if a user downloaded copyright music or videos using public Wi-Fi, the provider would be punished for it, hence discouraging companies from providing open public Wi-Fi hotspots. The news has come as a gift for German citizens, international travelers and public Wi-Fi providers alike.

The dubious fact here is that with more free Wi-Fi hotspots will come increased threat of cybercrime, data breaches, DDoS attacks and identity theft. More Wi-Fi hotspots across German cities will require added network security, something we have not heard from any German cyber security& surveillance authority.

A German VPN will now be a necessity especially for German netizens or travellers visiting the country.


Data Retention Law Passed in Germany

Listen up German internet users! 404 MPs have voted in favor of a controversial new law that requires telecom companies to store metadata of their users. According to the law, these telecom companies will have to store the following data for up to 10 weeks:

  • Your location (computer IP addresses)
  • Phone numbers
  • Location of participants from where you communicate (stored for 4 weeks)
  • Contents of text messages

The law has been passed in an attempt to fight terrorism and fend off potential attacks on German soil. One thing is for sure, with the new law, your privacy will be violated and your only defense against it through a German VPN. It will keep your identity hidden, protect your data from being recorded and safeguard your privacy from this new data retention law.


Freedom from Cybercriminals with German VPN


Best German VPN Services

In this digital world everything is associated with technology in some way or another. There are numerous cyber criminals looking to conjure ways to take advantage of your personal and sensitive information.

Each year there are billions of dollars are lost due to cyber crimes; both the individuals and businesses are affected is some way or another. A report by Mcafee, published in June 2014, showed that the total annual cost to the global economy due to cyber crimes were around $400 billion.

The report showed that more than 16 million people in Germany were victims of cybercrimes. This is a significant figure considering the overall population of Germany. (rel=nofollow http://www.mcafee.com/ca/resources/reports/rp-economic-impact-cybercrime2.pdf)

Our solution to this cyber epidemic – use a Germany VPN. What a VPN service does that it will secure your data through various means. A German VPN Server is equipped with security protocols and data encryption features, making you impervious to cyber-goons.

One recommendation – select OpenVPN protocol as it is the most secure protocols amongst all (depending on the protocols offered by your Germany VPN provider) and also use 256 bit encryption level.


Dismiss Unwanted Surveillances with Germany VPN


german vpn
Thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA and their unwanted surveillance on all your internet activity, your basic human rights are being breached.

Similarly, the German secret service organization (Bundesnachrichtendienst) hasn’t been that discreet in hiding the fact that they also spy on their own citizens.

The activities that you perform on the internet – from the transactions made online while purchasing a t-shirt to the updates made on social media – all are recorded and tracked by such surveillances performed by the government.

With the help of Germany VPN, you can easily overcome such unwanted spying. A German VPN App will allow you to select different IP address from a host of servers. This way your identity will be hidden and your privacy will the preserved from blanket surveillance.


Keep Copyright Infringement Sharks Away


In Germany there are strict copyright laws enforced through the IPRED legislation. According to this law, people that infringe copyrights will be liable to pay heavy fines and could even be sentenced to jail (treated as criminals).

This law has a direct effect on your online privacy – meaning that your ISP might be too close to you than you want. All your online activities might be being recorded and tracked.

In order to keep your privacy intact, you need a German VPN IP. It will mask your identity and make you anonymous to your ISP.


Cross Global Borders with Germany VPN


Now if you are a frequent traveler and are bound travel outside Germany then you definitely need a Germany VPN. You may ask why that is. Well, there might be a time when you want to access certain German websites but you are denied access due to your global location.

This is scenario is mainly faced when you want to pay your bills or make any financial transaction with your bank in Germany. Majority of the time, transactions are not made possible because of being outside German boundaries.

Websites like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, etc. are also all geo restricted. Therefore, using German VPN servers, you can connect to the desired server and lift these geo restrictions.

Another advantage of using a German VPN client is that certain websites do not allow you to access full range of features or libraries.

For instance, Netflix Germany might not provide the full range of movie and TV catalogs that Netflix USA would. However, you can access the libraries of Netflix USA using German VPN servers and enjoy the limitless entertainment.




To sum everything up, you need a Germany VPN for many reasons. To safeguard your privacy against hackers, phishers, spammers, malware and other malicious software – you need a VPN.

These goons are looking for ways to take advantage of your personal information and other sensitive data – making you a target of cybercrime.

Here our guide will help you select the best Germany VPN and protect you from these criminals. It will make your network secure and also prevent unwanted governmental surveillance to record and track your every move on the internet.

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