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A new generation of gaming is finally here with the likes of vpn for dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, The Technomancer, TotalWar: Warhammer, Dark Souls 3, Metal Gear Solid V etc. blessing our PCs. While these games require massive graphics processing power, they also require minimizing high ping and excruciating latency experienced during gameplay on various servers around the world.

For online gamers every second counts, one missed second due to lag can have your player killed in Overwatch and your entire team wiped out in a DOTA 2 fight. Have you experienced that enraging missed click due to high packet loss? Have you been a victim of a lagging team fight while playing on a distant server? We have got some best gaming vpn, goodies and tricks for you then. Remember to let us know your favorite gaming VPN service by voting for it in our exclusive Reddit VPN reviews & voting article.


Why do you need a VPN For Online Gaming?

Usually gamers who wish to play online in regions far from their own experience massive lag when using their regular ISP servers. A VPN optimized for gaming ensures that no matter where you are, you can easily connect through one of its high speed servers and enjoy gaming in all 7 continents.

Gaming lag usually has to do with the bandwidth being consumed on a regular ISP server by hundreds of thousands of users at a particular time. A VPN server establishes ease for gamers through its less congested servers across the world.

For instance, Australian DOTA 2 gamers who wish play against opponents in the United Kingdom can simply connect to a variety of EU West VPN servers including France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Luxemburg plus many more and experience lag reduction up to 40% on the best servers.

You can also enjoy other amazing benefits of using a Fastest VPN with your gaming engines like buying latest games before

SO, with an optimized VPN service you get to:

  1. Play on a high speed network
  2. Experience reduced lag
  3. Bypass ISP throttling
  4. Buy new gaming titles early from other regions

Why should I use VPN for Gaming?

There is not too much prospect of using a VPN for gaming due to high end encryption, but using the correct tunneling protocol can help.  A VPN or GPN (Gaming Private Network) as they are being termed these days focus on improving the online gaming experience helping gamers to:

  • Lower latency or lag in online games that he plays over the Internet.
  • Download exclusive DLC content and play PlayStation Network & Xbox games from anywhere in the world.
  • Game online with friends and global competitors using dedicated IP VPN addresses.
  • Unblock games on several platforms and devices including Windows, Android, Mac and iOS.

Do remember at this point that a VPN or even a proxy server will never work the same for every user. There are other tweaks that you can do to improve the performance of your VPN service. There are although other benefits of a  VPN including:

  • Data encryption when purchasing games online to keep card details secure
  • Securing yourself behind the VPN server when access geo-restricted regions

Tips to Reduce Lag in Online Gaming

To ensure a smooth lag free gaming experience there are some tips you should consider before connecting to the gaming server.

  1. The first and easiest tip to follow is to connect your PC to the router using a CAT5E or CAT6 network cable these are widely available in shops for $5 or $10 depending where you buy from. This will enhance your packet delivery and make your connection more stable.
  2. Close background processes (for both Windows & Mac gamers), such processes like Antivirus upgrades, Windows Updates and other program updates. These take up a lot of ram and bandwidth increasing your lag phenomenally.
  3. Close Torrent clients and Download Managers as these constantly take up to 75% of your bandwidth in ideal conditions.
  4. Enable QoS on your router if permissible by your provider. QoS can be used to give priority to your gaming traffic. Usually the processes to activate QoS or Quality of Service controls are different for every router. When activated most QoS controls will give priority to gaming and web browser traffic. Consult with your ISP or look up your router manual for instructions.
  5. Lower in game settings including Resolution, Anti-aliasing, Texture Quality, Shadow Quality and Virtual Sync.
  6. Disconnect other devices like tablet PCs, mobile phones and other online devices to ensure bandwidth is not being hogged by low priority apps.

Best Online Gaming VPN

Here are some of the best VPN services that you can select for gaming. They will not only enhance your gaming experience but will also secure you from different threats and will grant you access to geo restricted games as well.

To test the online vpn, we conducted a small test. Do note that the pings were tested while playing on EU servers. For the test, we first tested the pings in three different games (DOTA 2, LoL & CS:Go) without a VPN service. Next, we connected the following VPN services with the EU Servers and tested the pings again. The fluctuations clearly show that the pings drop when you connect a VPN. You can view the result below.

5.0 / 5.0
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4.5 / 5.0
2.5 / 5.0

Note: Our own location is in South-East Asia

Eliminate Lag with KillPing

Hong Kong based KillPing is a premium lag reduction app designed to help gamers reduce lag upto 60%. Using their high speed server infrastructure the KillPing app routes gamer traffic through the fastest and nearest server to any particular game server. For example, Malaysian DOTA 2 gamers who wish to try their skills againstEuropean competition can connect through any of Kill Ping’s European servers including Milan, London, and Munich etc.

Gaming VPN

After their latest server upgrades, KillPing is offering 90+ proxy servers to connect through spread across all 7 continents. The provider pays strict attention to regional gaming ping and the app displays a complete statistics window to ensure gamers are aware of latency improvements before beginning a game.

KillPing offer its subscribersa unique set of features including:

  • Optimized RegionalGaming Servers
  • SpecialSupport for DOTA 2, Overwatch, LoL and CS:GO
  • Expert Tech Support for 100+ MOBA & MMORPG games
  • Custom Game ConfigurationAvailable
  • Access to All Kill Ping Servers
  • Infinite Server Switching Allowed
  • Server Selection Recommendations by App
  • 24/7 Live Tech Support& Assistance

KillPing offers a detailed FAQ & knowledgebase in addition to its elite support available throughout the day. With a promise to reduce lag upto 60% KillPing is currently the only premium lag reduction app available to online gamers.

PureVPN Gaming Review

PureVPN helps to reduce lag and packet loss during online gaming. It allows you to connect to server nearest to your location and experience online games in low pings. PureVPN’s expansive server spread also helps to unblock geo-restricted games. Thus, gamers can use a VPN such as PureVPN to enjoy MMORPG games like Battle Field 4, Dota 2, League of Legends, and World of WarCraft.

PureVPN Review for Gaming

If you are a true game addict and want to know more about PureVPN gaming benefit then you should go through this detailed PureVPN Review.

Now if you are a DOTA 2 player, you know that lag or delay during the game is the last thing you need. All that takes is that split second to hit the last creep or cast your spells to annihilate the opposition. However, this won’t be possible if you have high ping and experience lag – leaving you to feed the other team and getting bashed with verbal comments from your own team mates.

Using a VPN service, will enable you to fix all the latency related issues. A VPN will allow you uncongested and clear path to connect to the regional server in which you want to play.

So if you are from Asia and want to test out your skills against players in Europe, a DOTA 2 VPN will allow you to connect to European servers and will provide you exclusive DOTA action.

dota 2 gaming vpn


VPN for Gaming on MAC


dota 2 gaming VPN

Even though Macs are optimized to be reliable, fast and can manage network connectivity efficiently, gamers still face lagging games, bans, region specific beta versions of titles and latency in multi-player games.

  • Lag: Although Macs are tuned to be highly efficient ISP throttling and choked bandwidth is simply out of their control to manage. Numerous online gamers can use a VPN on Mac to connect to high speed servers and bypass the ISP to game on less crowded VPN servers.
  • Ban: At times gamers get banned from a certain gaming server for using hacks, illegal tricks, abusing other gamers and similar issues. Usually, such gamers are well versed and use a VPN to change their IP address and game online with complete freedom.
  • Beta Versions: Certain games are region restricted and even their beta releases are blocked outside their official region(s). For instance, Pokémon GO was only available to gamers in Japan, countless gamers spammed their location on the Google Play Store with VPN to download the app from the Japanese Google Play.
  • Multi-player: Multiplayer gaming like DOTA 2, Overwatch, CS:GO and many others is infected with latency and packet loss leading to unsatisfactory gameplay. Online gamers employ VPN in various situations to play using optimized VPN servers with high speed connectivity and fewer users. Using a VPN also allows gamers to create lobbies and dedicated gaming servers to ensure an entire team is gaming on low latency servers.

League of Legends VPN

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games available out there. Lag and high ping will definitely destroy your game-play, leaving you dead and perhaps your Nexus destroyed.

One of the most hated moments or the worst situations, when lag and delay can occur, is during team fights and ganks. How can you overcome this problem?

The solution to your issue is a VPN. It will help you to overcome the problems created due to high ping and latency. Using a League of Legends VPN will offer servers that will allow fast and uninterrupted connection speed with the server of your choice.

It will also help in lifting all the geo-restrictions and will avoid bandwidth throttling setup by your ISP. You can compete with different players all around the world, from various leagues using an L.O.L. VPN.

league-of-legends Gaming VPN


Lag and high ping are a buzzkill when it comes to online gaming. Apart from latency issues, as a gamer, you are not safe from various threats on the internet. The geo restrictions also create obstacles when it comes to trying new games or demos.

The best line of defense for all these problems is a VPN. It does not only relieve you of the traffic, but also protects you from various cyber criminals as well.

A VPN also lifts all the geo restrictions and enables you to play your desired games anywhere in the world. The best thing about online VPN services is that they can also be configured on various devices – means you can set the VPN up on your consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.) as well while enjoying all the benefits of a VPN.

We hope that you will make the most of our guide and will definitely select the best vpn to get rid of the latency and security related problems.

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    Hi..have you tried Astrill for gaming? I am using Astrill and it works great. I installed it with a TP-Link Router.

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    Can you recommend a VPN for people in China? I had a PureVPN subscription for 1 year and never used it because it almost never worked.

  3. Trex Torreon says:

    When you were testing these VPNs for EU servers while your location is at SEA, how much mbps did you have back then?

    I wanna replicate your setup so I can also play in EU serves lag free. Im playing Dota2 btw. Please teach me. This article is very helpful. Thank you. And more thanks if you reply. 🙂

    • @z! says:

      Hi Trex, thanks for your comment! We conducted these tests on our corporate internet connection of 10mbps. We noted the different ‘ms’ that were achieved before connecting a VPN and then after connecting a VPN (as you can see from the table).

      Do note that the protocols used while conducting these tests were PPTP and OpenVPN. These two protocols offer the best speeds possible while other protocols tend to compromise your internet speeds, hence destroying your online gaming experience.

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