In this new age of online security, privacy and internet freedom, we have gathered some frequently asked question about VPN services. These questions include basic information about VPNs and also the queries from different users around the world.

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What is a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an extension of private networks. It has different servers located in various locations and when you connect to these servers; your entire internet traffic is redirected through these server. This hides your true identity, keeps you anonymous over the internet, and protects your data from theft and fraud.

What features does a VPN use to protect my data?

A VPN protects your online data from theft and fraud using different protocols and encryption levels. A VPN tunnels all your data through secure protocols (IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN, etc.) and encrypts your data. The encryption turns your data into random alphanumeric characters before being sent over the internet and then encoded on the other end.

How do I know which protocol to use?

Different VPN providers offer different protocols for protecting your data. These include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. The choice between the protocols depends on whether you want fast streaming speeds or ironclad security.

  • PPTP: Point to Point Tunneling protocol is easy to setup and use. PPTP works in almost any situation and allows fast streaming speeds. However, the downside to PPTP is that it is not secure. It is vulnerable and can be easily breeched.
  • L2TP / IPSec:  this protocol covers for some of the vulnerabilities found in PPTP and offers a stronger defense. L2TP / IPSec protocol is highly compatible for different mobile devices. However, L2TP /IPSec are slower than other protocols and could hinder your streaming and browsing speeds.
  • SSTP: the SSTP protocol is very secure and is offered by few VPN providers in the industry. Works faster than L2TP/IPSec protocol but has a limited compatibility as it works only on Windows.
  • IKEv2: this protocol is very easy to use and can be easily configured. It is reliable and offers secure network as it supports encryption up to AES 256 bit. It is faster than PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP protocols. However, IKEv2 only works on selective platforms and is not offered by many VPN providers.
  • OpenVPN: this is the most secure protocol of all. It is known to protect against the strongest of hackers and surveillance agencies. OpenVPN protocol is open source software and can be tedious in configuring the service. OpenVPN offers faster access speeds compared to L2TP / IPSec but is slower than other protocols.

I am trying to watch CBS episode on iPhone but when I click on it I am sent to App Store us to get CBS app, being in the UK, I cannot get this app. How do I proceed?

CBS is geo restricted and cannot be accessed outside US. The app is also available only for users located within US. However, you can download the CBS app from anywhere in the world using a VPN. Just connect to the US server offered by the VPN, and you will be able to bypass the geo restrictions and download the CBS app.

The VPN to connect to Ireland, it does not appear to be working. Every time I try to access the website, it knows I’m not in Ireland and I am not able to watch different programs. Can you please advice?

When your true location is being shown while being connected to a VPN, your IP is being leaked. To resolve this problem, you need to clear your browsing history / cache / cookies from your browser. Once this is done, reconnect your VPN to the Irish server and check your IP address from

For Mac users, you need to turn on the ‘Send all traffic over VPN connection’ from your System Preferences. Go to System Preferences à Network à select the VPN provider à click Advance à Enable this option.

How do I access Rai TV outside Italy?

Rai TV is a popular Italian broadcasting channel that offers variety of content to stream online. However, Rai TV is only accessible within Italy. To view access Rai TV outside Italy, you need a VPN. Just connect to an Italian server and unblock the streaming channel outside Italy.

How do I watch Swedish hockey games through Viaplay here from USA?

Viaplay is a Sweden based streaming service that offers numerous movies, TV shows and sports events (like hockey) for live streaming. However, Viaplay is geo restricted and will play content for users located within Sweden. To access Viaplay, you will need to connect to a VPN service. By selecting the servers located in Sweden, you will be able to bypass the geo restrictions, and watch Swedish hockey from anywhere.

I am in Jordan and accessed my VPN via App Store. When connected it says location Jordan and sever United Kingdom but when I try and access my BT Sport app, it says cannot view as outside of the UK.

If you’re true location is being tracked while using a VPN App, it means that the app has not been configured correctly and is leaking your IP. To resolve this problem, uninstall the VPN app and try reinstalling it and then access BT Sport app. If the problem still persists, configure the VPN manually on your iOS device.

I just installed VPN in order to get access to the Swedish TV-channels. I managed to get TV4 working but not the SVT Play app. I tried to clear cookies and history but no success. Can you please help?

There are many Swedish streaming channels such as TV4 and SVT Play that are geo restricted. These streaming services / apps will only work with a VPN outside Sweden. If one of the streaming services is working with a VPN and the other is not (even by clearing the cookies and history) then before switching between the streaming services, you should disconnect the VPN, close the browser, reconnect the VPN, and then access the other streaming service. If the problem persists, then your VPN settings might be out of order and you should consult your relevant VPN provider for further assistance.

How do I access from USA and rent movies for in streaming?

CanalPlay is a French broadcaster that offers wide variety of media for streaming. These include French, US, and UK based movies, TV series, and documentaries. You could also rent, download, and stream live events such as sports on this channel. CanalPlay is only available within France and cannot be accessed from anywhere else. You can unblock this channel and stream online using a VPN that offers servers in France. Connecting to these servers allows you to access CanalPlay outside France.

I want to watch Netflix Mexico while in Spain. Can I also watch it on my Sony Smart TV?

Netflix is geo restricted and is available in certain parts of the world. You can access Netflix Mexico while being in Spain with the help of a VPN. Just connect to the VPN server located in Mexico and all your traffic will pass through this server.

To watch Netflix on your Sony Smart TV while being in Spain, you will need to setup VPN on your router. This way the Wi-Fi connection becomes encrypted and allows you to access Netflix on your Smart TV. Do note that you will have to check if your router is compatible with the VPN.

I am subscribed to SkyTV in New Zealand, but I am being blocked from watching from here in France.

SkyTV is a New Zealand based streaming service that only works within New Zealand. SkyTV streaming will not work outside New Zealand and in order to watch on from France, you will need a VPN. By connecting to the VPN servers located in New Zealand, you will be able to stream on SkyTV while being in France.

Can I use a Chinese IP from Singapore to access Chinese music website?

There are various Chinese music websites that only work within China. Websites such as 1ting, Yinyuetai, Kugou, Xiami, 9ku, and other similar music services are available within China. In order to access these websites from Singapore or anywhere else, you will require a VPN. As many VPN services do not work in China (with their government blocking majority of the providers), select the one’s that offer servers within China. These VPN providers will enable you to access Chinese content.

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    Good Day, I have a MXQ8 OpenELEC (Linux) Kodi Box connected to my TV in Cyprus. This has been serving us fairly well for eighteen months with the exception of live football games from the UK our viewing has been not great but okay.

    Things have changed recently and we have lost pretty much all live TV, I now feel a VPN is what is required to get back the streaming we previously had.

    Question is how? Please, how in easily understandable terminology/language, do I get a VPN running on this equipment?

    I have discovered an add-on in Program Add-Ons called “VPN for OpenELEC”, when I try to open this a menu appears with “VPN Status” a second menu then reads

    “Your IP Address is XX>XXX>XXXX>XXX (actually we haven’t got a clue), Auto Starts Set To: None”.

    Does this mean there is a VPN on my system but this just needs to be configured somehow?

    Do I go looking for a fresh VPN?

    How in layman terms do I go about getting a VPN on my Kodi Box please?

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