Are you looking for a free VPN service? Do you want to unblock geo restricted websites for free? Or are you looking for ways to secure your network for free?

If the answer to all the above questions is ‘yes’ then this guide is for you. Do note that there is big risk in using free VPN service. Free VPN software will not provide you the benefits that a paid VPN service would. Our recommendation, use a paid VPN alternative instead.

Nevertheless, our guide we will highlight some of the best free VPN services that you can use. You will also see why using a free VPN is a big risk and why it lags behind premium VPN services. Lastly, we will recommend some paid alternatives to the free VPN services.

Alternative to Free VPN Service

Now that you know some of the drawbacks of using a free VPN services and the grey areas of the best free VPN’s, here are some of the cheap vpn or paid alternatives that we have suggested.

All of them cost under $10 per month and offer you greater online security, wide spread of servers, great performance, and other add-ons that will enhance your VPN experience.


RankFree VPNFeaturesPaid Alternativesas low as
  • OpenVPN TCP, SSTP and PPTP protocols
  • 10+ Servers in USA
  • No Multi Logins
  • PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocols
  • Over 306+ servers in 25+ countries
  • No Multi Login
  • L2TP/IPS, OpenVPN protocols
  • 354 Servers in 8 Countries
  • 3 Multi login
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & OpenVPN protocols
  • Servers in 15+ countries
  • No Multi login
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, & OpenVPN protocols
  • Servers in 8+ countries
  • No Multi login

Best Free VPN Services

A free VPN comes with many flaws and limitations but here are some of the best cheap VPN that we have reviewed. We have highlighted the pros and cons for each of these services. There are certain tricks and catches that will restrict you from utilizing the full potential of a VPN.

Best Free VPN Service: CyberGhost

Pros: CyberGhost is a free to use VPN service that offers an easy to use VPN client for Mac, Windows and Android. CyberGhost does not keep any activity or usage lwogs; there is also no limit on bandwidth, which allows you unlimited online browsing and streaming. It will also protect your personal data through secure protocols and 256 bit AES encryption.

Cons: The negative aspect of using CyberGhost is that there are limited free servers that you can connect to. There are a total of 80 free servers but you would have to wait in queue if all the server slots are full. CyberGhost has a cap on speeds that you can achieve (which is not great if you want to stream online) and will forcefully disconnect after 3 hours of continuous VPN session. Then there is constant bombardment of ads which, to be honest, becomes very annoying after a while.

The best paid Alternative for CyberGhost is IPvanish.

IPVanish Alternative

Limited Free VPN Service: TunnelBear

Pros: TunnelBear offers free VPN service in its ‘Little’ package along with its paid ‘Giant’ and ‘Grizzly’ packages. The free VPN service can be used using the VPN software and has all the features that a paid version offers. It protects your data using L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols and 256 bit AES encryption.

Cons: the downsides of using TunnelBear free VPN software is that there is a cap on the data that can be used. The free service only offers 500MB worth of data (which can be expanded to 1GB through promotional campaign). The cap means you cannot freely stream or play games online without exhausting the data limit.

The best paid alternative to TunnelBear is ExpressVPN:

Alternative to TunnelBear

Hotspot Shield

ProsHotspot Shield offers free VPN service that will allow you to unblock geo restricted websites, and protect your personal information against numerous online threats. Hotspot Shield also offers paid VPN version and is compatible on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Cons: the free VPN software of Hotspot Shield has limited server connectivity and will not allow you to select the server of your choice. It will also flood you with advertisements which, at times, become excessively intrusive while you surf online. The overall performance of the free version is inconsistent and speeds achieved are highly unpredictable.

The best paid alternative to Hotspot Sheild is PureVPN:

Alternative to Hotspot Sheild

Why you shouldn’t select a Free VPN Service

Before we go onto explaining some of the best free VPN services, here are some reason why you should not use a free VPN software.

Poor Online Security

For starters, the security measures provided in a free VPN service are not the same as those in premium VPN service. Majority of the free VPN software offer PPTP protocol and 128 bit encryption level. These are the weakest of all protocols and encryption levels as they can be easily breached.

Limited Server Accessibility

A free VPN service will only offer limited server spread. They would either choose a server for you or provided you with few server options. The limited server accessibility also hampers your performance. Numerous users try to connect to these servers, which makes them highly congested and difficult to get access too.

Speed & Bandwidth Caps

When you use free VPN services, you are not able to attain maximum speed or unlimited bandwidth. Some of the free VPN services put a cap on the speeds that can be achieved so that every user connected to their server gets same amount of performance. Similarly, free VPN software places limits on bandwidth and data usage.

Poor Customer Support

A free VPN service will not have same quality of customer support as compared to paid VPN providers. While using free VPN software, you might not have live chat feature, substantial knowledge base or detailed tutorials.

No Reliability

The reliability of free VPN software is low as many of the services may contain malware and other malicious software. Downloading free VPN software from unreliable sources can lead to spyware, Trojans, and viruses infecting your system. This makes free VPN highly risky to use.


A free VPN service will help you unblock geo restricted websites, provide basic online security and protect your true identity.

A free UK VPN or free US VPN is best for you if you are traveling abroad and want to bypass geo restrictions or internet censorships. Free VPN software also works if you want to secure your device when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

However, when compared to premium VPN services, free VPN software lacks in terms of features and performance. You will not able to experience high quality VPN sessions with a free VPN service.

This is where we recommend our paid alternatives. For a minimal cost, you will be getting more features, better performance, enhanced security and far better VPN quality.


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