FinchVPN Overview And Introduction:

Based in Malaysia, FinchVPN is a new service to enter the highly competitive VPN industry. It boasts excellent pricing, compatibility, and encryption. However, it lacks in offering quick customer support and consistent performance. Likewise, some of the clauses in privacy policy are conflicting and the provider records too much personal detail for our liking. Continue reading our comprehensive FinchVPN review to gain better insight on the VPN provider.



  1. Offers a free trial
  2. Supports OpenVPN
  3. Has servers in 20 countries
  4. Bitcoin payments are accepted
  5. Pricing is very reasonable ($3.22/month)
  6. Mac and Linux setup guides



  1. No DNS servers
  2. No “Kill Switch”
  3. Only one simultaneous connection
  4. Poor customer support
  5. Variable performance


FinchVPN Plans and Pricing Review

FinchVPN offers three budget-friendly packages to its valued customers. If you opt for the Free Plan, you will gain access to free public VPN servers for a month. This plan has a 3GB bandwidth usage limit and offers you live chat/email customer support, limited PPTP and OpenVPN, and multiple free server support.

finchvpn pricing review

The Pro Plan is available for a measly $1.61 per month (based on a 1-year plan). It comes with a limited access of 25GB per month. The features you receive include remote support, free and paid VPN server access, limited OpenVPN and PPTP, and live chat, email, and ticket customer support.

The Premier Plan offers the best value from our FinchVPN review, granting users the ability to connect to all public OpenVPN servers. Priced at a low $3.21 per month, you get to leverage unlimited bandwidth usage, remote support, Port Forwarding (enables inbound connections), and live chat, email, and ticket customer support. If you are a heavy downloader, this plan will definitely be worth your while.


FinchVPN Sign Up and Cancellation Review

Our FinchVPN review establishes that signing up for the service is reasonably straightforward. All you need to do is visit the register page. Enter your username, password, and email address. You will receive a confirmation email in a few seconds. Click on the link, enter login details, and enjoy using the free service.

Pro/Premier plan have a small processing fees added to the cost. Although this depends on the payment method you make, a surcharge of $0.35 is to be expected. Bitcoin payments are exempt from surcharge fees. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. If you want upgrade your plan, there are no extra charges.

Since you are not agreeing to a contract, simple stop paying at any time. There are no cancellation fees.According to our FinchVPN review, the site deletes inactive accounts after a few months.


FinchVPN Premium Account Hack

Just like many other reliable services, users are always trying to get usernames and passwords to Premium accounts for FinchVPN via hacking. Why go through so much hassle, when you can sign up for a free account?The 3GB bandwidth limit is not bad for those who need to use a free VPN service urgently.


FinchVPN Accepted Payment Methods

In our FinchVPN review, we found that the service accepts more than 80 international payment methods. These include a variety of domestic bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, SMS, Bitcoins, and e-wallets in more than 190+ countries in the world.

You will be paying in USD dollar, but Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is also accepted. To remain as anonymous as possible, it is advisableto make your payments via Bitcoin.


FinchVPN Refund Review

FinchVPN has a strict no refund policy. Any purchase a customer makes is final. Considering that you could always go for the Free Plan to “try the service before buying”, it is understandable why the vendor disapproves refunds. If you have any problems, nevertheless, feel free to contact the support team.


FinchVPN Login Review

Our FinchVPN review indicates that the service does not offer multi-logins feature. You can only access VPN servers from one device at a time.


FinchVPN Servers Review

Our AnonVPN review found the service has 38 servers in total. Most of these are present in United States, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Chile, Canada, and Brazil. You can view the Live Servers Status for more detailed information.

finchvpn live server status review

For more details on server bandwidth utilization, FinchVPN provides detailed graphs. You can get all the data you want on the number of users, gigabit usage, and speed of different servers. This information proves exceptionally helpful for tech geeks, who need a complete overview on the reliability of the service.

finchvpn servers graph


FinchVPN Speed Test Review

To give users an idea on the connectivity and reliability of FinchVPN servers, we conducted a speed test on our 35Mbps connection.


Local ISP

The results you see below are to give you an understanding of the difference between the primary network speed and FinchVPN servers. Here is the result obtained without FinchVPN connected:

finchvpn speed test review


Connected to FinchVPN Canada Server

Our US to Canada server tests showed a drastic drop in speeds. From 31.35Mbps, the download speed reduced to 13.48Mbps, with latency up to 435ms.

finchvpn canada server speed test


Connected to FinchVPN France Server

Our US to France server tests, on the other hand, showed some impressive speeds: 283ms latency and 19Mbps download.

finchvpn french server speed test review

When you include factors like number of users and server load, the results of the speed tests on public OpenVPN servers are definitely not bad. However, the results are not outstanding either, suggesting that FinchVPN has variable performance. To leverage better and faster speeds, our FinchVPN review suggests that you test multiple servers to find the best option.


FinchVPN Privacy and Security Review

The service offers PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN protocols on both: computers and mobile devices. The vendor even supports the use of API keys to offer maximum security to your data. This protects you from any kind of eavesdropping or surveillance when exploring the internet.

Even when using public Wi-Fi networks in restaurants, malls, and airports, the VPN will keep your bank credentials, usernames, and passwords safe from unauthorized access. The contracts of FinchVPN do not give the usual warnings of using the service “too much”.

You do not have to worry about rate limiting, throttling, or bandwidth tampering, even as a temporary measure (Premier Plans). Since the vendor offers a custom GUI for UNIX, Linux, Mac, Android, and Windows, and iOS users, getting started and installing the service is incredibly easy.


FinchVPN Protocols Review

FinchVPN covers your identity on the internet with encryptions ranging from 128-bit, 160-bit, and 256-bit. The 160-bit encryption cipher on servers offer fast speeds and good security. For the highest level of security, opt for OpenVPN protocols, which run on AES 256-bit encryption algorithms.FinchVPN even offers Free PPTP servers for users who have not registered with the service:

finchvpn protocols review

All protocols feature “Anti-DPI”. This featureallows them to bypass firewalls that block the VPN service. You can even tunnel OpenVPN protocol connections under SSH. To improve security further, our FinchVPN review discovered that the service uses Perfect Forward Secrecy with Diffie-Hellman exchange.

Perfect Forward Secrecy is a feature that secures and encrypts your session keys. It uses specific key agreement protocols that save them from hacks (even if the privatekey of the server fails). The Diffie-Hellman exchange helps in fast key generation.

FinchVPN does not allow P2P/Torrenting on any of its location/servers. The network provider complies with the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” implemented by the United States in 1998.


FinchVPN Logs Review

Our FinchVPN review reveals that the site will collect your IP address, username, password (encrypted), and email address. The service uses this information for providing you access to the downloadable VPN software and configuration. Email address is stored for sending you newsletters or password change links (in case you forget it).

FinchVPN logs IP addressesto preventany sort of fraud/spam against itself.It also states that it will log your username, time stamp (connect/disconnect time), and data transfer amounts (bandwidth used). This is a risky proposition, as your internet activity is traceable back to your username. The whole purpose of a VPN is to remain anonymous.

FinchVPN saysit records this information for the sole reasonof improving site performance, carrying out resource analytics, and limiting your account to one concurrent IP address. However, can we really be sure of that?The service declares the information will be “routinely purged without any exception”. The only issue: our FinchVPN review indicates they forgot to tell how often that might be.


FinchVPN Free OpenVPN Review

Upon signing up for a free account at FinchVPN, you automatically gain access to the services’ free OpenVPN servers. Although these servers may not be very reliable, our FinchVPN review reveals, they do offer commendable speed and encryption. This makes FinchVPN quite the attractive option for first-time VPN users.

finchvpn free openvpn review

For the more tech-savvy users, FinchVPN gives you the option of configuring free servers on the OpenVPN software. You can easily install and connect to FinchVPN servers using OpenVPN. Here is a detailed guide from the service, which describes the configuration of FinchVPN servers using OpenVPN on Windows 8.

For maximum protection and security, FinchVPN servers use API Key. You can find your account’s API Key here. However if you wish to login with your own password on PPTP and OpenVPN servers, you can enable password login.


FinchVPN Support Review

Most VPN services will bury key details about their offerings in small print. FinchVPN does not try fooling its customers though. It presents a clear, up-front image about its services on a helpful FAQ page. Divided in six categories (general, speed, payments, features, security and common errors), you have all the information you need for using this serviceat your fingertips.

The outlook of the FAQ page is rather short. However, if you click on a question, it expands and you get a useful, straight-to-the-point answer. This really helps in troubleshooting certain problems with the service. If the FAQ does not prove helpful, you can always opt for other support options. These include email support, ticket-based support, discussion groups, and FinchVPN’s Facebook profile.

finchvpn support review

It is highly unlikely that you will receive help though. We tested the email support by clicking on the “send email” tab, but the page did not give any response. Ticket-based support is only available for premier customers. Adiscussion group is available for individuals to communicate with other members of the FinchVPN community, but this page seems to be rather dead too.

This leaves us with the last option: FinchVPN’s Facebook account. We sent a detailed message requiring specific information about the service and highlighting problematic encounters. It has been three days (and counting) and we have not received a response from the support team. Therefore, according to our FinchVPN review, the service requires great work in improving its support system.


FinchVPN Apps Compatibility

FinchVPN supports many different platforms. If you have devices using the Windows OS, you can download the FinchVPN for Windows. If you are running a Mac system, you can download FinchVPN for Mac. Ubuntu OS users can also install FinchVPN. Android users can download the FinchVPN app from the Google Play Store. The software also works on Linux and iOS platforms.


FinchVPN Windows Client Review

Our FinchVPN review indicates that the Windows client is novice-friendly. Although, we would appreciate a clearer menu for selecting the server & protocol. You do not have much information available about the best servers for enjoying good speeds.

Most VPN software even provide “server load” information, which is missing in FinchVPN.The service lists the servers numerically “01, 02, 03”, which gets confusing at times. It would be better if the software focuses on listing one country, and then provide information on the servers in different cities.

finchvpn windows review

You have a built-in speedometer for viewing upload/download speeds, which is an incredibly useful feature (as you do not have to use a third-party software). This gives you a clear overview on whether you are receiving good speed for browsing, streaming and downloading.

finchvpn windows connect

The options menu further provides you customization features for VPN connections. You can use the default port, or select a local one. The same goes with the Proxy Server. You can opt for a HTTP or SOCKS5 server. If you want to use a custom connection, simply tick the “Custom OpenVPN Config”.

finchvpn connect options


FinchVPN Android Client Review

The FinchVPN Android app boasts a beautiful design and user-interface. With straightforward and simple controls, using the application is easy. The desktop sibling can definitely learn a thing or two from the Android version.

finchvpn android app review

Once you have signed into your FinchVPN account, you can filter apps you do not want the VPN to use. If you encounter any problems, you can run a diagnostics. This gives you all the information you need for troubleshooting connectivity issues.

finchvpn android settings

If that does not work, you can always tap on the “Help/FAQ” section or “Contact Support”. There is a slight issue with the notification bar, requiring you to re-launch the app at times.However, connecting to different “working” VPNs is incredibly easy, without compromising on network speeds.


How to Download FinchVPN

If you want to download FinchVPN, the process is very simple. All you have to do is visit their download page, choose the platform you want to install, and follow the instructions in the setup guides.

finchvpn download


FinchVPN Setup Guides Review

Our FinchVPN review indicates that you have specific instruction setup guides available for installing and configuring FinchVPN on different operating systems. These include Windows 8, Windows 7, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, and Ubuntu:

finchvpn setup guides


Final Verdict

Our FinchVPN review establishes that the service is a good choice for novice VPN users. It offers many different server locations that support OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols. The encryption and security is good. You also have plenty of options for using FinchVPN on different operating systems.


The Good

  1. 38 servers in 20 countries
  2. 3GB bandwidth for free users
  3. Accepts 80 international payment methods
  4. Supports Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Ubuntu


The Bad

  1. No refunds policy
  2. Clumsy Windows client
  3. Logs too much personal information
  4. Processing fees on some payment methods
  5. Inconsistent performance
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