FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 starts from June 6 and concludes on July 5 with the final. The venue for this year’s Women’s World Cup is Canada with matches taking place in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Moncton, and Ottawa.

Japan will look to defend their world championship title against 23 other teams that have qualified for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015. FIFA has step up the exposure for this event as twice as many broadcasting rights were sold compared to previous Women’s World Cup in Germany.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to be an exciting contest and accelerated growth for Women’s football, the tournament is not one to miss. You can watch the Women’s World Cup live online and unblock all geo restrictions with the help of a VPN.

How to Stream FIFA Women’s World Cup Online

FIFA Women’s World Cup will broadcasted live all around the world. Different broadcasters have the right for televising the tournament. However, with limited broadcasters showing the world cup, you may be faced with the problem of geo restrictions; which means that the live matches will not be broadcasted in your region.

To overcome this problem, all you need is a VPN. VPN services have numerous severs spread across the world. Connecting to the server from where you want to watch the football match will lift the geo restrictions and enable you to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 from anywhere on earth.

Broadcasting Channels for Women’s World Cup  

Now that you know how to lift geo restrictions, here are the broadcasting channels that you can use to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup live. You can unblock these channels by selecting a VPN from above and stream your favorite match live online.

Channels Availability Regions Unblock & Watch Now!
Fox Sports & NBCSports USA IPVanish
BBC Sports & British EuroSport United Kingdom ExpressVPN
SBS Australia IPVanish
ARD / ZDF & EuroSport Germany HideMyAss
Metropole Television M6 & EuroSport France PureVPN
EuroSport Spain IPVanish
Sport1 New Zealand ExpressVPN
SVT, TV2 and EuroSport Norway, Finland, Sweden PureVPN
Telewizja Polska and EuroSport Poland IPVanish
RTP Portugal HideMyAss
EuroSport Russia IPVanish
Televisa Mexico HideMyAss
StarSports Asian Sub-continent (India, Pak, Nepal etc) ExpressVPN
beIN sports Middle East PureVPN
Globo Comunicação e Participações Brazil ExpressVPN
TyC International B.V. Argentina IPVanish
DirecTV Latin America, LL South America Countries PureVPN
EuroSport 27 European Countries HideMyAss

This is for the first time in history that a fully fledged broadcasting plan has been put forth by FIFA for Women’s World Cup. Each match will be covered from 20 different cameras and will contain in-depth coverage for the countries listed above.

A Look Back at FIFA Women’s World Cup

The first Women’s World Cup took place in 1991 as an initiative by FIFA president, Joao Havelange. The first tournament only hosted 12 teams back in 1991 and was held in China. Since then the format has changed considerably and from 12 nations to now 24 nations competed in the tournament.

The tournament has featured some of the best goals throughout history. Many legends of the game have scored some important goals at the right time, while others have shown their sheer talent with a football.

Wrap Up!

Ever since the beginning of the tournament, Women’s World Cup hasn’t received the hype or attention until now. FIFA has taken special steps to ensure that the tournament receives sufficient exposure and the level of detail like the men’s football tournaments do.

The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be interesting and with the stakes even higher for each team, it will be an exciting contest. With the defending champions, Japan looking to hold onto their title and with US and Germany looking to rein their supremacy again over Women’s world football, it is shaping into a thrilling prospect.

The tournament has been taken to a totally new level and you cannot dare to miss it. To watch all the live action, all you need to do is select a VPN from our list above, select the broadcasting channel from where you want to watch the match, lift the geo restrictions using the VPN, and enjoy live online streaming.

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