It’s a great day for FCC Director Ajit Pai as he bulldozed net neutrality in the USA. In a vote that decided the fate of the entire online population in the US, the 3 member of the FCC concluded with a 2-1 win of killing off net neutrality rules once enacted by the Obama Administration.  Tom Wheeler’s FCC adopted net neutrality rules back in 2015 ensuring that ISPs did not have the power to block content, kill user transmission while accessing certain content and, prioritize apps & services that pay more fee.

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Ajit Pai’s primary argument is the declining state of investment that he blames directly on the net neutrality rules. Mr.Pai also believes that killing the transmission can also help some people (on Mars maybe), you can read more about that statement on ArsTechnica.

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Even to this day as Mr.Pai argues that ISP investment has been directly affected by the three rules even though they are entirely meant for online services. I hope Mr. Pai can enact the same rules on the planet that he lives on too. The end of net neutrality rules takes US citizens back to the Clinton era net neutrality rules or simply the “no net neutrality rules” era.

During the entire saga there is one name that constantly leaped up, a name we should look up to in admiration. That name is the FCC’s 3rd member rebelling Democrat Mignon Clyburn, a handpicked FCC member by former President Barack Obama since 2009.

In the 3 months that follow the FCC will be hard at work collecting feedback from major stakeholders and members of the US public. This feedback according to Mr. Pai will decide in drafting the skeleton for a new net neutrality legislation. When net neutrality rules were adopted in 2015 over 4 million comments were received from the public and stakeholders.

While Mr. Pai tags his new rules “Restoring Internet Freedom”, Ms. Clyburn has openly opposed the roll back commenting on Ajit Pais’s move as “Destroying Internet Freedom”. She clearly states that no analysis, research or economic principle exists that can possibly link investment with a set of online neutrality rules.

The FCC’s premises were flooded by a hoard of ordinary US citizens who called out to Chairman Ajit Pai to retain the existing laws. This will also give rise to tools like VPN that are generally used to unblock restricted content and keep networks secure from throttling issues.

Stay tuned as the next three months decide which direction the saga will progress.

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