In modern day computing, netizens don’t necessarily concern themselves over a VPN’s ability to secure them online but more over the speeds it delivers. Network Security, user anonymity and online activity protection maybe the primary attributes of any Fastest VPN service, the server speed of any service however determines if it truly is the best.

Fastest VPN – Which is the best?

For most VPN users’ speed is the important factor for needs like downloading torrents, streaming video online, using VoIP services, gaming online and managing FTP servers.

We analyzed and tested several top speed providers to create a dedicated guide for real time fastest VPN reviews.  To determine the fastest VPN service we proceeded to test different providers with uTorrent, streaming services like YouTube, Netflix & HBO Now and OOKLA Broadband test.

Tests were conducted using PPTP tunneling protocol on a broadband connection. We chose the Netherlands server as our benchmark due to the region’s P2P File sharing, VoIP and torrent optimized servers. For uTorrent & Google Chrome we downloaded a 100 MB file using the PPTP protocol with 128-bit data encryption. Following are conclusive fastest VPN reviews from our comprehensive tests:

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Fastest VPN Service For Free

Let’s clear one thing first, there is no such thing as a free fastest VPN service. The myth of free fast VPN providers can be debunked by simply conducting a broadband test from Google and server ping test while gaming online. There are free VPN services for gaming but remember they have issues:

  1. Poor online security – most services offer only PPTP and 128 bit encryption
  2. Limited server reach– majority services have very limited servers spread across the globe
  3. Speed Limits – You can never achieve the maximum speed as the speed is capped at a certain level
  4. NO Customer support – free VPN services offer no support compared to premium VPN providers
  5. Unreliable & Untrusted – There is no guarantee of malware, adware or malicious apps infiltrating your devices while connected to a free VPN service.

It’s highly unlikely that there is a reliable & trusted fastest VPN free service thus it is suggested to consider a premium VPN service. For a small amount, you will be able to access top notch features like faster server performance, enhanced security, desktop & mobile apps, unlimited bandwidth and much more.

Which Tunneling Protocol is the Fastest?

Sometimes VPN users are simply interested in high speed connectivity. This demands an in depth analysis of all tunneling protocols in addition to testing them over torrents, streaming and browsing. We have compared PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP and IKEV2 protocols below to give VPN users a better idea:

Which VPN Service is the Fastest for Windows?

Selecting the fastest VPN based on speed is difficult given various factors that affect performance of a provider. Not all VPN services work the same for all users’, choosing the fastest VPN service depends on real time speed testing, tests over torrent clients and streaming services using different protocols.

Windows offers compatibility with the highest number of tunneling protocols including PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IKEV2 and L2TP. This versatility is crucial when it comes down to network speeds and data transfers over Windows PCs. During our Windows tests, PureVPN & Express VPN did really good. PureVPN’s average speed peaked at 6.30 Mbps, while ExpressVPN ranged in the 6.15 Mbps zone.

Two major prerequisites for the fastest VPN for Windows include:

  1. Tunneling protocols offered
  2. Encryption standard used

Usually PPTP is great for streaming and even torrents but is now categorized as unsafe. OpenVPN and IPSec are although great alternatives for Windows users. Amongst our top providers PureVPN offers 6 different tunneling protocols while ExpressVPN offers 3.

Fastest VPN for iPad

The Apple iPad is one of the most power tablet PC in the world powered by Retina display and a combination of elite hardware. But even the iPad is only a “brick” if it doesn’t let you access apps, websites and web services geo-restricted by copyright owners. When on the go the iPad is just as vulnerable as other devices like Android or Windows devices, hence necessary to protect with VPN.

Fastest VPN for Ipad Review

Usually, iPad owners look for a fast VPN service when they are streaming video & music, or, browsing multiple websites for news, entertainment, banking, shopping etc. Imagine being stuck while unable to watch HBO, Netflix, HULU, SkyGo, Spotify, Pandora and other entertainment services, life gets boring on that crowded train.

How Speed Benefits VPN Usage

Virtual Private Networks are now the benchmark to bypass geo-restrictions placed on websites, to secure devices on public networks, for anonymous web browsing and secure communications. More than 800 million users across the world are utilizing VPN to enjoy their favorite activities including geo-restricted entertainment, gaming, news, journals & blogs, torrent downloads, banking & online shopping, plus much more.

VPN or more precisely the fastest VPN services have now become a necessity due to multiple factors including:

  1. ISP Throttling & Tracking
  2. Server Congestion
  3. Cybercrime & Cyber attacks
  4. State sponsored unwarranted cyber surveillance
  5. Licensed & Geo-restricted media
  6. Data breaches
  7. Device specific online malware
  8. Data retention and Data mining

Fastest VPN for Torrenting

Torrents have taken the file sharing segment by storm and although a number cannot be quoted there are more than 1 billion torrent users across the world. Ever since, TV & movie licensing began scarring the sanctity of the World Wide Web, VPN have become synonymous to use will uTorrent, BitTorrent and other Torrent software.

It takes time and effort to determine which the fastest VPN for torrenting is. This is usually done by conducting tests of your own, because it is not necessary that one VPN works the same for every user in every region. DO remember to vote for your favorite torrenting VPN in our exclusive best VPN Reddit user survey where we rank 10 of the best VPN providers from Reddit for you to vote on.

Fastest VPN for Gaming

When Gamers try to play online on servers located far away from their regions, they experience massive lag when they are connected to ISP servers. A VPN optimized for gaming can help lower gaming lag no matter where gamers are located. Additionally, each VPN reduces latency by a certain level and this depends on how fast VPN servers are.

Lag emanates from the ISP bandwidth which is being shared by hundreds of thousands of users at the same time and the distance of the user from the gaming server. A gaming VPN bypasses the ISP and connects to a high speed gaming optimized VPN server based closer to the gaming server. The fastest VPN for gaming depends on which VPN offers the lowest ping. We would recommend using:

  1. Kill Ping
  2. IPVanish

For further details on VPN for gaming, you can visit our exclusive Gaming VPN page.

Server Network

A worldwide server network may not be the ideal factor to determine the fastest VPN for torrents. Providers with fewer servers in a handful of countries perform much faster than those offering hundreds of servers across the world.

The fastest VPN for torrenting usually offers a bundle of P2P file sharing & Torrent optimized servers meant for high speeds data transfers. For instance, UK based Total VPN offers a 1 Giga Bit Network backbone with both 128bit & 256bit encryption standards allowing the user to choose between high speed and high security.

Similarly, Hong Kong based Ivacy VPN provides 256bit encryption with torrent optimized servers through its 10 Gigabit/Sec network infrastructure. This allows super tight security with a blazing fast torrent experience.

Server Load & Peak Times

Server load and peak times are major factors in determining the speed at a particular time during the day. You have to be careful when to connect and which VPN server to connect with. The fastest VPN for torrenting will usually offer multiple servers, optimized for file sharing and will have a strong server infrastructure.

Not many providers offer a huge server network, it is essential to have multiple servers to connect to in case there is congestion on one particular server. The fastest torrent VPN ensures you have a dedicated pathway to torrent trackers without having to worry about sharing bandwidth with other users.

When using a VPN for torrents, keep in mind the various peak times for European, Australian and US torrent users. Alternatively, keep informed on the various P2P & Torrent enabled servers. Usually, top rated fastest VPN servers for torrenting include UK, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Netherlands and some servers in USA (confirm with your VPN provider).

Fastest VPN for Streaming

A routine test with a flash based testing service like OOKLA or the UK Broadband Speed test are good measures to determine fastest streaming VPN services. Since most streaming services are based on Adobe flash, a flash based test as listed above can give you spot on speed results for streaming.

The fastest streaming VPN can best be tested with YouTube using a VPN service. Once you are satisfied the VPN can then be used with other premium services like Netflix, HBO, Video, Fox, BBC iPlayer and other live streaming services.

Fastest VPN - isp throttling

An illustration of bandwidth throttling

Streaming fans in Europe and USA have been constantly affected by “ISP Throttling”, an event where the ISP ‘chokes’ the bandwidth for users streaming media online. A great example is throttling conducted by Verizon in the US on users streaming movies and TV Shows online using Netflix.

With the fastest streaming VPN, you can completely secure your online activities so your ISP will never know what you are doing online. A VPN also allows you an uncongested pathway through the internet removing all bandwidth throttling and tracking tools deployed by ISPs, state surveillance and any other snoops spying on your connection.

Fastest VPN: simple vpn connection

A Simple VPN Diagram (courtesy: PCMag)

Using a mix of encryption and tunneling protocols, a VPN service ensures no one can track you, spy on you or know what you are doing online. As illustrated by the diagram above, all online requests, data and other activities flow through a secured & anonymous VPN tunnel. The VPN provides smooth video streaming with top tier identity protection to secure users from ISP tracking & throttling.

The fastest VPN for streaming online also ensure that at times of server congestion you get access to your favorite video & music streaming services without disconnections and buffer. Ever had that feeling the video will never load? A VPN ensures you get high speed HD streaming without having to depend on the ISPs chaotic congested servers, sometime with hundreds of users sharing bandwidth at the same time.

Fastest VPN Service for Android

Android is by far the most used mobile operating system in the world, with the joint honor of having more devices compared to 3 other top OS in the world. The open source nature of Android OS also makes it both easy to use and affordable for the layman smartphone user. Today Android users can enjoy a large selection of entertainment straight to their devices using YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Fox, and HotStar etc.

Even on your mobile 3G & 4G LTE networks the VPN will ensure turbo fast streaming, proactive security and throttling free access to hundreds of video entertainment services. You can also use the fastest Android VPN services to unblock apps geo-restricted by Google Play on their regional stores.

Research by cyber security giants has increasingly concluded that threats over mobile OS, especially Android OS, are rapidly growing with some 80% odd malware & infiltrations developed only for Android devices. The fastest Android VPN services are primarily designed to secure your device using NAT Firewall technology built into most premium Android VPN providers.

Another issue arises when using your Android device over public WI-FI networks making them easily susceptible to hacks and data breaches that can steal precious data from devices, while affecting other users who interact with your device. The fastest Android VPN not only ensures you are secure over public Wi-Fi but also keep you secure from MiM (man in the middle attacks), DDoS attacks, phishing links, malware and dummy networks.



  • Available over most OS & devices
  • Easy to setup on most operating systems
  • Fast speeds for streaming, browsing and torrents


  • Not secure anymore
  • Compromised by the NSA



  • Allows bypassing Firewalls
  • Easy to configure
  • Security can be enhanced using a stronger cipher
  • Officially supported by Microsoft
  • Integrated into Windows OS


  • Cannot be configured to secure against backdoor on Windows OS
  • Works only with Windows OS
  • Not too reliable for streaming & torrents



  • Ability to bypass Firewalls
  • Since its open source, OpenVPN can be secured against backdoors
  • The most secure amongst tunneling protocols
  • Excellent support for PC
  • Fast speeds for torrents, streaming and other speed reliant tasks


  • A bit tricky to setup for beginners
  • Requires a 3rd party client from OpenVPN
  • Still requires improvements on mobile platforms & devices



  • One of the most secure protocols
  • Available on latest OS & devices
  • Very easy to setup


  • Does not offer very fast speeds
  • Compromised by the NSA
  • Does not work well with Firewalls
  • NSA has weakened L2TP over time



  • Highly secure, allows AES, AES 256 & 3DS Ciphers
  • Supports Blackberry OS
  • Very stable
  • Easy to configure
  • Faster than all its counterparts


  • Supported by limited OS platforms
  • Easy to block compared to SSL OpenVPN on UDP port 500
  • Not open source
  • Difficult to implement on server end

Fastest VPN Conclusion

The fastest VPN providers can be a massive benefit for torrents, streaming, data transfers, smartphones, tablets and even smart watches. Apart from providing hands-on privacy & robust anonymity, the fastest VPN for torrents empower users to download files with stable bandwidth, similarly the fastest streaming VPN ensure you can bypass ISP throttling for a HD video experience.

Hope you enjoyed our post, coma back again soon for updates for the iPhone & other iOS devices. Leave us your valuable feedback in the section below or tweet to us @VPNBest.

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