Net Neutrality VPN Warning

**Update 15 December 2017** – Yesterday’s open meeting on FCC’s proposal to repeal net neutrality protections in 2015 has sadly passed. The implications of this new change include broadband internet being no longer classifiable as a Title II service. As such, the regulations that go along with it will now be replaceable and ISPs will be able to practice paid prioritization, blocking, and throttling. To bypass these new restrictions, it is imperative you invest in a Net Neutrality VPN solution, before they are banned too!

So, its official you have bene forced to use a VPN service in your country just to ensure your government is not snooping on you and your ISP is not retaining your browsing activities. But just how do you decide upon the fastest VPN service for your browsing, streaming, social networking, torrents and even hosting needs?

I can understand it can be quite difficult to do so. So I decided why not take a look at the 3 fastest VPN providers being touted around on the internet and test them out.


How We Conducted Our Effective Fastest VPN Service Test?

The first thing I had to determine was just how to conduct effective tests of my 3 chosen fastest VPN services. Therefore the following tests were conducted under controlled conditions on a 2Mbps connection:

  1. Ookla broadband speed test
  2. uTorrent download

The Ookla broadband test is the most common test to run with and without a VPN service, not to forget it’s easy for everyone to use. The flash based test allows you to easily ascertain the speed being provided by the VPN server.

When testing over uTorrent you can easily determine two very crucial factors, one obviously being the speed and second if VPN ports are open for download torrents. This test may not be relevant for every user but a crucial one none the less, I run the test every time I buy a renowned fastest VPN service.


Ookla Broadband Speed Test

I headed over to Ookla to test in real time 3 providers claiming to be the fastest VPN services on various platforms including Reddit and Quora. When tested without VPN my two broadband connections offered the following statistics:

fastest vpn test criteria

Broadband connection 1


effective fastest vpn service test 2

Broadband connection 1


Fastest VPN Speed Test Overview

The results for the 3 fastest VPN services were as follows with Broadband Connection 1:


Server: Netherlands

Protocol: OpenVPN UDP

VPN ProviderPingDownloadUpload


Server: Canada

Protocol: OpenVPN UDP

VPN ProviderPingDownloadUpload


The results for the 3 services with Broadband Connection 2 were:


Server: Netherlands

Protocol: OpenVPN UDP

VPN ProviderPingDownloadUpload


Server: Canada

Protocol: OpenVPN UDP

VPN ProviderPingDownloadUpload


Fastest Paid VPN

I always believe that not all VPN service work the same for every user. Not only have I experienced this myself but also seen it happen to a lot of people I have recommended some of the fastest VPN brands.

For instance, PureVPN is one of the prominent brands I have used in the Asian continent, ping may not be excellent but my streaming, torrents and browsing tests have offered great results. Similarly, IPVanish was my weapon of choice when I was in the United Kingdom. It performed great for streaming video, not too special speeds with torrents, and excellent on Android mobile.

There are several factor that influence the speed of even the fastest paid VPN, which are designed to offer premium speeds throughout the day. These factors can include

  • Your distance from the VPN server,
  • Quality & speed of your broadband,
  • The quality of VPN provider’s infrastructure,
  • VPN tunneling protocol being used,
  • Other bandwidth intensive applications running in the background,
  • Packet loss & VPN overhead.


Recommended Fastest VPN – PureVPN


recommended fastest vpn is pure

Using Broadband Connection 1 and server: Netherlands | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


Considering the mouthwatering price plus the results with both Broadband 1 & 2 test results, I will suggest users seeking a wallet friendly option try out PureVPN. The provider offers some great features including a great selection of servers across 141 countries. There is however the issue that not all servers are available throughout the day.

purevpn second speed test is not the fastest

Using Broadband Connection 1 and server: Canada | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


There is also a complete selection of apps available from PureVPN although I’m not a fan of those, the brand works much better when configured manually. The brand is compatible with over 20 devices including routers, streaming boxes & sticks amongst others. Apps offer some interesting features including user modes, 6 tunneling protocols, internet kill switch, and an auto reconnect option.

purevpn speed test on broadband connection 2

Using Broadband Connection 2 and server: Netherlands | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


PureVPN also ranks as one of my favored fastest VPN for their 50+ torrent servers available for secure downloads. Not all servers are fast but I found their Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Norway. Something that I don’t like about PureVPN is that it leaks IP for devices using IPV6, so you have to always confirm by taking DNS leak tests before using the service for torrents and streaming services.

purevpn second speed test on broadband connection 2

Using Broadband Connection 2 and server: Canada | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


You can get more insight in our PureVPN review for 2017.

Quickest VPN – ExpressVPN


quickest vpn is express

Using Broadband Connection 1 and server: Netherlands | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


Now here is one of the fastest VPN services in the world built to perform and not disappoint. Powered by a network of more than 1000 servers across 94 countries, ExpressVPN is possibly the fastest VPN to ever exist. The only factor that might cause you a hiccup is its lavish pricing, listed at almost $13 per month.

expressvpn second speed test

Using Broadband Connection 1 and server: Canada | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


The excellent feature of ExpressVPN are its leading apps on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, in addition to a brilliant router app allowing you to easily setup the service directly on the router. The Windows and Android apps are the most stable ones I have ever used. No bugs or errors even on Android.

expressvpn speed test on broadband connection 2

Using Broadband Connection 2 and server: Netherlands | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


Express VPN is also excellent when it comes to troubleshooting and live support. Customer support reps are very friendly and highly capable to take care of very critical issues. Compounded with a great lineup of features and support is ExpressVPN’s 30 day money back guarantee, allowing you a full refund if the service doesn’t perform.

expressvpn second speed test on broadband connection 2

Using Broadband Connection 2 and server: Canada | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


ExpressVPN also offers support for P2P & torrents, with dedicated servers allotted for those looking to download media at blazing fast speeds. If you want to securely use the internet when out & about, for torrents or for streaming Express is one of the leading fastest VPN services to go for.

Learn more about ExpressVPN in our latest review for 2017.


Third Ranked Fastest VPN – IPVanish


Third Ranked Fastest VPN is ipvanish

Using Broadband Connection 1 and server: Netherlands | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


A legend of the VPN industry, IPVanish has catered internet privacy and security for over 10 years. The US based provider is a top choice for varying needs including gaming, torrents and streaming. While the service suffered some setbacks in the past year due to lacking speed and poor customer services, they have yet again hit list of the fastest VPN available this year.

ipvanish second speed test

Using Broadband Connection 1 and server: Canada | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


IPVanish servers are located across 60 countries with over 25000 IP addresses available for users. Although IPVanish is offering only 3 tunneling protocols, the brand offers PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP two of whom are the fastest VPN protocols. You can also enjoy a good selection of apps available over Windows, Mac OSx, Android and iOS. IPVanish apps also offer the much demanded internet kill switch feature, a necessity for those streaming or downloading through torrents.

ipvanish speed test on broadband connection 2

Using Broadband Connection 2 and server: Netherlands | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


IPVanish also advertises its service bundle for use with the Kodi media center. The availability of content over Kodi is massive, with most of it geo-restricted to either US or UK users. IPVanish offers a superb high speed streaming solution for Kodi, and we put the test to the claim. Although there was a bit of buffer I was happy with the unblocking overall.

ipvanish second speed test on broadband connection 2

Using Broadband Connection 2 and server: Canada | Protocol: OpenVPN UDP


The only issue to put IPVanish in third place for the fastest VPN services list is the provider’s location. Since in the USA there is a chance that security agencies or internet providers are monitoring your activities. While IPVanish remains out of the surveillance loop it maintains some information including IP address on user that visit the website.


Fastest Free VPN

When talking about fastest VPN, free providers are not ideal to expect high speed transfers from. There are over 70 providers that I have tested and used over time to determine if one actually is a blazing fast with tunneling protocols employed. I have been disappointed by the performance of various free providers claim to be the fastest VPN.

Following is a list of services that even come close to being the fastest VPN free of cost:


#1 High Speed Free VPN Service – Tor

For those who are looking for a free fastest VPN solution, TOR is possibly the best solution that you should turn to. Powered by the Onion Network, TOR browser routes your online activities through a series of TOR computers allowing you to browse anonymously, but do bear in mind there is no guarantee of speed since data is routed through a series of devices.

TOR is an excellent choice for secure social networking, downloading media directly through your browser and routine browsing. However, the service cannot be used for torrents and I consider it very unsafe for banking or shopping online. TOR browser can be downloaded from the official website and through the Google Play Store on Android.


#2 Fast Free VPN Service – CC Proxy

CC Proxy is a proxy service as the name implies, and I suggest should only be used for browsing and streaming online. There is no security attached to the service since the provider maximizes speed. The provider establishes that its service can be used as a HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, news, telnet and HTTPS proxy server.

CC Proxy offers 3 free servers for users who require them, but be warned there is no security so never use it for banking, torrents and shopping. The service offers both an app for Windows and manual configuration capability over other devices.


#3 Fastest VPN Free Service – Drony DNS Crypt

An Android specific fastest VPN or more precisely Smart DNS service, Drony DNSCrypt can only be used by Android devices. The service is quite fast since there is no encryption associated with its servers. Primarily designed for high speed streaming & browsing on Android devices, Drony offer a great app available on Google Play.


#4 Fast Free VPN App – VPN Defender

While the first three services I listed are great for streaming and browsing at fast speeds, number 4 is a decent security & privacy solution for free. Not exactly an ideal candidate for the fastest VPN list, it is a great option for those looking for free security (although there is no such thing). But the only problem is that the app is designed solely for iOS.

You can download the app here from the official website. Since it’s a free service, real time user reviews will be appreciated in the comments section below.


#5 Fastest Free VPN Software – Onavo Protect

Onavo Protect is a confusing app listed on both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. I say confusing because there are two features available in Android, one that monitors the data your apps use and the second is the actual VPN. Although it is fast I cannot say if the Onavo VPN app is using proper encryption on your device.

Onavo Protect is very fast though, so those who wish to use the service for streaming it is an ideal candidate for the job. The app is available to download from the official website and its respective app stores.


Fastest VPN Reddit

One of the most visited yet most controversial websites for real time insights & fastest VPN reviews is reddit vpn. Loaded with VPN forums there are over 40 brands marketing themselves as the fastest VPN over Reddit. I have already listed 3 of the best brands in the premium fastest VPN list above, so, we will have a look through some of the less known brands claiming the same.


#1 Blazing Speedy VPN Is Opera

Claiming to unblock the internet for free, Opera VPN is actually a speedy VPN service courtesy of Surf Easy VPN servers. Two years ago Opera Inc. acquired the Canadian based VPN provider integrating the service within its browser. There are two ways to use OperaVPN, either through the mobile apps or activating the option through the browser available on both Mac & Windows machines.

Fastest VPN Reddit

The great aspect is you can turn Opera VPN on or off in a single click from the settings menu. There is a catch however, you can only use the default Amsterdam, Netherlands server. When I tested (1 MBPS download & upload controlled connection) the speed for Opera VPN using Ookla, the following results were recorded:

speedy vpn is opera

The result was pretty amazing confirming the provider’s claim of being a speedy VPN. Moving on to the Android & iOS apps the case is the same, you can switch it on with a tap. There are upto 5 servers available for mobile users compared to no server selection in the browser version.  You can choose between Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore & USA.

The mobile apps (strictly talking about Android) also include an ad blocker and WIFI protection feature. When you turn on VPN all features are automatically turned on. I tested the service with YouTube and Spotify, which isn’t a benchmark test but results were very convincing.


#2 Fastest VPN Is Private Tunnel

Another less known VPN service powered by the OpenVPN Project, Private Tunnel is solely based on the OpenVPN technology. Managed & operated by the creators of the OpenVPN protocol this is as close as you come to privacy when online.

While Reddit is flooded with positive reviews of the service I wasn’t convinced so I tried the free version of the service and tested it. I was very happy with the browsing, streaming and music streaming tests, although the uTorrent wasn’t too inspiring. For a better overview of the service do have a look at our full Private Tunnel review for 2017.


#3 High Speed is BTGuard

BTGuard is one of the older high speed VPN services available for over a decade. Specializing in torrent downloads, BTGuard is highly regarded on Reddit for being one of the fastest VPN amongst torrent fans. I did test the service while reviewing it last year but not happy with the results.

While the provider offers dedicated plans for a variety of uses there still remains doubts over its performance. You can have a look at our complete BTGuard review for 2017, speed tests will be made available soon.

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