Encryption Disabled on Amazon Fire OS – Here’s What You Can Do About It

Ameer Abbas No Comments March 4th, 2016

Amazon has quietly removed the one thing that protects you from cyber attacks – encryption. Yes that’s true! The latest version of Fire OS (5) no longer comes with encryption. So if you upgrade any Amazon device, such as Fire Phone, Amazon Fire HD, Kindle Fire, or Amazon Five TV to the latest OS, then be prepared as you won’t have encryption.

Encryption is what protects your data on your Amazon device from various cyber criminals. When any hacker tries to retrieve data off your device, all they would see are codes since the data is encrypted. However, no encryption would open unimaginable doors for such cyber-goons. If they get their hands on your Amazon device, there will be no encryption to safeguard your confidential data.

A cyber security user tweeted this on March 3rd 2106 about clause on encryption support for Fire tablets:

Amazon has yet to provide any reasoning behind this decision. Although, many users see this as depreciating their products instead of making them more advance and secure. Some believe that this decision was made in effect of the Apple’s fight with FBI over access to encrypted data stored on an iPhone 5C of a suspected criminal. However, an article published on Wired suggests otherwise.

If you are an Amazon device user, I guess you are in a tight spot because there are very limited options. You can refuse to upgrade to the newer version but that is only for the time being. Ultimately, the new update will become mandatory in the long run. Or, you can switch to a new device running a different operating system, which again is not a very feasible option.

How to Get Back Encryption & Protect Your Privacy 

So how do you safeguard your privacy on Amazon device and also enjoy the new Fire OS 5 update? One solution could be to use a VPN on your Amazon Fire devices. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and helps your protect against hackers, phishes, spammers, and other alike.

In addition to a VPN, you can also use other encryption apps to secure your documents, pictures, VoIP and text-based communications, and other data on your Amazon Fire device.

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