What is Encrypt.me?

Founded in early 2011, Encrypt.me is a US-based online privacy service that allows users to leverage complete anonymity on the internet. It is the rebranded version of Cloak VPN. The main mission of Encrypt.me is to offer the utmost level of security when using public Wi-Fi in conferences, hotels, airports, and coffee shop. As a result, it tries its best in matching the offerings of reputable providers in the marketplace. Unfortunately, Encrypt.me tends to fall quite short.


Getcloak.Com is Now Encrypt.me

StackPath acquired the GetCloak product created by Peter Sagerson, Dave Peck, and Nick Robinson in April 2016. Almost a year later, the provider renames GetCloak to Encrypt.me. Subsequently, the product remains untouched. The only differences remain are the logo and the name. The applications have also improved to a certain extent. For more information about the VPN, let us look at this comprehensive Encrypt.me review below:

1.       Free Trial Available

2.       Supports OpenVPN Protocol

3.       Refund/Money Back Guarantee

1.       Logs Connection/Session Information

2.       Limited Payment Choices

3.       Poor List of Servers

4.       Expensive Service

5.       Basic Offerings


Encrypt.me Pricing Review

In terms of pricing, our Encrpyt.me review unveils that the service boasts quite the unique pricing module. It divides its product into three different categories with multiple options. For instance, you have plans that can give you access to the VPN for a week, along with usability for entire Teams and Families. You also have subscriptions for monthly and annual VPN access.

This is perhaps the first time we have observed a VPN using such a different pricing module. The strategy is rather clever, as it presents users with options they might not have thought of before. The Best part of all: the module is not complex to understand at all. Most providers often end up going overboard but Encrypt.me keeps things simple, even while being so different. The only catch: expensive pricing.

Encrypt.me Pricing Review

Are you planning to purchase a subscription? If so, then as you can see above, you have two options available. The first goes by the name of the unlimited plan. Available for $9.99 per month, you get to leverage unlimited data and zero bandwidth caps. When compared to other services, the pricing tends to be extremely expensive. For the additional costs, Encrypt.me has nothing to show and offer.

The same goes for their Annual Plan. Priced at a high $99, nothing special is available for using the service, and neither do you receive a discount of any kind. While we do appreciate the uniqueness implemented in the pricing module, we are slightly against the pricing of the subscriptions. Let us see if the “Passes” and “Teams & Families” packages will impress us.


Encrypt.me Passes Review

Encrypt.me offers passes to users who may not want to use the service for a long time. For instance, if you just want to test Encrypt.me out, a good option will be to purchase the “Week Pass”. Priced at a low $3.99, you can use the service for seven days. However, considering there are some VPNs that offer monthly subscriptions for the same price, the idea goes useless.

Moreover, Encrypt.me seems to make a weird mistake. There is a monthly pass available, which is available for $9.99. This is not very different from the “Unlimited” plan available in the subscriptions category, and that too for the same price. At the beginning, we were quite impressed to see a different outlook on the pricing, but now we are just disappointed.

Encrypt.me Passes Review


Encrypt.me Plan for Teams & Families Review

According to our Encrypt.me review, the plans for Teams & Families are again too expensive. In addition, it seems that the provider misjudged team and family needs. If you go for the family plan, you will have to pay $12.99 per month, just to secure five members in your household. On the other hand, if you go for the team plan, you have to pay $7.99 per month.

There is no mention of the number of members supported, but we assume that for the lower price you may only secure three members in your office. Regardless, $8 is still a lot to pay only for a month’s access. We do give Encrypt.me points for keeping things different, but it needs to improve its offerings a lot to attract customers.

Encrypt.me Plan for Teams & Families


Encrypt.me Free Trial vs. Paid Review

Our Encrypt.me review discovers that the VPN offers a free trial for customers that lasts 14 days. We were definitely quite happy to find the provider allowing a test run of its service. Of course, when compared to the paid subscriptions, the free trial is not that amazing – as there are certain limits to data usage. However, in others areas, the provider is pretty much the same. You receive good speed and support with both plans: free and paid.

Encrypt.me Free Trial vs. Paid Review


Encrypt.me Login Process

If you want to test the product, but are facing trouble in signing in – follow the subsequent steps. On the homepage, click on the “Try Free for 14 Days” tab. The site will redirect you to the below page. Here you will be required to enter a relevant email address and password – nothing more, nothing less. That is all it takes to get started.

Encrypt.me Login Process

Upon providing the information required and clicking on the “Start Free Trial” button, the site will redirect you to the below page. As you can see, you have to check your email for a validation link. You must click on it to activate your account and begin using the VPN.

Encrypt.me account

The screenshot you see below is of the email you will be receiving. Simply click on the link, highlighted in blue for completing the signup process. Upon clicking on the link, you must wait a few seconds until you gain access to the account dashboard, where you will be able to track your activity and download the relevant application for your device.

Encrypt.me register

This is the Encrypt.me account dashboard. If you have not already downloaded the application for your device/platform, you can do so directly from here. You can even ease the process by entering your mobile number and then clicking the “Download App” button. If you scroll down, you can also find settings to manage your past browse activity, credit cards, password, and email address.

Encrypt.me app


Encrypt.me Refund Policy Review

Our Encrypt.me review discovers that the provider does indeed offer refunds to customers. This adds it to the list of reliable providers that are not afraid of backing their service with guarantees. If you are unhappy with Encrypt.me, all you have to do is email and request for a refund. The provider will happily give you the money back, without asking any questions. It is important to be aware though that the provider cannot give a refund for apps purchased from iTunes. You must request a refund through them.


Encrypt.me Payment Methods Review

In terms of accepted payment methods, our Encrypt.me review unveils that the service falls short greatly. The only options supported by the provider are MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Usually, providers forget to miss including Bitcoin as an option. However, Encrypt.me goes the extra mile in forgetting to add PayPal too. If the provider wants to grow, it has to work on adding more options for people to purchase the plans.


Encrypt.me Server Review

For the high pricing of the provider, we were quite disappointed to find out that Enrypt.me only offers servers in seven countries total. Among these, include Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. There is not much detail regarding the total number of servers available in these countries, but the limited location choices do not raise our hopes too high. If you are looking for versatility in server choices, you may want to consider using PureVPN or ExpressVPN.


Encrypt.me Features Review

From a security and privacy standpoint, our Encrypt.me review finds that the service offers a multitude of features that boost your anonymity on the internet. For instance:


Encrypt.me Wi-Fi Eavesdropping Review

The Encrypt.me applications have the capability of detecting untrusted networks wherever you go to secure your connection automatically. You do not have to remember to connect to the VPN, as the client will do it for you, when you need it. This prevents people connected to public networks from eavesdropping on your activity. However, if you feel a particular location is safe, you can use the Networks Preferences to instruct the VPN as to which networks you can trust.


Encrypt.me Built-in Firewall for Maximum Security

Another great feature of Encrypt.me is that it comes equipped with a built-in firewall that prevents unauthorized users from hacking or spreading viruses in your device. Once the VPN has connected, all Internet-bound traffic passes through a secure tunnel. There are only three exceptions to the firewall rules, which include traffic destined for port 22 (SSH), port 443 (HTTPS), and port 53 (DNS).


Encrypt.me Security & Privacy review

In terms of security and privacy, our Encrypt.me review unwinds that the VPN tries hard in incorporating advanced technologies to offer good security on the internet. There is an entire page dedicated to answering all the questions people may have about security and privacy. While pricing and locations may not be a strong part for Encrypt.me, its security is definitely excellent.


Encrypt.me Protocols Review

Our Encrypt.me review discovers that the VPN supports all popular protocols, which include OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. The encryption ciphers for all are quite strong. L2TP combined with IPSec uses 256-bit encryption for maximum protection. OpenVPN protocol also uses the same encryption with custom triggered 1536-bit and 2048-bit DH group ciphers.


Encrypt.me P2P/Torrenting Review

The provider is quite open concerning promoting an open-internet experience. There are no restrictions imposed on P2P/Torrenting. You can easily use BitTorrent or uTorrent for downloading movies/TV shows/software. However, it is imperative that you choose a server that supports torrenting. For instance, do not connect to a US server for P2P/file sharing.


Encrypt.me Data Sharing Policy

We know there would be a catch for offering such good level of security. The VPN does not make any claims of offering complete anonymity.  It does log your IP address and time stamp data. We give the VPN 10 points for honesty, but logging data defies the entire purpose of using a VPN anyways (not that other providers do not log connection information). The good thing is that this personal information sticks around only for 16 days. Ultimately, trusting Encrypt.me is up to customer discretion.


Encrypt.me Responsibilities & Support Review

In terms of overall customer support, our Encrypt.me review discovers that there are not plenty of options available for receiving assistance. Live chat support is missing. There is no knowledgebase and no ticket support. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can only email the Encrypt.me team or seek help from the FAQ page.

However, the lack of multiple options does not mean the support sucks. In fact, we give the provider a few points for keeping things detailed and well informative. To almost every problem, you can find a solution in the FAQs section. There is no doubt that the service has done a great job in providing as much info as possible to its users.

Encrypt.me Responsibilities & Support Review

Concerning response time on email, we messaged Encrypt.me regarding an issue with the protocols and received a reply within 2 hours. This shows that the support system is active. If you cannot find a solution to your problem from the FAQ section, then do not hesitate on sending an email.

Another good thing about the service is that it allows users to send encrypted messages to the support team. There is an entire security key available that can keep the conversation between you and the help private. Feel free to message the Enrypt.me team regarding those serious tech-related questions!

Encrypt.me security


Encrypt.me Apps Compatibility Review

According to our Encrypt.me review, the VPN is compatible with a number of platforms and devices. You have dedicated applications available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. If you want to set up the VPN on other devices, you even have setup guides available for Linux OS. All applications boast a simple and straightforward appearance. There are no heavy styling or designing features, which keeps things nice and smooth.

Encrypt.me Apps Compatibility Review


Final Verdict

Our Encrypt.me review establishes that the service is a good choice for first-time VPN users. We truly like the simplicity of the service, and the honesty too. However, the service does log information and there is limited support. At the same time, the pricing is extremely high for a service that does not offer something unique for the costs. Everything is basic and although the site is a huge upgrade from its previous GetCloak version, we still believe there are better options available in the marketplace.


The Good

  1. Supports OpenVPN
  2. 14-Day Free Trial Available
  3. Neatly Laid Out Website
  4. Built-in Firewall Feature
  5. Dedicated Applications


The Bad

  1. Poor List of Servers
  2. Extremely High Pricing
  3. Limited Support Choices
  4. Restricted Payment Methods
  5. Logs IP Address and Time Stamp
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