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What is EarthVPN?

Based in Northern Cyprus, EarthVPN is a relatively new service in the market of VPNs. It has generated quite the attention via its cheap pricing and huge list of server locations (spread across six continents). As a budget-VPN, the service offers plenty of amazing features to its customers, along with a list of add-ons for added flexibility and convenience. Read our EarthVPN review for more info about the provider.

1.       7-day money back guarantee

2.       Sizeable network of servers

3.       Easy to use/switch servers

4.       24/7 customer support

5.       Fast connection speeds

1.       No dedicated mobile apps

2.       No DNS leak protection

3.       Basic windows client


EarthVPN Pricing Review

Our EarthVPN review unveils that the provider has a very cost-friendly pricing structure. The service keeps things simple by offering one plan that is available in monthly or annually options. If you opt for their one-month subscription, you pay a mere $3.99.

This is perhaps one of the lowest monthly rates available in the marketplace, which definitely boosts the like ability of the provider. If you sign up for the annual plan, you pay $39.99 for their full-service. This allows you to save a total of $7.89.

Earthvpn Pricing Review


EarthVPN Free Review

According to our EarthVPN review, the provider does not offer a free plan/trial account to users. This is primarily to prevent abuse of the service. Although we would appreciate seeing a free trial, most people would not mind risking $3.99 to try out the VPN – especially after looking at the long list of features they receive for the low price!


EarthVPN Sign Up Process

Our EarthVPN review discovers that signing up with the service is incredibly convenient and straightforward. Just visit the login page. Click on the account tab. Select the register option. Enter the required information below.

Earthvpn Sign Up


EarthVPN Account Layout

After the provider accepts your credentials, our EarthVPN review determines you gain instant access to the account dashboard. This means, you do not have to login to your email address or click on a validation link to activate your account. The service sorts everything within seconds.

The dashboard displays all the important details regarding your account. By clicking on the services tab, you will gain the capability of ordering new services and view available add-ons. The billing tab will offer detailed stats on your invoices and quotes.

It will also give users the capability of adding funds and mass payment. If you are in need of assistance, click on the support tab. Here you can view the network status of servers, a detailed knowledgebase center, and track your ticket status.

Earthvpn Account

If you want to submit a query, click on the open ticket tab. The last tab is for those who take part in affiliate campaigns. The service provides users the ability to earn money by referring customers to their VPN. Click on the “activate affiliate account” option to get started.

For changing client area password, viewing emails sent, adding funds, using API credentials (for better security), and editing account details, click on the “Hello, [Username]!” tab. You can also log out from this menu, if necessary.


EarthVPN Promo Code Review

According to our EarthVPN review, the service does not offer any special promo codes and discounts. However, you do have the opportunity of leveraging a special discount on the annual plan. For $39.99, you gain unlimited VPN access for a year. This works out to $3.33 per month!


EarthVPN Payment Methods Review

During EarthVPN review, we found that the VPN offers majority of the most common payment methods. You can sign up and pay for the premium service via Paysafecard, Ukash, WebMoney, CashU, AliPay, UnionPay, Bitcoin, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. The service has plans of adding more payment methods in the near future.


EarthVPN Refund Review

When providers put their profits on the line for proving their reliability, it is a clear sign they proudly stand behind their product. You will be pleased to hear that the VPN offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the service, our EarthVPN review discloses that you can get a full refund within 7 days of purchasing your plan. The VPN will not burden you to answer any questions.


EarthVPN Add-Ons Review

In addition to a long-list of features, our EarthVPN review finds that the service offers budget-friendly, useful add-ons. Each add-on costs an extra $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Look below for more information on the different add-ons available:


EarthVPN Additional VPN Connection

According to our EarthVPN review, users can leverage unlimited inbound/outbound bandwidth on three devices simultaneously via the premium subscription. However, if you opt for the additional VPN connection add-on, you can use more devices on a single account. This means, you can easily link your computer, mobile phone, tablet, router, and game box to one subscription.


EarthVPN 256-Bit Encryption for AES and SSL

We were a little surprised to see 256-bit encryption in an add-ons list. High-grade encryption like this should be standard on all protocols rather than being available for an additional price. Nevertheless, if you want to leverage extra security on OpenVPN and SSTP protocols, you can use this add-on to enable 256-bit AES and SSL ciphers.


EarthVPN Shared Static IP

This handy feature/add-on proves useful for all those who want to enable static IP on certain websites and applications. A shared static IP ensures that your public IP remains the same upon connection to a certain location. It grants you the ability of staying anonymous on the web, while ensuring you connect to your apps and websites using a recognized network.


SSH Tunnel/Socks Proxy

Our EarthVPN review unwinds that the service even offers SSH Tunnel/Socks Proxy to users on all its 190 servers across 54 countries. This feature acts as a browser proxy or double encryption with VPN, allowing you to leverage greater security. By using this tunnel, it is impossible for third-party agencies to spy on your internet activity.


Dynamic Port Forwarding

The VPN provider offers two types of port forwarding. Where Static Port Forwarding with dedicated IP is standard on the premium plan, you can leverage Dynamic Port Forwarding for an additional price on TCP and UDP connections. This ensures that your port number is dynamic and changes every time you connect to a server in different location. This feature speeds up P2P/Torrenting activities.


Unshared Dedicated IP

EarthVPN even offers dedicated IPs VPN for those who want all ports forward to a direct connection. This add-on is incredibly useful for those who do not want their internet activity to be confused with others and need to monitor certain connection stats. You will have to contact the support team to inform them regarding the country you need a dedicated IP.


EarthVPN Servers Review

Our EarthVPN review discloses that the provider has servers strategically placed in 6 continents around the world. You can connect to 190 physical locations across 54 countries and leverage continuous connectivity, minimum latency, and great speeds. Below is a list of all the locations for a VPN connection.

Earthvpn Servers Review

If you are facing trouble connecting to a particular server, you can always check the network status page.

earthvpn servers network status


EarthVPN Privacy and Security

There is not much to criticize regarding the privacy and security of EarthVPN. Based in Northern Cyprus, the provider is not required to follow the data retention laws of Turkey. The website is honest on the user data it logs during VPN connections. However, the provider did make headlines 3 years ago regarding a customer using its service for fraud.


EarthVPN Protocols Review

According to our EarthVPN review, the VPN provider supports all major VPN protocols. These include OpenVPN (both TCP and UDP), SSTP, L2TP, and PPT. All protocols support the highest level of encryption and authentication protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access.

The SSH Tunnel/Socks Proxy servers use advanced 128-bit AES ciphers. You have the option of using 256-bit encryption too. SSTP protocols use military grade 2048-bit TLS/SSL certificates for authentication and top-grade 256-bit encryption.

OpenVPN protocols use optional 256-bit and standard 128-bit ciphers with 160-bit SHA1 hash algorithms. This protocol uses 2048-bit RSA authentication and control channel LSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA. L2TP encryption uses AES/3DES algorithms for the standardized IPSec protocol. PPTP protocols use MS-CHAPv2 authentication and MPPE 128-bit cipher with/without compression.


EarthVPN P2P/Torrenting Review

Our EarthVPN review discovers that the service does indeed support P2P and Torrent traffic. The service has created offshore servers specifically optimized for torrenting. This means, you can enjoy downloading your favorite music/movies/TV shows/software – minus the worry of legal encounters.

P2P/Torrent enabled locations include Hong Kong, Singapore, Romania, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Panama, and Canada. All of the servers in these countries offer good streaming and download speeds for torrent users.


EarthVPN Logs Review

The provider states that it does not log user activity or VPN usage. However, it does collect certain information for improving its performance and providing you with the good service. The VPN will log your username and password to give you access for the user control panel. It may also save your email address in case you forget your username and password.

Third-party services will not be able to match your activity to your account. The VPN logs IP address to prevent abuse, fraud, spam of their site and services. Under no circumstance will the service release any information to anyone. However, if government enforcement agencies notify the service of its IP being involved in criminal activities, EarthVPN may conduct a manual/private investigation.

This will be to ensure that a particular user is not breaking the rules listed in the Terms of Service. Our EarthVPN review also found the service linked to a police case. A teenager was using the VPN account to send bomb threats to the Dutch Police. Using a court order, the police managed to seize one of EarthVPN’s servers. This gave them the ability to track down the real computer IP behind the VPN.

This just goes to show that EarthVPN although does keep logs, it takes user privacy seriously. The service did not release any information until after receiving a court order. Considering the sensitivity of the issue, i.e. bomb threats, the police had to take action instantly.


EarthVPN Support Review

According to our EarthVPN review, the service provides 24/7 support via ticket and email support. There is no live chat facility. However, you do have an extensive FAQ section, which provides solutions to all the probable issues you may encounter.

We tested the ticketing email system and received responses within two hours. This means, you can feel assured that you are joining a VPN with an active support team. The VPN also offers a wide range of setup tutorials. All this information on the website makes life easier for customers.


EarthVPN Compatibility

Our EarthVPN review uncovers that the service is compatible with nearly all operating systems and devices. From Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS, you can use the VPN on all devices, regardless if it is an iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile.

You can also use the VPN on dd-wrt/tomato firmware supported routers, which include Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, and Boxee Box. You can find detailed setup guides here for PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP, VPN Client software, and SSH/Socks Proxy.

Earthvpn Compatibility


EarthVPN Windows Client Review

The Windows Client boasts a very basic outlook and bare-bones affair. Although connecting to different servers and ports is easy, you do not have options to view server statistics, or DNS leak protection. These are crucial features of any custom VPN client software.

Once you have downloaded the software, there is no need for installation. The app is portable and by default connects over TCP connection. If you want to leverage good speeds, you might want to try a UDP port first. Our EarthVPN review discloses that you may experience certain login issues i.e. client not accepting your password.

Earthvpn Windows Client Review

Upon establishing a connection, you will notice an icon appearing in the Notification Area of the Task Bar. The top section is for entering your username and password. You have tick boxes for choosing to save and show password. Below this are four simple drop-down menus.

The first will give you the ability of choosing the VPN protocol you want to you. The second lets you select the right port for the connection. The third lets your choose the country and the fourth lets you decide on the city. At the bottom of the service, you will find options for troubleshooting, auto-reconnecting, and killing internet access (if the VPN disconnects).


EarthVPN Android App Review

Our EarthVPN review discovers that the service does not offer a dedicated application for Android users. You can use the OpenVPN application, however, for downloading configuration files and using the VPN. Follow the steps below for establishing a manual connection.

  1. Download and install OpenVPN from Google Play Store
  2. Go the EarthVPN website and download the configuration files
  3. Start the OpenVPN application
  4. Tap on the “import” button for loading configuration file
  5. Find and select the configuration .ovpn file
  6. Close import dialog after tapping on “Done reading config file”
  7. Select a server of your choice
  8. Enter EarthVPN username and password
  9. Check the “I trust the application” box and tap on “Ok”
  10. Enjoy using EarthVPN on your Android device


EarthVPN Download

In order to download the Windows and Mac software client, you need to first create an account and register with the service. Upon gaining access to the user control panel, click on the support tab and then the “Downloads” option. You will be redirected to the below page. Here you can instantly download the software, install, configure, and use.

Earthvpn Download


Final Verdict

Our EarthVPN review establishes that VPN service is a good choice for anyone looking for a reasonably priced VPN with good reliability, customer service, and server locations. Many people may find the service to be a honeypot, but this is not true. You can find a more elaborate response on the FAQ page.

The add-on features are a good part of the package. However, there is great room for improvement with the Windows client and need for apps for different devices. Though there are manual configuration guides, dedicated applications make life easier for customers.


The Good

  1. Accepts Bitcoin
  2. Inexpensive service
  3. Supports OpenVPN
  4. Presence of Add-ons
  5. 3 simultaneous devices (for a small fee)


The Bad

  1. No free trial
  2. Basic Windows Client
  3. Not all servers support P2P
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