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Ameer Abbas 1 Comment June 21st, 2016

Warcraft Movie Torrent

One of the longest running and loved gaming franchises by Blizzard Entertainment will come to life on the 10th of June 2016 with the release of WARCRAFT. The epic strategy game will come to life with amazing 3D effects, character designs and voice overs from top brass actors& actresses. Have a look at the epic trailer:

As the Warcraft movie opens in cinemas across Asia& Russia we are expecting a long list of torrents available soon.

Download Warcraft Movie Torrent

Warcraft is scheduled for release on the 6th of June at the TCL Chinese Theater (Hollywood, California), but has already been released across Asia. The movie will release across other parts of the US on the 10thof June.

Impatient Warcraft fans can however enjoy the latest Warcraft Movie Torrent with Russian subs from KickAss Torrents with the title “Warcraft (2016) CAMRip | Rus”.  A better CamRip will be available with better video & sound, and will be published with the title “Warcraft 2016 CAMRip XviDAC3-Unknown”.

How can I download Warcraft Movie torrent securely?

The serious and important question Warcraft fans ask me is, just how to download the Warcraft movie torrent securely?

The simple answer to the question is “you need a Virtual Private Network or VPN to download the torrent.”Ever since copyright companies began paying ISPs to monitor the activities of their customers and then began sending penalty notices to their homes VPN have become the only secure way to download torrents, streaming movies and stay anonymous while online.

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If you have noticed any torrent software,may it be on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS displays your location and local IP address as you can see in the image below

warcraft movie torrent

If you notice, the utorrent app is displaying location and IP address information along with the version of a torrent user’s app. A torrent VPN ensures that such statistics are kept anonymous while you torrent across the world. A VPN optimized for torrenting enhances online privacy while providing robust data security using leading edge encryption.

Encryption along with tunneling protocols ensures that no one including your ISP can monitor your online activity. The mix of tunneling protocols with encryption algorithms keeps your data coded and hidden from the ISP, government, hackers and other people on the network.When you download the Warcraft movie torrent, no one will know what media you are downloading from torrent tracker.

If you notice in the diagram below the connection between you and the VPN server is indicated by two way arrows (denoting data transfer between the two), then you will notice the red outline of the connection (indicating proactive data encryption) and finally the lock icon (signifying the anonymity provided by tunneling protocols).


Therefore, when you download the Warcraft movie torrent with VPN, it will operate with the highest grade security &keep your online activity complete invisible from the internet.

Come back soon for more!

We are awaiting the highly anticipated release in the USA, which will offer many more torrent options to download the Warcraft 2016 movie through. We will update the blog as soon as new torrents have popped up on trusted website.

Keep posted and let us know if you have found a source too, it will be published with our thanks and an official mention on the blog. Hope you enjoyed the post, see you again soon. In the meantime, have a look at our website and check out other useful blogs.

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