How To Download Comic Book Torrents in 2017

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After the revival of Marvel & DC Comics super heroes by Hollywood fans are going back to the basics eager to learn more about their favorite characters and story lines. After the expansion of the Marvel Multiverse and the DC universe with movies like X-Men Days of Future Past or Batman V Superman, it is essential that fanatics know all the story lines.

how to download comic book torrents

While most fans enjoy online versions of Marvel Comics & DC Comics available instantly there are those of us who love downloading latest comic books and read them in full HD quality. With a massive crackdown on various torrent trackers and indexing services, few remain that still offer a regularly updated library of comics.


5 Best Torrent Indexing Sites for Comics in 2017


I evaluated thetop 10 torrent websites for comics and found the following that offer complete cataloged libraries:

  1. ThePirateBay
  2. ExtraTorrent
  3. RarBG
  4. Worldwide Torrents
  5. Lime Torrents

After the crackdown on torrent indexing websites began in 2007, the number of comics’ torrents has fluctuatedas torrents get taken down. Although it’snot as criminal to download comics as with movies & music, we still recommend that comic fans consider using a VPN when visiting torrent websites like ThePirateBay and KAT mirrors.

Have a look at our list of suggested Torrent VPN providers that can secure your torrent downloads while maintaining good download speeds. Always consider privacy when downloading torrents the MPAA sends notices based on download activity.

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Just like downloading a copyright movie or music album, downloading comic books while they are still under copyright law leads to 6 notices from the ISP. Although it’s no big deal to simply ignore the notice, there are chances that a notice of internet service suspension may follow complete at the mercy of the copyright holder. Consider using a VPN for downloading comic book torrents, it is the one way your ISP & copyright trolls will not be able to see your activities online.


Leading Private Trackers to Download Comic Book Torrents


Although all torrent indexing services provide you torrents with public trackers, you can always use private trackers to download comic book torrents. A private tracker is good when it comes to online privacy, since it requires an invitation to join and download through access is completely at the discretion of the tracker owners.

Apart from keeping your privacy secure a private tracker also provides amazing benefits including:

  1. A Larger selection of downloads,
  2. Faster download speeds,
  3. Higher quality media usually in HD, and
  4. Strong community support for issues &troubleshooting.

Now with all the advantages established a private tracker is called “private”because it is regulated and consists ofan exclusive community of seeders & leechers. So,5of the best private trackers available to download comic book torrents include:

  1. IPTorrents
  2. am
  3. CD
  4. Nemesis43
  5. Darkhomr


Now, these five being listed there is always a chance new ones come up everyday.If the above don’t work or don’t allow you access,check out the status of various private trackers in real time here. If there is a comic book torrent you haven’t been able to find simply check out this Reddit Private Torrent tracker thread. Do remember that you will have to send an invite for private torrent trackers and you will need mIRC(chat app) to get permission.


Best Websites to Read Comics Online in 2017


Although you can find comic book torrents with lots of different latest comics bundled together, there are leading websites where you can read comic books instantly including:

  1. Read Comics Online
  2. Get Comics
  3. Empire DCP Blog
  4. Comics Codes

Do remember that these websites are recommended by comic book fans on different forums including Reddit, Quora and arlongpark. We do not take responsibility for any malware, adware, cookies or other online threats that may infect your device.


In a Nutshell


I hope my blog helps you find your comic book torrents to download in the New Year. If the blog helped do share it with friends, if I messed up somewhere do let me know and we will improve with your precious feedback.

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