Get ready VPN fans, Cyber Monday is upon us and some amazing VPN deals are coming your way. If you didn’t catch the VPN deals on Black Friday and missed it by chance, then wait till you see the Cyber Monday VPN deals.

At BestVPNProvider, we have gathered some of the best VPN deals and discounts of top premium VPN providers from around the world. These VPN services will let you enjoy internet freedom without the evil eyes of hackers and governmental surveillance agencies prying on your privacy.

So get cracking and protect your online privacy with your favorite VPN service by availing these superb Cyber Monday VPN deals.

PureVPN Deal


One of the best VPN providers you can use today, PureVPN offers the hottest Black Friday discount. If you buy an yearly account of PureVPN you will get one year account FREE. This will only cost you $2.80 and in our opinion, you cant’t get any better offer than this. Offering 500+ servers across 141 countries, PureVPN is the best tool for all your online entertainment solutions. Combine that with excellent performance, good customer support, and attractive VPN add-ons, PureVPN’s Cyber Monday deal the best you can get.

HideMyAss Deal


Truly one of the biggest names in VPN industry, HideMyAss gives you 57% discount on Cyber Monday. The staggering server count offered by HMA will leave you baffled as it has 890 VPN servers in 190 different countries, allowing you to connect to virtually any location on earth. Compatible on all major platforms and offering easy-to-use software, the Cyber Monday deal of HideMyAss is one to watch out for.

IPVanish Deal


A top tier VPN service, IPVanish offers you an amazing Cyber Monday deal of 60% discount on all its packages. With a vast VPN network, IPVanish offers 350+ servers located across 60+ countries, enabling you to unblock all web-content no matter where you are. If that’s not all, IPVanish will also protect your data and identity while you surf the internet from all kinds of cyber attacks.

SaferVPN Deal


SaferVPN is one of the simplest and easiest VPN services we have come across. On this Cyber Monday, SaferVPN offers an amazing 75% discount across all its packages. With easy to use VPN software, SaferVPN will protect you against governmental surveillances, hackers, and all other cyber-goons looking to take advantage of you over the internet.

IronSocket Deal


IronSocket presents 50% off on all its VPN packages come this Cyber Monday. It is a fast VPN service and is compatible on all major devices and operating systems. You can enjoy 3 simultaneous VPN connections and surf the internet anonymously. IronSocket will also help you bypass geo restrictions and access all blocked web-content.

ibVPN Deal


ibVPN has come up with an awesome Black Friday offer, you will get 68% off on their annual plans. You can find all the necessary details on their customized page.

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